Statements of Support for the Citizen's Counter-Coup

Citizen's Counter-Coup has posted a set of endorsements sent in in support of their actions, here are a couple:

"Although great strides have been made in educating Americans about the glaring inconsistencies of the Bush-Cheney administration's account of 9/11, we now need a means for reaching an even broader spectrum of our fellow citizens. In this year of mid-term elections and continued exploitation of 9/11 for the neocon agenda of unending war abroad and theft of civil liberties at home, it is urgent that we reach a much higher percentage of Americans. To do so, we need knowledge backed by courage backed by action. I urge all Americans who have already realized the truth about 9/11 to be part of the monthly action that is outlined by Citizens Counter-Coup."

- David Griffin
Theologian, author of The New Pearl Harbor, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions

"The greatest single crime in our lifetime occurred on September 11th, 2001. Following that crime, not before it, we allowed through acquiescence the largest, and most strategic intelligence failure. This failure, as I would call it, is to those in power their greatest success. We, reasonable citizens failed to investigate the events leading up to and following the horror of that morning. We failed and continue to fail to pursue the fundamental questions of law enforcement, to ask of this crime: who had most to gain? who had access to all the weapons? who had the capability to encode this event in erroneous historical terms? what are the real motives? The greatest consequence of this crime is the loss of all public voice of reason and logic. We lost our media, control of our government, access to our goods and services, and our ability to communicate our fears and desires to one another in order that we may act purposefully in our own best interests and for the greater good of our earth. I work now in my daughter's name, Vanessa Lang Langer. And it is in her name that I urge all real patriots to support in word and deed the Citizens Counter-Coup, because a strategy so effectively implemented against us, requires an equal or greater strategic response. Random acts can never counter strategy."

- Donna Marsh O'Connor
Mother of Vanessa Lang Langer, WTC Tower II, 93rd floor

You can see a listing of their suggested actions here along with a list of media contacts. This is a great place to start if you are looking for a way to help break through the media silence on serious 9/11 questions.

The domain has

The domain has behaved in ways (it is part of the divisive "bogus list" campaign that purports to tell people which 911 sites are "good" and which are "bad", as if they are somehow trusted and qualified to make such determinations, when in fact they have acted to suppress some of the most revealing bits of evidence, same as the U.S. government) that make it highly suspect.

So when I see that their "actions" page contains "Since nearly 250 Congressmen have signed a petition to allow a hearing on Able Danger, it's safe to assume"..., and I already recognize "Able Danger" as disinfo in support of blaming Muslims for 9/11, I'm not inclined to line up behind this latest campaign of theirs.

As 9/11 proved, bad leaders are worse than none at all.

911blimp, i think their list


i think their list of ways to take action are pretty reasonable, just fill in the blanks with focusing on what you think is important.. it is still individual action that has to be done, even if you disagree with their focus specifically..

there's a flight 93 movie

there's a flight 93 movie coming out, pffff!

The only thing we should be

The only thing we should be doing is finding ways to push questions on people and get them to demand that those questions be answered by government and asked by major media outlets.

All this nonsense and arguing about who to trust and what is the real story does nothing but make all of us look like incompetent fools.

It is time to ask a few basic questions to get people to want those questions answered. That is all this movement needs, not 100,000 different possibilities as to who-knew-what and when they knew it and what really happened. The minute we start getting the basic questions addressed, we can then push more obscure inquiries.

You have to have bait to catch the big fish. Throwing worms in the lake just keeps them all fed.

Let's sweeten things up a

Let's sweeten things up a bit here. Thank you Donna Marsh O'Connor for your eloquent words. And of course, David Ray Griffin. I really would like to see an easy faxing system for those of us who are computer-challenged. Like ACLU and other environmental groups have, for instance. You can edit your letter and send with a few clicks.

Off topic kinda, I have

Off topic kinda, I have uploaded the Steven Jones Presentation into Google Video (the lower res format).

I hope this is ok. It is currently being verified and ideally will be up shortly.

If anyone is willing to create a transcript file that'd be great. If I get time I will start one but I can't promise that. Maybe if we can break it up into half hour sections or so we can get 5 or more people to do a part each.

Email me if interested.

if anyone wanted to take on

if anyone wanted to take on the task suggested by Randy it would be more than welcome to be hosted here of course..

Perhaps we could try

Perhaps we could try contacting the 30something:

I've sent e-mails already, awaiting any kind of response.

I sent them one: I would

I sent them one:

I would appreciate if someone would finally address the many strange issues relating to the attacks on September 11th, notably the lack of a criminal investigation, tampering and destruction of evidence against the protocol for engineers/architects to inspect the building materials, the molten steel at ground zero for weeks after 9/11, the put options on airline stocks days before and the day of 9/11, and I would encourage you to get in touch with Dr. Steven E Jones, physics professor at BYU who recently held a presentation based on scientific fact that questions the official commission and NIST / FEMA reports of how and why WTC Building 1, 2, and 7 fell. There are many concerned citizens like me who are the future of this country and demand further investigation into this most suspicious day. If you are serious about motivating the youth this would be the greatest action you could take.

Like I said ... computer

Like I said ... computer challenged. But not totally. Those faxes should also be sent to Senators and Reps. They need to be reminded that we are out here. And with some, like Boxer, there is hope. Today I had a couple opportunities to enter 9/11 into faxes I sent from and another democratic site I can't remember which. And the other day, I responded to one asking what I would like our Governors to ask the President. Just guess what I said! When you get these e-mails asking you to fax your reps, just think if there is any way that 9/11 would fit into the letter. I will often express the need for a new, independent investigation.

The politics of fear (or how

The politics of fear (or how Tony Blair misled us over the war on terror):

Miracle's do happen. Like

Miracle's do happen. Like Hanni Hanjour, who in the words of his flight school instructors was a below average pilot of Cessnas. Yet he rose to the occasion to pilot a jumbo jet commercial aircraft he apparently had never flown in a suicide attack at a mile every 9 seconds speed descending below the clouds with pinpoint accuracy without the aid of air traffic controllers and with pinpoint accuracy put the needle down on the record of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA"

...there is a vast

...there is a vast difference, dz, between disagreeing with what their focus is specifically and recognizing that they are helping to reinforce and corroborate what is apparently the very core of The Big Lie of 9/11.

As an honesty check, just ask yourself if you could dismiss that it's-still-somehow-OK-to-blame-9/11-on-Muslims "Able Danger" disinformation, and give a free pass those who promote it, if you were a Muslim.