Fox 40 Wants to Hear From You Regarding 9/11 'Conspiracies'

FOXFIRE Question

Last week we showed you a 2 part report on a group of student filmmakers who say they are trying to find out the truth behind what they call a 9/11 cover-up. after watching the reports which can be viewed on our website at, Was the World Trade center collapse part of a controlled demolition? Was the pentagon hit by a missile? Was flight 93 shot down? All questions asked in the documentary, Loose Change. What do you think? Were the events of 9/11 part of a government conspiracy?

They want some feedback on their recent coverage of 'Loose Change Second Edition' regarding 9/11. So get to it!

Thanks to Dirk from Germany for the heads up!

after submitting it states

after submitting it states 'Tune into the FOX 40 News at Ten to hear some of your responses.'

send in a quick response!

Thanks for posting this, dz!

Thanks for posting this, dz!

Here's what I said... Dr.

Here's what I said...

Dr. David Ray Griffin, Michael Ruppert, Paul Thompson, Barrie Zwicker, Nicholas Levis, David Kubiak, Janice Matthews, Les Jamieson, Kyle Hence, John Judge, Cynthia McKinney, Mark Dayton, Donna Marsh O'Connor, Robert Bowman, Morgan Reynolds, Paul Craig Roberts, Ed Asner, Faiz Khan, Nafeez Ahmed, Indira Singh, Sibel Edmonds, Karen Kwiatkowski...

Go to google, include any of these names with the phrase, "9/11", and click search.

I posted, thanks for the

I posted, thanks for the heads up.

I sent them this letter

I sent them this letter (once I got started, I couldn't keep it brief!):

I watched your program on the internet. I was particularly impressed that you approached the subject seriously. As far as I know, no mainstream media television program has ever covered the so-called "conspiracy theories" surrounding 9/11 without denigrating the subject. Thank you for the excellent report.

I do believe that elements within the government either were aware of what was to occur on the morning of 9/11, or were directly involved in making it happen. Regarding controlled demolition, it seems quite likely given the history of fires in steel buildings never having done such a thing before or since. At minimum, WTC7 appears more like a controlled demolition than anything else, and it's clear Larry Silverstein admitted as much on PBS. As for the Pentagon, it could have been hit by a missile disguised as a jetliner. There were videos taken but all were confiscated and none have ever been shown to the public. The government is covering up what really happened.

Flight 93 appears to have been shot down, given that numerous witnesses in Pennsylvania have reported as much.

Finally, I would just like to say that what most bona fide 9/11 truth researchers want, and rightly so, is a totally new investigation headed and staffed by international experts who don't have the conflicts of interest the 9/11 omission commission had. The top 9/11 researchers in the private sector, to date, have only been able to speculate (albeit it with excellent investigative research), having no access to critical documents and evidence that has been hidden from public view and/or destroyed.

Obviously, there's been a huge cover up to the biggest crime of our lifetimes -- the New Pearl Harbor that ushered in the so-called "war on terror." The citizens of the world are slowly but surely waking up to this. The official story is a laughable conspiracy theory itself. Now, after almost endless revelations about Bush administration lies regarding WMD, depleted uranium, white phosphorus, torture, and global gulags, people are wising up and are becoming suspicious about 9/11, and rightly so.

For those who think this will never be solved just as the JFK assassination wasn't, I beg to differ. The events of 9/11 presented a plethora of anomalies and cover-ups that have provided mountains of opportunities for researching and debunking the official story. Whoever was behind 9/11 was very sloppy and didn't cover their tracks well at all. I believe that getting to the bottom of what happened on 9/11 is necessary in order for this country and indeed the world to heal.

This is fantastic news, here

This is fantastic news, here is what I submitted:

I cannot answer the questions as to whether or not flight 93 was shot down or if a missle hit the Pentagon, but I can give you a few points to ponder.

First of all, what are the chance that a group of flight school drop outs can outwit a trillion dollar defense system 4 times in one day? Ask Payne Stewart what the chances are of flying a plane off course for any period of time without being intercepted by the military. Ask yourself who has the power to prevent Norad from doing their job that day.

Secondly, have you ever in your life seen buildings disintegrate like they did on 9/11 for any reason other than controlled demolition? Sure, two buildings were hit by planes, but how does fire and/or damage cause a building to simply disintegrate? If something can happen 3 times in one day, surely it must have happened before wouldn't you say?

