FOX 40 Covers Massive Response to 9/11 Coverage

9/11 Stories Attract Masses To Website

When Fox 40 aired two 9/11 conspiracy reports last week, we had no idea how much national attention we would gain.

This very website,, averages approximately 1,000 to 1,500 hits on any average day.

However, since the 9/11 stories aired last Friday, we have had more than 15,000 hits on those articles alone. That figure includes between 80 and 100 people viewing the video broadcast at any given second.

As a result, we've crashed not one, but TWO web servers. In addition, our Foxfire question averages between 150 responses per day -- dwarfing the previous figure of 4 or 5 daily replies.

FOX40 was apparently slammed after their recent coverage of Loose Change Second Edition. The coolest part of this video of course is seeing being listed on TV. Good to see that there are a lot out there watching, hopefully other media outlets will take notice.

The coverage goes on to cover the sites out there which immediately cried foul after the story was pulled, which of course was linked here.. Just goes to show that not everything is a conspiracy everyone ;)

Dylan says he should have the video coverage of their recent request for feedback tomorrow, so check his blog at for the latest.

Just goes to show that not

Just goes to show that not everything is a conspiracy everyone ;)

dz, yes indeed

I think we red-pill-takers do have a tendency to see conspiracies everywhere.... I saw a piece the other day by Eric Hufschmid posted at Daryl Bradford Smith's site (The French Connection - ) where he jumps to conclusions that Network Solutions could be involved in a conspiracy or cover-up regarding web sites that are registered under its name. Turns out all that's about is Network Solutions' privacy feature that anyone can buy (I use it for my sites so people won't have my home address and phone number). But Hufschmid went on a great length on a wild goose chase that made his reporting look pretty shoddy. We gotta be more rigorous, 9/11 researchers!

Hey Dylan your site needs to

Hey Dylan your site needs to be revamped those Frames have to go.

I'd revamp your site for you in exchange for a DVD. I'd even help you out with future maintenance. Fair trade?

I can help in the graphics

I can help in the graphics dept. if need be...

dz: i sent Dylan's response

dz: i sent Dylan's response regarding the stories being taken down to WRH, but they never posted it?


FOX 40 newscast gave WRH a

FOX 40 newscast gave WRH a nice plug there at the end of the segment. Not exactly a Zionist controlled media-friendly site! Seem to be good people at that station.. I wonder what TPTB's punishment for them will be?

As I mentioned in the grab bag comments, Dylan Avery interview audio here:

Oh man, I can't help but get

Oh man, I can't help but get a kick and a smile from seeing all these Loose Change related Fox affiliate clips. It almost feels like they are some totally independent youth ran rogue Fox affiliate completely seperate from the national Fox news. I get the sense they seem almost too happy and eager, which isn't a bad thing. It's just were not used to that(I noticed a link to ultra fringe sites like DavidIcke on that clip...just kind of funny)

And yeah, not everything is a conspiracy. However, a LOT of mainstream media has taken off their site or altered all too telling things that refute the official 9/11 story over the there is prescedent. Btw, this site makes a pretty convincing argument(with pix) that Flight 77 really did hit the pentagon:
I still am puzzled as to how, aside from the confiscated tapes, people assert no plane hit the area.

pockybot, "I still am

"I still am puzzled as to how, aside from the confiscated tapes, people assert no plane hit the area."
Go to the FAA website and look at the registration for N591UA and N612UA and compare them with N334AA and N644AA. These numbers can be verified by going to the national transportation safety boards website or ntsb. There look for the 9-11 crash info by flight number in an Aviation Inquiry thats where you'll find the tail numbers which are the N registration numbers over at FAA.

Aside from that there is a United frequent travler that for one year as sort of a hobby has recorded useless information about his flights. Back in march the plane he was flying on had tail number N612UA.

A friend of mine is a retired USAFMaj. Though he was not in the Pentagon on 911 he was in the area he has point blank stated to me that there was absolutely no plane at or in the Pentagon.

These are why I think there is no plane there but I don't know why everyone else thinks that. Oh yeah it might be because there was no debris no luggage no seats. and the light nose of an aircraft cannot possibly penetrate 3 rings of reinforced concrete. each hole the same size as the previous. Missles however can do that. Not to mention the fact that the image we all saw was after the roof collapsed So it was easy for us to believe at first that the plane crashed.

