Flight77.info FOIA Request Denied Again

This is really not much of a surprise here, but it is a good example of how the government still refuses to release certian 9/11 related information.


the government denied our second FOIA request (requesting the the 85 video recordings mentioned in the maguire statement). that denial letter is posted to the right. their reason for denial is that the videos are in an 'investigative file' and exempt from disclosure.

posted below the denial letter is our appeal to the denial. my attorney, mr. hodes makes the case that not ALL of those recordings will end up being shown to the jury in the moussaoui hearing. therefore, how could releasing those recordings be harmful to the sentencing? the appeal is definitely a good read.

we're still waiting for the judgment on the original lawsuit, which can come any day.

Head on over and check out the newly posted documents.



Anyone any idea what this is

Anyone any idea what this is supposed to be?:


It contains 3 snapshots I took from the 9/11 propaganda documentary 'Inside 9/11':


It shows bright yellow stuff dripping out of the WTC tower while it is still standing. It looks somewhat like molten metal.

Not specifically related but

Not specifically related but so what. Im going to kick some negative shit but its how Im feeling rite now (and for some time). If the Zogby poll taken in NY is anywhere near accurate what makes anyone think anything is ever going to change in the future? If 1 out of 2 (or 3) people in NY beleive the government is complicent in 911 what does it matter? Why isnt there a million people at GZ on the anniversary of 911 representing? Why isnt David Ray Griffin speaking to a sold out Madison Square Garden? Why isnt there hundreds of thousand of hits on this site every day? Why isnt "ommissions and distortions" on the best seller list and a topic of discussion with the average joe? Why arent the mainstream papers out of buisness in NY since they are complicent in the coverup? Why are there less than 100 comments on any of these topics on 911blogger? Why cant one put a 911=inside job sticker on their car without getting their tires slashed? Of the 20 people I have talked to at work about 911 most think Im misguided on this one issue although Im otherwise well respected. The ones who dont think Im nuts who have listened to my case simply reply "I hate to say it but theres nothing I can really do about it even if it is true". These same people who I give books or videos to 6 monthes later still have not read or watched them. They have seen every stupid hollywood movie or forensic cop tv show tho. Noone is even interested in forming an educated opinion themselves much less talk to anyone else about it. Want to see passion? Talk about sports! This shit is so obvious and people cant even begin to get their minds beyond the virtual reality that has been created for them by movies, television, papers, congress, etc. What has DRG's cspan presentation really accomplished as well as the other 911 truth coverage that has gotten its 2 minutes? The elite will continue to control the media. People will continue to go to work, pay their bills and taxes, go to the movies, watch sports, maybe vote in bullshit elections, raise their children, etc. Obviously THEY are so confident about the level of apathy in this country that THEY felt comfortable enough to pull these scams off live on tv for all to watch. THEY even engineer the attack to be certain the most amount of people will be sure to witness the grand finale. The coverup couldnt be any more obvious. This is why the fun little "slipups" by Rumsfeld, Bush, Silverstein, etc happen. Its actually funny to them. Is the nation outraged were supporting millions of non-violent drug offenders in prison? If NY isnt doing shit after all they have suffered why will anyone else? Im starting to think all these big breaks in the truth getting out are the equivalent of throwing a penny at a sheet of metal. Im glad you people do what you do and I will to continue to monitor the progress but so what?

MSNBC had some questions

MSNBC had some questions today, maybe, just maybe, the finger in the dike is getting pulled.


I feel your pain, JAYBIRD. I need some Red Bull and Vodka.

Believe me, shit will rain

Believe me, shit will rain down upon the government and media once this gets out (I can't even imagine the international implications).

And believe me, people will be pissed off. But you have to understand that a lot of people will only believe it when it's on their daily tv news show. And that's why we have to make it impossible for them not to show it.

Jaybird, well said. I know


well said. I know exactly how you feel. I can't even get my girlfriend...probably soon to be ex-GF to watch or read anything.

I've even written a book for her and her family... and its like speaking to the friggin dogs. But mention Red Sox and Bruins...well now they come out of the coma.

I know I wont be able to depend on them if the shit hits the fan.

JAYBIRD, a change in the

JAYBIRD, a change in the outward begins with a change in the inward.

I fear there is a chance

I fear there is a chance that even if the news will report about this inside job, many people will turn their heads away. They don't want this kind of news. They don't want assume that their life was so real bad- their cognitive dissonance will get so bad, that they even dig deeper in the OCT.



"I hate to say it but theres nothing I can really do about it even if it is true".

That's my main-theme.

That's trained, who benefits from this attitude? No coincidence here.

But it's very easy to dismiss this negative attitude of status quo conservation:

You have to present them dozens of affairs in the world history that shows quite the opposite: So, you if you can't change a thing- how in the world people created the french revolution? The Boston tea party? The uprising of millions in iran to chase away the shah? The orange revolution in ukrain? The peacefully revolution in the german democratic republic?

And another argument: Why to hell was there so much influence to the thinking of the people? Maybe it's right, they don't fight against us, but only because this will bring more attention to our theme. But it's quite clear that you only see what corporation choose.
Show examples of stories that were brought by bloggers years ago, but not on TV until now.

Jaybird: I am making the

Jaybird: I am making the exact same experience as yours. But like Sitting-Bull, I have no doubt the world is going to escape that shit. Unfortunately, it will have a cost for many in this world. Who is going to pay? Not easy to give a clear answer but certainly many of us. What is clear to me is that many people have already paid. Today it's Irak's turn.
My personal view:
- I would have liked to see an american revolution but it's unlikely: most americans have been brain washed all their life to blindly obey; and american dictators are ready to react with violence to any dangerous move (thanks to Patriot Act).
- the solution will come from outside. Just remember this kid in Dallas who announced the WTC event the day before and added: "America started WW3 but it will lose". If it's not Irak, it will be Iran. And the defeat will not be on the battlefield, it will be the dollar dropping down, together with the biggest economic crisis ever seen.

Just be prepared, WTC was nothing compared to what may happen! Keep on fighting for truth!

I don't understand the "I

I don't understand the "I don't really get into politics." or "of course they lied they ALWAYS lie thats government for you!" Like THIS is what is government. Well I keep pushing on, btw I took part in a zogby poll that allowed for my input for what issue matters the most. Every chance I had I put 911 truth down. I wonder if any other truthers were polled. If your interested in adding your 2cents heres a link http://interactive.zogby.com/join/index.cfm
I have never had a chance to write in before on any previous poll and I have been part of the polls since before the last round of faux elections.

This is a REALLY good

FBI claims 84 videos show no