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Sibel Edmonds is proof that the “War on Terror” is a Lie

Walton is the judge who will not only be presiding over the Libby case, but he has also been “randomly assigned” to Edmonds’ Federal Tort Claim after having upheld her ridiculous gag order imposed by former attorney general, John Ashcroft. I call the gag order ridiculous because technically Edmonds ’ driver’s license, birth certificate and any potential job applications she might file can be considered a “state secret” under the provisions set. As I’ve said many times before, somebody is very worried about what Edmonds wants to talk about.
[..]an Oklahoma City lawyer named Mike Johnston, aided by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. They sought to obtain FBI files which they felt had been purposely withheld from defense attorneys in the McVeigh trial.

The suit was dismissed in July of 2002 on a technicality. The presiding judge in the decision was none other than Reggie Walton.
As Edmonds has stated, the cast of players she stumbled upon during her time at the FBI and some of the very same people that Valerie Plame was investigating involved the actions of top officials in the government and a lot of illegal activities that include multi-billion-dollar drug-smuggling operations, black-market nuclear sales to terrorists and unsavory regimes. In an August 5th interview, Edmonds said, “You can start from the AIPAC angle. You can start from the Plame case. You can start from my case. They all end up going to the same place, and they revolve around the same nucleus of people.”
Sibel Edmonds testified to all of this and more in a closed session with the Philip Zelikow led 9/11 Commission. Obviously, her testimony was considered too controversial as the Commission completely omitted the information from their final report. Now, the Bush administration has again called on the shadowy Judge Walton to insure that the truth regarding Edmonds , Plame, Libby , Iraq , 9/11 and all things Bush never sees the light of day.

Also, here is the interview with Sibel Edmonds with Alex Jones from last week:
Alex Jones Interviews Sibel Edmonds - 1/17/2006

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Awesome interview.

Awesome interview.

Yep. For background, here's

Yep. For background, here's a great video;

20 minute/50 meg Quicktime video of Sibel and supporters coming out of court 4-21-05:

You know, fault Alex Jones

You know, fault Alex Jones for being a wee bit over the top, focusing too much on this "illuminati big brother shadow government" angle every single day...but the guy gets good interviews, and aside from the anti gay thing, I think his heart is in the right place with most issues. Sibel Edmonds, along with Indira Singh are two heroes who should be on the cover of Newsweek...not shunned and defamed.

Alex Jones is anti-gay? how

Alex Jones is anti-gay? how so? i know hes a right-winger at heart, but damn........

and i tend to agree with him

and i tend to agree with him on the whole shadow government thing, its just so hard to contextualize that if you talk about it you automatically look crazy and paranoid to most people.

who cares look crazy.

who cares look crazy.

I keep hearing about a

I keep hearing about a "movement" to amend the Constitution to allow Ahnold to run for President.

If that nightmare should come to pass, I nominate Sibel for his opponent.

Then, let her tell the entire world what she knows.....

oh,i do.

oh,i do.