Rep. Dennis Kucinich States That Bush Administration Let 9/11 Happen

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(From March 2nd, 2006)

I want to call to the attention of the House the juxtaposition of two news stories. One [..] relating to 9/11. It says 'Federal officials where repeatedly warned in the months before the September 11, 2001 terror attacks that Osama bin Laden and Al-Queda were planning aircraft hijacking suicide attempts according to a new report that the Bush administration had been repressing'. And this from the front page of the Washington post, 'a newly leaked video recording the high level government deliberation the day before Katrina hit shows disaster officials infatically warning President bush that the storm posed a catastrophic threat to new Orleans and the gulf coast, and a grim faced bush personally assuring state leaders that his administration was fully prepared [..] to help'.

Do we see a pattern here? 9/11? Katrina? They knew something was going to happen and they didn't act. They knew that if they went into Iraq that we were looking at a disaster, that there was no way we were going to be able to run that country. They know that global climate change poses a threat to the entire planet, nothing is being done, a pattern of recklessness, indifference, callousness. The implications are deadly for the people of the United States.

Thanks to, where the file came from, and Jon Gold for the heads up!

I attended a campaign rally

I attended a campaign rally here in Bellingham and brought up 9-11 and Cheney.
On the way out my frend and I hear Kucinich say, as he shook my hand: "We all know they did it!"

Whoah, are you serious

Whoah, are you serious Kharl? I think Sibel Edmonds isnt the only one who knows how deep the rabbit hole goes, when it comes to beltway insiders.

Anyways, it's surreal but excellent to see politicians now questioning the events of 9/11 on a mainstream forum. What will happen when more senators, congressmen, CIa, celebrities, etc start talking about 9/11 Truth?

Isn't this HUGE? Isn't this

Isn't this HUGE? Isn't this going to be on the front page of every paper tomorrow? Of course, I always think that.

Kharl: that's strange if

Kharl: that's strange if what you say is true. In this speech Dennis borders LIHOP w/ incompetence theory. If he's really on the 9/11 truth boat, why isn't he just laying it out? I respect him and think he has good to offer to our political system but in a recent (maybe a month ago?) article (published on he BLATANTLY goes w/ the official myth. That pissed me off so I joined his website forum (of which there is a 9/11 truth section under "military") and began asking "where is Kucinich on 9/11?". I do give him credit though for having the cajones to at least say what he did.

Kucinich called me

Kucinich called me yesterday. I hope he doesn't get Wellstoned. Do you think the US military is going to play nice when it is revealed that they used superthermites to turn the WTC to dust?

Lets hope he's just easing

Lets hope he's just easing his way into the truth. Coming right out and saying it is a surefire way to get yourself stonewalled by the press and other politicians. Sometimes you gotta be subtle.

Bring it on, we can take it!!!

As I keep saying, it is just

As I keep saying, it is just a matter of time. The law of retribution is as constant as the law of gravity. I figure the neocons and their globalists backers house of cards will tumble next year sometime. Keep this date in mind...07/11/07.

Maddog- Here is another date

Here is another date coming up 6/6/6

i know its not perfect, and

i know its not perfect, and he could damn sure go further in exposing 9/11, but i think we should all take the time out to contact Kucinich,Weldon,Cynthia Mckinney, and any other politician that even broaches 9/11 truth,and thank them for what they are doing.i disagree with Weldon,and i feel he could do a much better job with Able Danger, but at least he is doing something.Cynthia Mckinney is still the best bet in my opinion.i HATE politicians, but we need to give credit where credit is due, and let these people know we are watching them,and pulling for them.

Congressman Jim McDermott

Congressman Jim McDermott has had "The Enemy Within" by Gore Vidal on his congressional website pretty much since the article first came out:

"The Enemy Within," Gore Vidal, published in the print edition of the Observer (U.K.), Sunday, October 27, 2002:

Below are some other URLs for the above article: (This version has hyper-linked references.)

See also the Observer article below on Gore Vidal's above article, "The Enemy Within," published by this same news agency:

"Gore Vidal claims 'Bush junta' complicit in 9/11--America's most controversial novelist calls for an investigation into whether the Bush administration deliberately allowed the terrorist attacks to happen," Sunder Katwala, October 27, 2002,6903,819931,00.html

You guys see

It was nice to see The Arab

It was nice to see The Arab League emphasize Zapata. Operation Zapata illustrates the phenomenon of groupthink. Group-think is characterized by excessive efforts to reach agreement, and a strong need for group consensus that can override the group's ability to make the most appropriate decision. Symptoms of groupthink include group members' tendency to (i) believe the group to be more invulnerable than it is; (ii) rationalize the group's decisions and believe stereotypes about its enemies; and (iii) feel increasing pressure to agree with others in the group). 9/11 was a product of Group-think.

Kind of floored... McDermott

Kind of floored... McDermott had THAT article on his site all along? Wow.

What is Kucinich citing by the way? I mean this report, what was it and when was it released?

Let's show some Kossacks

Let's show some Kossacks some love?

I hope Dennis isn't flying

I hope Dennis isn't flying anywhere these days. If I were him, I'd be walking to work. Wearing a radiation-proof diving bell.

Nice to see international

Nice to see international exposure

Experts Call for Release of 9/11 Evidence

Yes, NL, Congressman Jim

Yes, NL, Congressman Jim McDermott has had "The Enemy Within" by Gore Vidal on his congressional website pretty much since the article first came out (of which it was originally published on October 27, 2002). The fist listing that has of this URL on McDermott's website is from December 20, 2002 (although it was probably up on McDermott's website longer than that, as it takes awhile for's bot to come around):

It's funny but I heard Chris

It's funny but I heard Chris Matthews say something very similar on his show with Katie O'Beirne (Crooks and Liars video) where he stated much the same thing...that 9/11 and Katrina were related by what Bush said. "We couldn't have imagined....etc." I think it's a great spring board for the 9/11 movement and was surprised that he brought up that relationship. Way to go Kucinich.