Building 7 supposedly collapsed from fire and damage alone, based on this, has any building in the history of mankind ever disintegrated in the fashion building 7 did for any reason other than controlled demolition? Buildings experience tornados, floods, hurricanes, missles, bombs, and numerous other events every day and collapses like we saw on 9/11 have ever been recorded. The U.S. has been bombing Iraq for 2 and a half years now, surely buildings over there are disintegrating every day wouldn't you say? They can't possibly build them better over in Iraq then they do in the U.S. can they?

One of the towers suffered a terrorist attack in 93 and it didn't collapse. Another one suffered a real inferno in the seventies, and it didn't collapse then. Here are links to this news story:

So, did physics take the day off on 9/11, or is the official story regarding the collapses of 3 towers in New York that day completely unrealistic?

Maybe we should consider what the firefighters saw and heard that day:

Or what the reporters saw:

Or members of the public saw:

So ask yourself, who has the power to plant the explosives in the WTC beforehand? Well, maybe we should ask Marvin Bush, George's younger brother, who was in charge of security:

I could go on, but this is certainly enough to open an investigation wouldn't you say?

Simple Logic Exposes the Truth:

Simple Logic Part II:

Any chance someone is going

Any chance someone is going to record tonights broadcast? Would be interesting how they cover it, which letters they use, how they edit them, or even those that still believe the official lie.

We recorded it. They aired

We recorded it. They aired 1 negative and 3 positive...

MPEG tomorrow...

cant wait to see it.. please

cant wait to see it.. please post a link here and email me and sbg once you have it!

Thanks Dylan. Where will you

Thanks Dylan. Where will you post it? Here or on your site? I am curious to hear what was said.

Volunteer Opportunities for

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Volunteer Opportunities for the Events in Florida next Week!

Dear Concerned Citizen;

From 1997 to 2000, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, and
numerous other Bush Administration officials and friends signed documents
calling for the invasion of Iraq; one of which called for "A New Pearl Harbor,"
a "catastrophic and catalyzing event," to convince the American people to
invade Iraq and project American military power in the Middle East. These
documents are blatantly available on their Project for A New American Century

It is standard operating procedure for any crime scene investigator to develop
theories about what happened based on 1) motive; 2) ability; and 3)
opportunity. These Bush administration officials had all three, and had
advocated the attack in writing.

It is the duty of the President and the Attorney General to investigate all
possible terrorists.

Consider the following evidence about the September 11th attacks:

--"NORAD sent fighter jets in the wrong direction! this is unbelievable
negligence." Senator Mark Dayton, D?MN

--"It is likely that there were pre-positioned explosives in all three
buildings at ground zero." Steven Jones, Brigham University Physics Professor

-- No steel framed building before or since September 11 has ever collapsed from
fire or collision, including Nagasaki and Hiroshima. A testing agency tried to
destroy a steel framed building with jet fuel and failed! Yet on September 11,
three skyscrapers, including one that was not hit, collapsed at free fall

-- In 2000, Scientific American said, "The WTC was probably one of the more
resistant tall buildings... they just don't build them as tough as the World
Trade Center."

-- "The specifics of the fires and how they caused the building to
collapse remain unknown at this time." (Federal Emergency Management
Administration.) The NIST has yet to report.

-- Of the 19 alleged hijackers identified by the FBI, at least six have turned
up alive after the attack. (CNN, New York Times, CBS, BBC)

-- The hijackers' instructors have stated that they "could not fly at
all." Yet the air traffic controllers were amazed at the precision turns and
coordination of the attacks at high speed and low altitude. Some professional
pilots wonder how any human could have flown the planes.

For these, and many other reasons, we believe that the 9/11 investigation should
be reopened. Please join us and judge for yourself!

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Million Dollar Challenge! Jimmy Walter is putting his money where his mouth is.
Walter is offering one million dollars to anyone who can prove explosives were
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Write a Letter to the Editor: If you are already familiar with the reopen 9/11
truth campaign, and you would like to stay involved, please take the time to
write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper calling for the 9/11
investigation to be reopened. Right now, we especially need letters to go to
major news outlets in Florida.

Links for letters to the editor:

Tampa Bay Tribune:
Miami Herald:
Florida Sentinel:
St Petersburg Times:

One thing is for certain; the facts surrounding the September 11th attacks prove
our government is not telling us the whole truth. We would like these points
publicly addressed. Please assist us in examining and getting the word out
about these critical historical events.


