911Truth.org Announces Chicago Event and More

2006 Fundraising Kickoff

Let’s get busy! 2006 is nearly here, and 911Truth.org is organizing several very important efforts for this new year. In just the past few weeks, even the corporate news has finally begun to show the ugly underbelly of the Bush Administration--more people than ever are finally recognizing the truly devious and deceptive nature of this regime, and the disastrous intentions behind their actions. It is critical that these newly awakened Americans come to understand that 9/11 was the linchpin on which the rest of this outrage turns.

That’s where we can find hope in this otherwise bleak turning of the calendar. Since 2003, 911Truth.org has worked tirelessly to bring you well-vetted, accurate information about the true events of 9/11, historical precedents, ever-widening consequences impacting each of our lives, and to provide opportunities to make your voice heard in demanding truth and justice. Growing readership numbers proves to us that you appreciate this information. Now, more than ever before, we need your participation, and your financial help.

With your help, 911Truth.org will work even harder in 2006 to bring the truth to light. We are finalizing plans for several new projects and outline them here in hope that you will join with us to make them successful.

  • A major 9/11 truth event in Chicago, April, 2006, with speakers and workshop leaders from among the researchers and academicians who are currently coming out with new material.
  • Building a structure of grassroots affiliated groups, thereby offering existing groups and individuals around the world more support options such as conference calls, discussion list, networking, and help with organizing local and regional events.
  • Offering flyers and other educational materials at a Downloads Page, and better address needs of grassroots 9/11 truth groups by coordinating the skills of more volunteers in areas such as media, international growth, communication, website development, and fundraising.
  • Conducting a nationwide poll, similar to the Zogby poll we coordinated in July 2004.
  • Filing Freedom of Information Act requests with the NSA and FBI.
  • Coordinating a 9/11 Speakers Bureau to ease scheduling of educational events by organizers across the nation.
  • Encouraging online readership members to become involved via the Citizens’ Counter Coup (details to be announced in mid-January).
  • Supporting and assisting 9/11 Truth candidates running for political office.
  • Designing and increasing resources available at our online 911Truth store.

Simply put, we need funds to make these projects happen. We estimate the cost for the Chicago event and nationwide poll to be approximately $25,000, and administrative costs for this year to total $24,000. Please take a moment now to make the most generous donation you can!

You can find more information on donating here, and we will update as more information comes out about the event in Chicago.


WOOOOOOOOOOO! This is the year folks!

Dig deep and send 'em 25.

Dig deep and send 'em 25. Yeah baby!

Who's going?

Who's going?

IM THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

IM THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

911truthers who cannot

911truthers who cannot recognize 911truth.org for what it is are akin to more ordinary sheeple who cannot recognize 9/11 for what it was.

Please tell me I'm wrong, after 911truth begins demanding explanations from our lying government for "the flash frame" in the Naudet video, or is honest enough to point out the most glaring of the 9-11 Commission's omissions, namely the Pentagon video frames, or becomes enough of a 'leader' to stop gatekeeping the realization that if we cannot blame the WTC collapses on airplanes (which we cannot!), then how can we continue to blame 9/11 on Muslims?

911pravda.org (aka 911truth.org) helps perpetuate the "it's OK to blame Muslim hijackers for 9/11" myth just as the mainstream media helps perpetuate the "it's OK to blame Saddam for 9/11" myth! They do this by gatekeeping all 9/11 evidence which proves, or even suggests, that it was not the purported flights which struck the buildings.

"Stand up and fight, for you know we are right. We must strike at the lies, that have spread like disease through our minds."

Ok, you're wrong.

Ok, you're wrong.