Sept. 11 was a scam of huge proportions. Basically it was a continuation of the coup that started with the supreme court unlawfully appointing bush to power. Look at the first inauguration video. Cheeny has a look like "yeah we did it" and bush has "theres no way we can get away with this" he is so afraid you can see it in his eyes.
So when the counting was done and reported people were not happy. Enter the multi-tool known as Sept 11. aka new pearl harbor. The muscle behind the coup. To let those in the Pentagon and members of congress know exactly who is in charge. And if anyone needed a bit more shock and awe they threw a little anthrax on the scene. Antrax from a US military lab.

fair comment! the guys who

fair comment!

the guys who did 911 OWN the bushies
and Cheney and Rumsfeld... these
guys are a completely detached
"rule the nation" - unit.

Executive Gladio, mate.

Military - hightech... pyro and
mafia, going for the ride...

and the elites know it, and shut up.
Just like under Herr Sheecklegroober.

But it looks like the dam has been
broken... Pulitzer-prices are
waiting for the early-brave reporters
breaking it to the masses.

The story must start somewhat like

By encrypted-computer-network tricks
it became possible to remote-control
passenger aircraft and at the same
time simulate the real event to an
unsuspecting military-technician,
and after he flew the first jet
into the towers and killed all these
people... his remote-control console
inside the pentagon was hit by a
missile and killed everyone in the
room. In this way the NRO/DIA got
back at the rival ONI and at the same
time bonded them to work together on
the cover-up and the resulting cash

seems very reasonable. Do

seems very reasonable.

Do not always see conspiracies, but rather always speak of the WTC towers.

No matter what happens, they can not prove that wrong. Unless they pass some more christianity, so physics is no longer a part of society. Who? Einstein? go read ´bout Jesus, assh...

Physics proof can no longer be used in the court of law! As he always does, God will speak through Bush, and he will tell us what happened.

God bless!

Rivero/WRH has several

Rivero/WRH has several stories posted in response to the FOX-40 story. He's on a rant about pod people again, and no plane hit pentagon.

I'm agnostic leaning skeptical on the pod (& "flash") stuff, both are irrelevant given the the 3 WTC bldgs were all controlled demo's.

But the pentagon wasn't hit by a 757.. and with as much as I like Rivero/WRH and have learned from WRH over the years, I wish he'd ease off on the know-it-all schtick wrt the pentagon nonsense, as with WRH's vast viewership, he's just dividing and helping to conquer.

Rivero was on A Jones yesterday but I missed it (seems GCN's stream has been under attack lately?). Does AJ have a distinct theory on the pentagon?

Is anyone else bothered by

Is anyone else bothered by WRH's Romero spending more time on causing division than on breaking news?

I know most people have some bee in their "bonnett" and Mike's seem to be derisively labelled, "no planers", "pod people" and "hackers" It just bothers me how pushy he seems to be about these points.

This whole striving for credibility seems more like a betrayal of the 911 Truth movement. Credibility has mostly been used as a device to suppress truthful information. Is credibility still an issue in a world of constant abuse of authority?

BTW I did read his latest article links on the topic. They rehashed, in a forceful way, previously known evidence and didn't encompass evidence that contradicted the title of the articles. didn't convince me...

I'm sick and tired of that

I'm sick and tired of that over zealous know-it-all crap too. His evidence is one sloppy paper written by a school. Could his case be any more weak? I'll have to agree that he's definately dividing.

Debunking Rivero's "evidence" - using holes to point out holes in his evidence
Notice the rim found at the pentagon is much smaller???

"pod people"...seriously Rivero, give your head a shake. Unless of course you're looking for a similar childish label attached to you like "gullible people" LOL

sorry...forgot to preview...

sorry...forgot to preview... Rivero's new label was supposed to read "gullible goon"


Riveiro should at least stop

Riveiro should at least stop putting "pod people" and "no plane people" in the same bag. there's far more supporting evidence to the no plane theory than the pod one and indeed the proof that riveiro is presenting for debunking the "no plane" are weak (good work Loud Studios !). Here's another one : Riveiro says "aircraft are, if you think about it, mostly filled with air, like an aluminum balloon. They are not designed to penetrate other objects or to remain intact while doing so". So how can a plane make holes in 3 consecutive rings of the pentagon if it is not designed to penetrate other objects ?

