New Video Followup to Tucker Carlson's Interview with Steven Jones

MSNBC Hosts Professor Steven E. Jones, Refuses to Show WTC7 Collapse Footage

Several times during the interview, Professor Jones asked Carlson to run the footage of WTC7's collapse, which he had supplied to MSNBC prior to the interview. Instead, MSNBC chose to show a picture of the building as it stood prior to the collapse, photos of rescue workers at the WTC site, including emotional footage of removal of a body, and photo of Tower 1 after the collapse.

It seems interesting that MSNBC would choose to allow Dr. Jones to speak, yet refuse to show this important video that would have shocked everyone watching with the visual evidence of what he was saying--the "implosion" of Building 7. Instead, they showed photos already seared into Americans' minds of what we were told to believe, while allowing Jones to suggest 'our memory is not accurate,' so to speak. Subliminal has become an understatement in today's world of corporate "mainstream" media.

Nice little video clip here showing what the interview could have included with Tucker Carlson, and also showing a bit more clearly the tactics he used during the interview. Be sure to check this video out as further followup to these (1, 2, 3, 4) articles.

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Read the talking points for

Read the talking points for the upcoming Iran war:

You guessed it. They'll use 9/11 as an excuse once again.
Scott Ritter paints a possible dangerous scenario:

Great video short, just one

Great video short, just one suggestion; if you haven't seen the original clip, it might be difficult to tell where this video is original MSNBC, and where it's commentary video. The transitions back and forth are too seamless.

I agree. The transistions

I agree. The transistions between original and commentary are unclear.

1. Tucker is a DICK on every

1. Tucker is a DICK on every show not just this one...