Gulf of Tonkin Lie No Longer a 'Conspiracy Theory'

2nd attack in Gulf of Tonkin never occurred, analysis says

Among the documents is an article written by one of the agency's historians for its classified publication, Cryptologic Quarterly, declaring that his review of the complete intelligence shows beyond doubt ''no attack happened that night.''

Claims that North Vietnamese boats attacked two warships that Aug. 4 -- just two days after an initial assault on one of those ships -- rallied Congress behind Johnson's buildup of the war. The Gulf of Tonkin resolution passed three days later empowered him to take ''all necessary steps'' in the region and opened the way for large-scale commitment of U.S. forces.

Sound familiar? This 'conspiracy' to lie led the American public to support a war which resulted in over a million total deaths, all based on a lie. Given the time it took for the government to come clean I guess we can expect the government to admit any 9/11 related lies about 2042, does that sound reasonable?

NOTE: Another article on the subject can be found on here.

Conspiracy Fact.

Conspiracy Fact.

Another nail in the "they're

Another nail in the "they're evil, but not enough to kill their own citizens" line...

Sending, willingly, soldiers die in Vietnam, Iraq on fake intelligence = killing your own people.

Time people wrap their mind around it!

Guys, do you know "What I've

Guys, do you know "What I've learned about US foreing policy"? This describes US aggression, terrorism and conspiracies of the last decades. It shows some operations that have a lot of similarities to 9/11. It's a great video.