David Ray Griffin Endorses World Can't Wait Events

Randy noticed that a PDF flyer put out by The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime lists Dr. David Ray Griffin as an endorser.

You can find more information about their events across the country on Jan. 31st here.




David is a beautiful human

David is a beautiful human being.

sorry if you already know

ah you did. may-B this

That second article tries to

That second article tries to put the Patriot Act into a much too favorable light. It sounds like a commercial for the Patriot Act. As if, were it in place before 9/11, the attacks could have been prevented. The attacks could have been prevented if Bush hadn't ignored the Aug. 6 PDB, for one thing. Debra Burlingame, whose brother was a pilot on Flt.77, just doesn't get it. Sounds like disinfo to me. I will have to look at http://www.911familiesforamerica.org and see what I think. With all due respect, anybody wanna bet that maybe her brother wasn't even on the plane?

Sure thing. That site is

Sure thing. That site is sickening. It reads like that government site that warns of conspiracy theories. That site is bogus, or these family members have been terribly decieved.

its not the site... the

its not the site...

the author, an ATLAS FOUNDATION pillock.

click through the think-tank links on teh left of ATLAS-USA website..

and you get every right-wing CORRUPT-BUSINESS-rip-off subsidy-stealing MERCHANT-criminal .. feeding off the public..

a huuuuuuggee conspiracy. Lots of business-men who put privatising gain before common good and democracy.

The history of this enormous conspiracy network has to be heard to understand how this MONSTRUM became to large and is able to brainwash so many participants and victims.


www.tucradio.org has it.