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What's new? Anyone attend the event in Florida?

Have at it.

Attendance 'Dismal' At 911

Attendance 'Dismal'
At 911 Truth
Conference In Miami

That's sad. Not much of a

That's sad. Not much of a ticket it would seem.

its a hard month with

its a hard month with december and with the Hurricane damage I imagine its a little back on the burners for some people.

Also, its kind of preaching to the choir at those events, the average person, unless they are brought or invited by someone who knows, is likely got other things pressing them for time.

Oliver stones

Is 9/11Blogger accused of

Is 9/11Blogger accused of altering video footage? or what's goin' on?

hurricane levee testimony

hurricane levee testimony good stuff:

part one:


part two:


Check out the Wikipedia

Check out the Wikipedia entry for "September 11, 2001 Attacks" -- the opening is an official story line. Go ahead and try to edit it to your preference, its easy to do. Then, watch how long your edits last.

David Corn is flat wrong, we should increase our pressure and just send him more truth that he can't handle.


A.R.G., I hope that wasn't


I hope that wasn't directed at me.. I have actually been in contact with the creator of the DVD to ask for permission.. all I did was cut out 2 clips and then compress them with windows media..

i'll send him the links personally and make sure he doesn't have issue with what we have posted.. which aren't bit-torrent links.

LOL@ David Corn. Notice he

LOL@ David Corn. Notice he goes after the weak Canadian jailed "theory", and not the established NORAD war games, stand down orders, etc. He flat out even dismisses LIHOP as if it is some kind of
foreign concept. Someone send this guy Operation Northwoods information. Maybe he can dismiss that as made up phooey.
Notice how theory skeptics go after some obscure ridiculous theory(such as the jailed Canadian?) to try and make their argument. The leftist gatekeeping of "These theories distract from the evil Cheney and them are doing" is so puke inducing. It's like, well let's not talk about the big elephant in the room, and instead focus on the loose rat in the room.

Dz, to be honest, I really

Dz, to be honest, I really don't know what is going on. His comments were on a thread that was based on your wmv file, so I figured I'd give you a heads-up.

I probably should have said "posting altered video footage" instead of "altering video footage". I appologize if you feel that I was insunuating anything. I'm still quite curious as to what's going on.

seemed like to me that he

seemed like to me that he was referring to people posting the entire movie on the web.. i don't think he much appreciated that.. but i will contact him tommorrow just to be sure.. although i did contact him before posting them, and they are not altered other than compression..

like i said, i think it was in reference to the bittorrent full downloads out there..

ha ha ~ david corn! ~ corn

ha ha ~ david corn! ~ corn serves quite a few masters:: the NATION, and FOX both come to mind ~ notice that his article in ALTERNET is over 2 years old now ~ and if you really would like to reach a large number of viewers, his gets 10k-20k hits per day(I asked him), and while he refuses to address 911(his reasons are his own and none of MY business), he allows free, unedited, and instantaneous comments on his blog ~ a good place, I think, to spread a little 911 info. ~ that's what I do there.