I concur with several people

I concur with several people above who are put off by WhatReallyHappened and the divisive articles. That article he linked to ( ) is over a year old. So he's obviously pushing a point that shows he has an agenda within the 9/11 truth movement that's disruptive.

Now I'm open minded enough to look at all angles and points of view, but in just scanning that article, I found this:

Even the black boxes have been recovered, the reason given for not playing the flight voice recorder for the media was that it wouldn't serve any use other than to cause more emotional pain to family members (I agree with them frankly).

The author agrees with the government's concern for causing emotional pain to the family members? WTF? Like the government cared about them at any point in time? Just look at how the family members have had to fight the government for information and a decent investigation. My guess is that a lot of family members would prefer to hear those black box recordings in order to erase any doubts they might have.

I could probably tear apart the rest of that long-winded article that "proves" no 757 hit the Pentagon, but the main point here is that WhatReallyHappened is hindering the 9/11 truth movement, not helping it, by using divisive "know it all" articles and language.

NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING and we're all speculating, ok? Put in that context, let's WORK TOGETHER.

P.S. Just went over to

P.S. Just went over to WhatReallyHappened to scan the latest articles, and noticed that Rivero has a link to a blog entry entitled "911 Truth Movement Finally Covered with Journalistic Integrity" located at

Under the link, Rivero editorializes the following:

Folks, I hate to be a wet blanket, but this is a propaganda setup. This story and the Loose Change documentary take all the real evidence of deception on 9-11 and intentionally blend it in with the "no plane at the Pentagon" nonsense. If this gets real traction, the next step will be for the networks to air a "recently discovered" film or video unequivocally showing Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon.

He hates to be a wet blanket? I don't think that's a sincere statement -- he seems to be enjoying it. He really comes across as naive to think that the networks might air a "recently discovered" film or video of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. Think about that statement. 4+ years after the fact and after all the video confiscation by the government? Yeah, right Rivero. He's either extremely naive or a disinfo agent.

Just sent this joke of a man

Just sent this joke of a man a scathing e-mail...let's see if he responds.

Mike has personally attacked me now. It's on.

I don't blame you Dylan.

I don't blame you Dylan. He's asking for it. Good luck to you and your DVD.

Mike has personally attacked

Mike has personally attacked me now. It's on.

he through his site and the site have attacked everyone including 911blogger...
oh, except these

from oilempire:

911blogger apparently started up in mid-spring 2005, and immediately got attention for copying a video of David Ray Griffin's successful lecture in Madison, Wisconsin (which was broadcast on the C-Span network). 911blogger got instant credibility from many sources for this video link, and emails were soon flying across the internet promoting this site as a place to visit for excellent videos. But what else is at this site?

911blogger features prominent links to WingTV (right-wing promoters and personal attacks of 9/11 researchers Michael Ruppert and Jim Hoffman), Karl Schwarz (an unknown, it would seem, but who links to Letsroll911 & Jack Blood, amongst others) as well as featuring the DVDs 'In Plane Site' and 'Loose Change,' which promote the memes of 'No Commercial Jets,' not only at the Pentagon but also at the WTC! 'Team 8' is featured on there, which promotes 'plane swapping,'
The 9/11 Truth Movement wouldn't even have the David Ray Griffin video had it not been for him. Try focusing on unity, and not who is disinfo and who isn't. Pointing out who is disinformation is disinformation.

The idea that 911blogger was somehow necessary for David Ray Griffin to have made this video is ridiculous. It's a nice touch that the defender of their tactic suggests that 9/11 skeptics should focus on unity (generally a good idea) even though the 911blogger site is promoting fake claims that many 9/11 skeptics are united in thinking are not true.

from a friend of 911blogger: (which i think is Jon)

I have been doing this a VERY long time. One of the things I've learned is that it's more important to focus on the truth, rather than who's right, and who's wrong. The fact of the matter is, there is MORE than enough evidence to reopen the investigation. As a movement, THAT'S what we should be focusing on.
If you make a conscious effort to point out who's "disinfo", then the people who come across your site that may have visited those previous sites, may question the movement in its' entirety, and that's not what we want to happen.
Since my site is affiliated with, I would appreciate it if you would take them off of your list. I know the owner, and I KNOW that he's not disinfo. He hasn't been doing this for a very long time, so he's not aware of who's right, and who's wrong. He collects all 9/11 information, and posts it on his site, regardless of where it comes from.

as noted elsewhere, the vacuum cleaner approach is not the same as carefully differentiating the hoaxes from the best information

as if he knows the whole story and therefore we should give up on finding the truth

I just don't understand the attacks.

it basically sounds like he (or she, cuz i don't know) wants everyone to just visit this site only, plus the few he mentions as "best 9-11 sites".