The Reopen 9/11 Staff

Contact us:, or call (800)630-9012;
Press Contact: Ilene Proctor or Angus Hsu
Direct Line: (310) 271.5857

This email has been to those whom have requested information about the ReOpen
911 movement. Should you wished to be removed, please sent a blank email with
the words REMOVE to

PO Box 3871

Santa Barbara, CA 93130

1-805 730-9241

"this forum is an

"this forum is an investigation into
September 11, and how our own radioactive Uranium Ammunition has maimed 265,000
servicemen. Even worse, the Uranium has been passed to their wives and lovers,
and deformed their children--along with millions of other children in the
Middle East and Yugoslavia."

No disrespect, but I can't believe the organizers of this event would muddy the 9/11 waters and include Depleted Uranium in the debate. Yes, it's another terrible issue, but I feel 9/11 it too massive a subject to include this discussion.

Why are they including Depleted Uranium in the program?

One more quick note... the

One more quick note... the comment topic has been changed on the Fox site, but you can still email them directly with this address -

I agree with you Dennis

I agree with you Dennis Lapchis,
But when Iraq's parents do not ask,
when a new baby is born, if it's a boy or a girl...what they ask, is the baby normal? (like was it born all the limbs and such).
by the time i got to fox 40 the question was Hilliary and the flag burning issue and in that box i left this

Some of the best 911 articles in 2005.Mind you theres a lot more...peace,pw

TVNL Editor's Comments: Today(11-22-05) is the anniversary of the murder of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy's murder stands as an example of how a coup can take place in America, how a conspiracy to conduct a coup can work and how successful the cover up can be.

For those of you who do not think that the Bush/PNAC administration could have conducted a coup by rigging elections and you do not think an atrocity like 9/11 could contain the fingerprints of insiders, read your history books. Today is the anniversary of the prime example of the fact that conspiracies and cover-ups take place in America, even if it means killing Americans. Never forget that! Think about it! - Jesse, Editor,

The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie (completely discredits & dismantles OUR Govt 9-11
by Dr. David Ray Griffin
Sunday, May 22, 2005

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Likely A Controlled Demolition And 'Inside Job'
By Greg Szymanski

Former Asst. Sec. Of Treasury Under Reagan Doubts Official 9/11 Story; Claims Neo Con Agenda Is As 'Insane As Hitler And Nazi Party When They Invaded Russia In Dead Of Winter'
By Greg Szymanski

FBI Claims 84 Videos
Show NO Flight 77 Impact
By Jon Carlson

Steven E. Jones, Brigham Young Physics Professor, Thinks Bombs, Not Planes, Toppled WTC

9/11, Iraq & PNAC - The Connection is Clear & Undeniable

9-11 Bottom Line: Explosives in the WTC
by Victor Thorn

A Personal Decision
By Kevin Ryan
June 9th 2005

TvNewsLIES Challenges Believers of the Official Version of 9/11:
Where the Hell Is YOUR Proof?
"In the late 1990’s members of the Project for a New American Century wrote a treatise in which they foresaw a strategic “transformation” of the U.S. military into an imperialistic force of global domination that would require a huge increase in defense spending. “The process of transformation,” the plan said, “is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.” The members of this group, known as PNAC, were appointed to many high level positions in the new Bush administration. Only months after they came to power, the United States experienced a new Pearl Harbor. That has never been publicized or explained as anything other than mere coincidence...."

There are many great websites that prove the Bush adminstration PLANNED
ORCHESTRATED 9-11...heres a few of them...peace,pw

With each passig day more and more American citizens
are learning the truth about 9-11.
And the truth is that the Bush adminstration Planned and Orchestrated 9-11
and i'm here to offer you the proof for free.
send me your mailing address and i will send you the DVD
or you can order it here

Everyone must write to them.

Everyone must write to them. Support the supporters! The more people write in, the more likely they´ll have more on the subject. Remember, they want viewers!

Everyone support them!

***Channelling Judge Elihu

***Channelling Judge Elihu Smails***

"Well.....we're waiting...."


I got to see the show and

I got to see the show and mine made it on as the last one though it was edited for length. Still they were showing actual responces

They are doing another show

They are doing another show tonight, tuesday december 6th at 10pm.

Quezinox, what was the

Quezinox, what was the comment that you sent in to fox? I'd like to see it.