South Dakota Demolition Failure Shows Building's Resiliency

S. Dakota's tallest building resists demolition - 12/04/2005

A big boom anticipated by thousands of spectators in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on Saturday turned out to be a real bust.

Crowds gathered outside the Zip Feed Mill -- the state's tallest building -- to watch officials demolish the nearly 200-foot- (60-meter-) tall building. But things didn't go as planned.

"It is kind of a bust. It didn't get knocked down," said Regan Smith, Sioux Falls risk emergency manager. "It took the first floor out and it is leaning at about a 30-degree angle."

Watch this planned demolition of the 'Zip Feed Mill' in South Dakota that failed two days ago. The entire bottom floor of the building was destroyed, but yet the remaining structure remained intact. So intact in fact that the remaining force and weight of the falling floors above did nothing to the remaining structure which bounced off the ground and leveled out.

Compare this to WTC1, WTC2, or WTC7 in which fires on specific floors are claimed to have demolished the entire building.

This happened just two days ago, do some research and grab up all the video clips and images you can.

Special thanks to my good friend Kevin for pointing this out.

NOTE: Added multiple angle video, be sure to check both videos out.

And fire can just remove the

And fire can just remove the structure instantly... Yup...

Yea I saw this on the news

Yea I saw this on the news the other day but forgot about it until now (probably slipped my mind after the Chicago Bears pounded Green Bay;represent mofos-ha ha). Anyone who looks at the videos and pictures of those buildings explodeing on 911 and still cant understand matter doesnt behave like this without tons of explosives is mentally ill. Enough time has passed after the shock and awe of 911 that people need to wake up already.

steel gets hot, becomes

steel gets hot, becomes elastic, gradually weakens across 5% of the two towers, and then the entire building demolishes upon itself at freefall rates despite massive resistance enacted upon the collapse provided by the internal superstructure core planted in bedrock..

but yet, this building has an entire section blown out instantly (not fire gradually weakening), and the remaining structure maintains its structure despite not being rooted in the ground.

makes sense to me..

next thing you know a building with no steel superstructure, but just steel reinforced concrete will remain standing after a 24 hour fully encompassing fire.. oh wait, that already happened:

nothing to see here.. move along.

dz: I love that. "nothing to


I love that. "nothing to see here, move along" *innocent whisper*

That's hilarious. Sooo

That's hilarious. Sooo funny!!

Also: that's basically the last nail in the coffin. We know what happened; there's no more denying it.

I would like to propose a toast to the truth!! CLING #laughter and dancing#!!

Whoever built that building

Whoever built that building should design the new "Freedom Tower" that way we don't have to worry about the buildings collapsing anymore.

A plane crashed into a

A plane crashed into a building in Iran today... The building is on fire, but still standing.

2 nice disproofs in 2 days.

Strange days indeed... Right

Strange days indeed...
Right now in Tehran media are not allowed to enter the scene of the disaster, but there are some pics here:

both the building in Iran

both the building in Iran and the building as well as this building as less stable/safe than the WTC was.yet they both stand. i just cant get the Madrid fire out of my head,that thing was completely engulfed in flames,and still stood also was not as strong as the towers were.

New Article From Dr. David

New Article From Dr. David Ray Griffin


(I'm trying to put some "oomph" behind the surprise. :))

C-130: span: 132ft,

C-130: span: 132ft, length:97ft, height: 37ft

B767: span: 156ft, lenght: 159ft, height: 52ft

WTC were BIG buildings. Tehran apt building is a SMALL building.

The Tehran building is still standing as of now...

Those people in South Dakota

Those people in South Dakota obviously aren't too bright. All they had to do was hire somebody from NIST to crash a model airplane into the building, and it would have come right down, pronto!

I made the site! Woohoo!

I made the site! Woohoo! Will the CIA now be knocking on my door?

South Dakota and Iran. Two

South Dakota and Iran. Two more stories for Loose Change 3. Get kracking Dylan!

Obviously this demo in S

Obviously this demo in S Dakota wasnt performed by Controlled Demolition Inc. They do great work! Their rates have probably skyrocketed since 911.

Hilarious! But of course--


But of course-- there weren't any dastardly terrorists involved here. You know, the ones that can suspend the laws of physics!

South Dakota- In yet another

South Dakota- In yet another brazen terrorist attack that went undetected by the USA's trillion dollar security apparatus Usama Bin Laden stole the first successful airplane, the Wright 1903 Flyer, from the National Air and Space Museum today.

Later that day he flew the stolen aircraft into South Dakota's tallest building, the 200 foot tall Zip Feed Mill of Sioux Falls. All grain shipments were halted world wide. Officials fear millions will starve this winter. A fund will be set up for the victims.

It never ceases to amaze me.

It never ceases to amaze me. It's like they are rubbing our noses into the fact that we have been lied to.

Out here in L.A., KTLA channel 5 (Tribune) wants to be known as our "Official Implosion Station". Here is what I e-mailed to them the last time:

If you must insist on calling yourselves our "Official Implosion Station", next time, why don't you show the controlled demolitions of 9/11 alongside the next hotel, or whatever, that is destroyed. Perhaps you could explain the characteristics which make them different.

No, I did not make the Viewer Mail segment.