New '9/11 Guilt' DVD Released by

Here are a few clips from the site, be sure to check out the link above for the full details and ordering info.

A 78-minute DVD with five Parts, 60 chapters, and 256 illustrations.
The DVD's five Parts are:

  • 'Proving Controlled Demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 and the Twin Towers' --Jim Hoffman
  • 'Indicting Financiers Behind the Crimes of 9/11/01' --Don Paul
  • 'What We Can Do'
  • 'On the Ground: Testimony of New York Fire Department and Emergency Medical Responders' --Jim Hoffman
  • 'Hidden Means of Theft: The Federal Reserve System and the Council on Foreign Relations' --Don Paul

'This documentary does an excellent job of connecting the dots about 9/11 and the possible political blueprint and financial reasons leading to that momentous event-- detailed and chilling.'


'The video is a great effort to get to the heart of the challenges we all face.

In part one of "9/11 Guilt:The Proof is in Your Hands", Jim Hoffman systematically dismantles the excuses given by the government for collapse of three World Trade Center buildings. Then he clearly proves that these buildings fell due to controlled demolition.

In part two, Don Paul convincingly reveals a cohesive argument for 9/11 fraud. He makes it difficult to go away from this video without knowing that 9/11 was a planned pretext for a corrupt agenda. Do we have probable cause to indict the individuals named? Without a doubt.'

Former Site Manager for Environmental Health Underwriters Laboratories

With '9/11 GUILT - THE PROOF IS IN YOUR HANDS' the world's public at last has the tools needed for any audience to determine whether World Trade Center buildings were subject to controlled demolition on September 11, 2001.

ever see this

don't forget to EXTACT THE

don't forget to EXTACT THE AUDIO
and make mp3 for download..
so that LPFM stations can
broadcast it.

you never know. A District attorney
or potential Whistle blower may listen in...

Ed Asner is the man.

Ed Asner is the man.

I was very happy to see Ed

I was very happy to see Ed Asner's review of "9/11 Guilt" also. But isn't this the first thing he has said in several years? We need a celebrity who will really get out there and speak up. The trend is encouraging though. Recently Richard Dreyfus and Harry Belafonte have been dropping hints. Too bad Bono isn't with us. Where's Jackson Browne and friends?

Yeah where is Bono when you

Yeah where is Bono when you need him! :)

Could those who have already

Could those who have already seen "9/11 Guilt" please make a few comments about it.

anon, I don't anyone here


I don't anyone here has seen it, it was just announced the day this was posted I believe. I should have the copy I bought within the next week or so, you can expect a review here around then..

has anyone seen it?

Funny you should ask. I was

Funny you should ask. I was fortunate to have attended a preview of "9/11 Guilt ... The Proof Is In Your Hands" last December at a private home in L. A., and Don Paul was there. Most of the thirty or so in attendance were associated with (a website badly in need of an update). Jim Hoffman and Don Paul, of course, are the same guys who wrote the brilliant little book "Waking Up From Our Nightmare", which is an easy read with alot of great photos. The DVD that I saw is patterned much after the book, updated and expanded.

It contains the oral pre-recorded presentations that they each made for the reconvening of the L.A. Citizen's Grand Jury last year, which I also attended. So, this is probably the first time most of this has been seen. I think I only saw excerpts from the DVD and it wasn't the final cut as they were still tweaking it. Hoffman covers all the physics of the demolitions, and Paul goes into the financiers behind it all. Hoffman speaks rapid-fire and is very concise. Anyone who studies physics would probably say he knows what he's talking about. From my point of view, he does. I think he pretty much stays away from the Pentagon (another Gold), but he presents alot of hard evidence on the demolition of the towers and Bldg. 7. Paul covers just about everything you'd ever want to know about the global economy, why they needed 9/11 to happen, the U.S. dollar (and how they keep it propped up, and for how much longer), the Fed. Reserv., CFR, oil, opium, you name it. Then, if it follows the same line as the book, it ends on a positive note with cooperative solutions to release ourselves from the grip of the global financiers' system of guns, oil, drugs and debt: community currencies, bartering, renewable energy, hemp, and so on. It should be worth a look.


Where is Bono when you need

Where is Bono when you need him? Kissin' Dubya's ass. Oh, and the DVD will have a ton more of graphics and footage and chapters. Not just them talking. Nite