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Dr. Steven Jones (BYU)

Prof. Jones' Utah 9/11 Seminar - Feb.1, 2006

On February 1, 2006, BYU Professor Steven E. Jones gave a public lecture on the various anomalies of 9/11. The lecture took place at the Utah State Valley College in Orem.

The nearly 2-hour lecture was broad in scope, and very well attended. The main lecture hall which held around 250 was filled to standing-room only, and the two annex rooms with live feeds were also full.

Jones began his lecture from a patriotic point of view, summoning the words of Patrick Henry, and framing 9/11 truthseeking as a struggle for liberty and truth.

Jones then moved quickly to the heart of the matter, the video footage of the “collapse” of WTC7, which Tucker Carlson and MSNBC would not air when they interviewed Jones.
Jones is an excellent public speaker, and he addressed the crowd in an uncondescending manner, presuming no special of knowledge of Physics from the audience as he presented slide after slide interspersed with video clips all packaged in a slick PowerPoint presentation.

Among the slides were quotes from engineers, explosives experts and other similarly related professionals who are slowly coming out of the woodwork and questioning the events of 9/11.

Questions remain from 9/11 report, professor says

BYU physics professor speaking on Wednesday night implied a government cover-up of what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001, and cast doubt on the blame placed on Osama bin Laden.

Professor Steven E. Jones suggested before the attacks the Bush administration was seeking a way to increase military spending and invade Iraq. The ensuing attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan have created most of Muslims' disdain for America, he said.

He spoke at Utah Valley State College to a packed lecture room, and by video to adjacent overflow rooms, sponsored by the Center for the Study of Ethics.

Center director David Keller said, "The collapse of the World Trade Center buildings illustrates a strange convergence of physics, engineering, ethics and politics."

Jones is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a group of academics who dispute the government's account of 9/11, and has contributed to a yet-unpublished book about the issue.

Although official government explanations of why Building Seven fell seven hours after the second tower fell cite fire that melted the steel, Jones said the fire was not hot enough. The way the building fell also was not compatible with the theory, he said, and is more telling of an explosion.

"It's looking impossible to me as I look at these calculations that the official explanation could be correct. It violates the laws of physics," he said.

Wow, wish I could have been there, a huge special thanks to reprehensor for attending and sharing! I hope he will get the video of the event up for us all to see. Be sure to check out the first link above to reprehensor's blog to see other pictures and more notes on the event.

Note: The slides of this presentation can now be found here, and the MP3 can be found here.

Note: The powerpoint presentation can now be found here.

p.s. reprehensor, if you

p.s. reprehensor, if you read this please contact me, i would be more than happy to host the video you recorded, or help create different formats, etc.

Unfathomed Dangers in

It's a good thing The Utah

It's a good thing The Utah Herald has a comments section! I'm taking care of all the conspiracy nuts who believe the government's absurd version of events!

CB, let me know if you need

CB, let me know if you need any help. Right now I'm just lurking at huffpo

FYI... I just called Prof.

FYI... I just called Prof. Jones asking if we can post his powerpoint presentation... that would be cool.

great idea jon, id love to

great idea jon, id love to see what he covered in that presentation..

I left a message for him to

I left a message for him to get back to me. We'll see.

Jones is a member of

Jones is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a group of academics who dispute the government's account of 9/11, and has contributed to a yet-unpublished book about the issue.
does anyone know what book they mean?i would love to have a 9/11 book by someone with some backround in physics.no offense to Tarpley,Griffin etc.

Jon, that was a great idea..

Jon, that was a great idea.. I just translated the GNNs article and I would like to translate the p.point presentation as well.
Let us know the updates.. thanks in advance.

on a sadder note,the A&E

on a sadder note,the A&E propaganda piece "Flight 93" earned record ratings for the network.5.9 million sheep watched it.we got our work cut out for us.

someone high up at The Miami

someone high up at The Miami Herald is a true patriot. this is not the first time a 9/11 truth related article has appeared on their website.i wish i knew who to thank.


Intriguing, thanks Jon!

Intriguing, thanks Jon! Here, this one's a little tame, but 9/11 themed...




You guys haven't mentioned

You guys haven't mentioned anything about Moussaoui defense sup poena of curt weldon?

The Feb 1st seminar is in

The Feb 1st seminar is in mp3 format here


Hey reprehensor, thanks for

Hey reprehensor, thanks for this blog, excellent job, very interesting. I'm glad to hear the Professor is such a good speaker. Professor Jones, you are a man of courage, thank you for adding your voice!!

Rep, if you're reading this,

Rep, if you're reading this, check your PM over at LPU concerning the question you asked me. Just saw it today btw.

And thanks for covering Jones' seminar and posting about it on your blog!

dz, message

dz, message received.

Travelling right now, will QC viddy this weekend.

Here are the rest of the slide shots. Jones compiled his slide show under the 'fair use' umbrella. As long as the shots are used for educational purposes, and NOT FOR PROFIT, mirror them.

This was a public seminar, and there were plenty of folks taping and snapping shots.

If Jones publicly or privately asks for the photos to come down, I'll do it in a heartbeat.


I specifically asked Jones about videotaping and he had no problem with it, but as far as commercial distribution, he cautioned about that because there is video from various sources that is obviously copyrighted.

reprehensor, just got some

reprehensor, just got some good news! Check your PM over at LPU for it.


I cringe when I hear people

I cringe when I hear people here going out of their way to congratulate/cheer Dr. Jones as "our champion".

It is human nature to be more critical of those we perceive to oppose us than those we perceive to be on our side. (Hooray for our side!)

I am critical/suspicious of Dr. Jones because the publicity he receives by the mainstream media and the support he receives among some 911 truthers seems out of proportion with the amount of scientific (he is a physics guy, remember) knowedge he is advancing (does it go beyond what what was already established here?).

Meanwhile, Jones' attempt (or failure) to ascribe the highly unconventional thermal events which occurred right on the heels of the collapses to "thermite" (even as he refuses to examine the evidence he says he has, which could go a long way towards explaining those phenomenal thermal events) leaves me shaking my head -- his behavior fits the pattern of a "limited hang-out". (So can we please first be sure how much he's really on our side before we all line up behind him? Anyone can say they're on our side...)

FrankV, That mp3 (link) you


That mp3 (link) you posted is something that, years ago, I would have been very proud of having produced.

Now, though, I recognize it as something other than "a little tame". It seems to be a cog in the limited-hangout disinfo machine which attempts to tell us that we can still blame 9/11 on hijackers and hijacked airplanes, which is the lying government's standard basic claim.

Once a person learns that we cannot blame the collapses on airplanes, isn't it time to discard all the related dominos that fall once we possess such knowledge, and re-think what we thought we knew?

reprehensor, thanks for


thanks for stopping by, and for the slides.. don't worry, there will be no profit made here ;)