IMHO, his site lacks form, and tends to scatter everything about making it really hard to get to any info.

but that is just my 2 cent$

Yo Dylan- hope all is

Yo Dylan-

hope all is well!
i ordered my copy of Loose Change sat. nov.26th. do you have a time frame for it's delivery?

i am including it in some chistmas gifts so time is critical.

Thanks for hard work!

It's so easy with old known

It's so easy with old known CoIntelpro methods to divide and conquer.

Don't fall for it. Save your energy to prove the offivial theory is totally bogus. The truth will come to light without dogmatically point of views.

I might add that WRH links

I might add that WRH links to clearly pro-Nazi sites and organizations. It's a shame, because some of his original stuff is really good.
(ignore the NYT "homepage" if it appears)

The infighting in the 9/11

The infighting in the 9/11 Movement is embarrassing... someone is always jerking someone's chain somewhere.

Anyway, my two cents worth... as a daily WRH visitor, I think he's done an outstanding job shedding light on the 9/11 subject... and I have to say I agree with him in this case.

I agree with many that the Pentagon "crash" is suspect, but instead of everyone insisting their theory is correct, why not just demand that the government release the video tapes if they have nothing to hide... end of story.

As interest in the getting to truth about 9/11 grows I think the mainstream will focus on many of the weaker "theories", and which will discredit the solid evidence for many... "oh those crazy conspiracy nuts... controlled demolition? what a crazy thought!".

I personally have reservation about the Pentagon missile theory, and here's why. I have a long trusted friend of 35 years who works for Boeing. He has a friend, that he said he completely trusts, who works for FEMA, and was there inspecting the wreckage... definitely plane parts were found in the building... engine, etc. We've all seen the part photos.

Why couldn't it have just as easily been a military plane that hit the Pentagon? Whatever the case, the govt. has the video evidence... and therefore the answer.

I believe that Mike Rivero makes a valid point that if video is released showing a commercial jet slamming into the Pentagon, anything associated with, including films like Loose Change II, will be discredited. And you can kiss the support of a lot of potentially convertible mainstreamers good bye.

I wonder why Rivero at WRH

I wonder why Rivero at WRH links to pro-Nazi sites and organizations. That has nothing to do with 9/11 truth. It's a shame because a lot of his original 9/11 articles are succint, clear and powerful presentations of the key problems with the official story.

Oops, sorry for reposting

Oops, sorry for reposting the essentially the same comment, didn't see it first time.

I must agree that we should

I must agree that we should not necessarily conclude whether there was definitely a plane or not, but rather insist on seeing clear evidence there was a plane at the Pentagon. The gov't has the goods on this, not us.

"James" who posts as "James"

"James" who posts as "James" again, changes his homepage link but forgets to change his handle, makes the "pro-Nazi" smear yet again, then feigns that he didn't see that "other" poster's already having made the smear.

Go cash your AIPAC check "James" (courtesy of American taxpayers), infer Rivero's a closet Nazi and anti-Semite again if you must (remember to change your handle though), and be gone.

hehehehe. It's hilarious how


It's hilarious how often that anyone questioning anything to do with Israel is usually labeled a "Jew Hater", "Nazi Supporter", or some other derogatory term... regardless of the evidence or issue. The attempt to smear WRH, and divide & concur, is once again laughable.

Nice catch Poopy.

Sorry guys, no AIPAC

Sorry guys, no AIPAC supporter here. You all should be a little more cautious about throwing names around. In college I helped found the Palestine Solidarity Committee at my University. I went to Palestine in a delegation organized by the Palestinian students association. Now it is no slur to say that the links at WRH are sometimes to pro-Nazi groups, that's just true. Particularly the Institute for Historical Review. You check it out Poop.
If you want a real news source for Palestine, try the
Home page thing was a snafu, nothing else. And I will NOT go away, sorry.