Loose Change Second Edition Not Here in Time for Christmas?

Just got a rather dissapointing email from Dylan about the production of his DVD's.

The words on my mind cannot be printed here.

Just got a call from our publisher. Here's the deal.

The DVD-R we sent him was a K-Hypermedia DVD. Apparantly, those are very, very picky.

Basically, we now have 2500 LC2E DVDs that will only play in PC DVD drives.

Bad news? It gets worse.

We have to pay for them. Then, we have to overnight them a NEW master tomorrow. THEN, it's 6 to 7 days until a new batch is done. THEN, we have to pay for THEM.

So we're paying for two different prints of LC2E, 2500 each. 2500 of which only play in PC drives.


Let's just say that's money we can barely afford to spend.

I don't know what else to say. Give us another week, I guess.

Bitch, send us e-mails. Whatever. If you think you're frustrated, take a second to imagine how we feel.

I know that a lot of people were depending on giving LC2E for Christmas...

We will send out a PC LC2E DVD to everybody who wants one so that they will have at least SOMETHING to give...

Or is that just a waste of time? You tell me.

The advanced copy I got was on Hypermedia, and worked fine in my DVD player, but I would imagine this issue was caused when the original master was read, not when produced.

Sell vouchers for the movie

Sell vouchers for the movie before Christmas, something that people can redeem once the video has been released...

Cut the price on the PC only

Cut the price on the PC only stuff and see if you can at least recover your cost.


Charge people for shipping and handling with enough handling to recover your cost of porduction. Put a label on it so that people know that it will only play on a PC.

Dylan we contact you

Dylan we contact you regarding the dvd if we do not mind getting the pc version?

Would it be possible to

Would it be possible to download the video from your web site on to our hard drives and then burn our own disks. You could charge a fee for the download. I have a tv out on my video card and record videos on my VCR. I could also burn copys onto disks. What do you think? .........maddog

be sure you guys email dylan

be sure you guys email dylan these suggestions, he has his email address posted on his site linked in this thread.