Grab Bag and Open Thread

Quick rundown of random stuff for tonight:

  • FOX, WICZ-40, Binghamton, NY is doing ANOTHER special on Loose Change Second Edition tonight at 10pm. Find more details on Dylan's blog at
  • Loose Change Second Edition will be airing at the St. Mark's Church in NYC this Sunday at 8pm. If your not familiar with the church's location then checkout as that is where their events are held.
  • Jimmy Walter was on 98 Rock in Tampa on 12/2. Seems like most of the callers agree with Jim about 9/11.. are the tides turning?
    Download them here: part 1 part 2
  • Mike Malloy is still talking about 9/11, be sure to call him up and throw in your 2 cents. You can download the 12/5/2005 show here.
  • We've gotten requests for podcasts, and I noticed the following 9/11 podcast here, check it out and lemme know if this works:

Also, The Villiage Voice released these articles on 9/11 today, send them some feedback:
Open and Shut - Four years later, we still have ten big questions
Flashback: 9-11 Panel Got Its Own Failing Grades - Key questions left unanswered in hijacked 9-11 probe
Running From the Truth - 9-11 Commission dealt with several issues by simply ignoring them

Open thread, have at it!

Monday 05 December 2005

Monday 05 December 2005

Four years later, we still have ten big questions.

Here's the WTC being blown

Here's the WTC being blown up on 9-11. Any Questions???

great stuff stallion4 :)

great stuff stallion4 :)

I want to say thank you to

I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this site. It makes me feel proud to be apart of this movement. I remember when dz first started out... he did everything himself... now... he has SBG helping him out, and all of you... Thank you everyone for everything you do.



GOOD SONG Frank....

GOOD SONG Frank....

Jon Gold, tread softly my

Jon Gold, tread softly my friend. :)



Either you were referring to

Either you were referring to the "man", or that was a "threat"... I don't think it was a threat... because of the smiley.

I don't "sweat" the man. I

I don't "sweat" the man. I realized a long time ago that you have to be willing to risk everything if you want to succeed.

Jon, no no it was not meant

Jon, no no it was not meant to offend.

Dylan Avery on John

Dylan Avery on John Stadtmiller Nat'l Intel Report today:

Those Village voice articles

Those Village voice articles didn't really have much to say. They seem to tow the line that the US failed to act on intelligence, and that the NSA picked up chatter from Afghani caves during the events of 9/11. Has the US government ever came up with solid proof Osama was behind 9/11? I don't doubt that Atta and Saudi nationals were on some of the planes, but al Qaeda's modus operandi has and has continued to be bombs, not airlines.

As for the Mike Maloy program, I've never heard him get so fired up...he reached an Alex Jones like level of
fervor in his feeling that 9/11 was orchestrated by the neocons. Yet, he then says there is no need to discuss it. WTF? Well, it's good there's people like him on the air.

Oh yeah and as you'll see,

Oh yeah and as you'll see, Karl Schwarz on yesterday's show. Find MP3s (MPUs?) and RAM files there.

Does Mike Malloy really

Does Mike Malloy really believe his emotional spew is a substitute for reasonable, fact-based arguments? Apparently so, because that's mostly what he offers, and doesn't want any 911 experts, which would certainly include David Ray Griffin and Jim Hoffman. I find this line of thought extremely underwhelming, although I have to admit that he has a fan base. Apparently his fan base never tires of his endless rant, that he considers a "show".

In conclusion, he's not very valuable to the 911 Truth movement, as far as I can tell, though I suppose he's more valuable than "true journalists" like Amy Goodman, since she basically won't touch the most damning evidence. At least Malloy has touched it, though he doesn't want to dwell on it. Go figure.

i say we all should contact

i say we all should contact Malloy and urge him to have David Ray Griffin on to REALLY discuss 9/11.ive only heard maybe a few minutes of Malloys show,so i dont know much about him, but he seems to at least be open to talking about 9/11 being an inside job, so i say we should all e-mail him with a requests to have a TRUE 9/11 researcher like Griffin on his show.

Howdy 911 Bloggers! Thanks

Howdy 911 Bloggers!

Thanks for the link to my 911 Podcast ... the top level domain name is actually:

D'Oh! That's

PockyBot: Regarding the

PockyBot: Regarding the Village Voice essentially towing the official line, I agree, but at least they acknowledged the fact that people saw/heard/felt explosions that day. One small step forward...

Another thought while

Another thought while checking out Stallion's site:

I find it interesting that regarding the explosions felt at the trade center, skeptics simply state that the witnesses are wrong and we shouldn't give their accounts any thought.

However, when you look at the Pentagon attack, the same skeptics use the fact that *some* witnesses claimed to see a passenger jet that day as proof that 77 really did hit the Pentagon.

So, witnesses ARE to be believed at the Pentagon, but are NOT to be believed at the WTC.

Thats some good logic. What about the witnesses who saw a helicopter at the Pentagon right before they heard a huge explosion or saw a small commuter jet? Oh, well in that case, those witnesses can't be believed.

Great site BTW:

As far as witness statements

As far as witness statements concerning the towers that clip with the firefighters shot by the Naudet brothers that is in a few 911 doccumentaries is the bomb. All these 911 doccumentaries need more of the firefighter clips that are easily available from public libraries. There is much discussion of how after searching day after day they couldnt find anything but half a wheel off a chair. Everything was just reduced to powder. The average joe will put far more weight on these facts hearing them from NYFD members who were actually at GZ. There are also clips of people discussing WTC 7 collapseing before it even happened. Link that with video of buildings that actually had infernos but never come close to collapseing and you have a powerfull statement indeed. Sorry I dont have the technology to hook it up (my computer barely works). Next time I go to the library Ill get the video titles and maybe someone can do something with it. All those official 911 doccumentaries have some serious proof of explosives. Check it out boys! Peace out.

I am a big time Malloy fan.

I am a big time Malloy fan. I listen to him every night. Why? Because I just LOVE his rants! He is able to put into words exactally how I feel. I need his show to help me blow off steam. Being a 9/11 truth activist isn't easy and I need an outlet. Malloy gives that to me. I will admit, Malloy isn't for everyone but he does the trick for me and he does have a large fan base so he is getting the 9/11 truth out there.