The note about the UAE posted earlier is strange though. The only thing I see about the UAE port question is the hysterically funny and ironic position Bush now finds himself in. Having to convince people that the UAE is okay while we know the terrorists got funding through their country. Is there anything else there? I don't know. But I do enjoy Bush being hung by his own hook.

@ Amanda Reconwith: I second

@ Amanda Reconwith:

I second that. The video of the Arab League is great.

Zapata was also mentioned in JFKII

This video, and maybe add "LC2E" and "The Power of Nightmares" brought at the same time by all media outlets would change the world...

I highly recommend "why we

I highly recommend "why we fight". Doesn't point fingers at 911 but it lays the historical groundwork/context for our current MIC predicament.

Cynthia McKinney is the bravest of the bravest. We need to put the Democrats back in power at the same time give the corporate Democrats the boot.

Cynthia Mckinney is by far

Cynthia Mckinney is by far the bravest politician around today. she lost her job for merely bringing up Carlyle,Bin Laden/Bush connections, 9/11 wargames, etc. right after 9/11.her own party, along with the right and the media ate her alive and basically called her a traitor.Mcdermott is one of the better ones as well.lets just hope the next "9/11" doesnt shut them up.on another note, i love that Arab League video, i saw that at last month and almost fell on the floor."The Power of Nightmares" is an extrememly good film to show to people who are really close minded, and wouldnt dare sit through a straight up alternative 9/11 documentary.its very convincing and disturbing even without any 9/11 truth.

Sitting Bull... excellent

Sitting Bull... excellent movie about JFK... the last part about Dubya killing JFK Jr. was questionable, but the rest of the movie was really good.

ive always wondered about

ive always wondered about the JFK Jr. death.i never really did much research on it, but i did hear he wanted to go into politics right before he really makes you wonder, especially if your from the school of thought that thinks the same network that killed JFK,RFK, and staged the Teddy Kennedy incident,might still be around today making sure no Kennedys ever enter politics.

Can you say "limited

Can you say "limited hangout"? Can you recognize one when you see it?

Given that the central core lie of 9/11 was blame of mysthical evil suicidal Mulsim "hijackers", and Osama, and Al-CIA-duh, I wonder how much Kucinich was paid by BushCo to say that?

When Dennis finally questions Bush's Repeated Incriminating 9/11 Witness Statements, that would be a sign that he's for real.

In the meantime, all Dems remain in on it, including McKinney (who harbors a real live limited-hangout disinfo agent, John Judge, who covers up the Pentagon Video Frame evidence which hoists the lying government by its own petard, on her legislative staff).

I, for one, will never become so desperate for any truth at all to break regarding 9/11 that I will support disinformation which supports the hateful, illegal-war-justifying ("'they' attacked us"), central core lie of 9/11.

daily complaint, right on

daily complaint, right on time. can you say "typical"?


the problem,reaction,solution movie is my favorite from there.and inside job is pretty good too.

I would appreciate it if you

I would appreciate it if you would, next time ASK before you take a clip I make. Telling me thanks after you take it when I say on the website that I don't have a problem with you LINKING isn't good. The video was done by me and is on the CanOFun website.

sorry cof, i sent you an

sorry cof, i sent you an email.

I thought that was

I thought that was interesting DHS




Kucinich is citing a news story at the beginning of the clip. Unfortunately we don't hear where it's from.

"Federal officials repeatedly warned OBL was planning aircraft hijackings and suicide attacks..."

Okay, that combo would be a first for the CM.

Anyone know what story he was citing?


I'll look Nick.

I'll look Nick.

I think they may be

I think they may be referring to the CIA's 9/11 Report...

Is this



This? http://www.yourbbsucks.

No... I don't know what he's

No... I don't know what he's talking about.

? http://www.organicconsumers


"Federal officials were repeatedly warned in the months before the 11 September 2001 terror attacks that Osama bin Laden and al-Qa'ida were
planning aircraft hijackings and suicide attacks, according to a new report that the Bush administration has been suppressing."

A threat from

I spoke with Kucinich

I spoke with Kucinich yesterday. He said that the human race is being overtaken by space aliens. He is our man. Follow him forever.

Have someone a clue what's

Have someone a clue what's new to the photos which were posted last Dec?

I mailed the link to Greg Shimanski, who had an airflight engineer expert on his show prior to the pictures. He said he could positive identify mostly flight debris parts.

Never heart again of it...

Carl Cameron on Fox news 911

Carl Cameron on Fox news

911 The Israeli Connection

Thx to WRH and biada.

Jam- You are at the wrong

Jam- You are at the wrong website. The following link is the website for Zionist shills.

Maybe if you got together with peanut butter DOD would give you a raise. How is your buddy Don Newhouse?

1). 111,000 KWH is generated by the collapse of each tower (mass = 1.97 x 10^11 grams falling average of 207 meters)

2). 135,000 KWH is needed to crush the concrete (9 x 10^10 grams to 60 micron powder)

3). 2,682,000 KWH is needed to create the dust cloud (this assumes a sufficient source of water or this figure increases dramatically)which means that 122% of the gravitational collapse energy was necessary just to pulverize the concrete (let alone create the dust cloud), that is, more energy was needed just to pulverize the concrete than was generated by the collapse. This, of course, means that Superthermite must have supplied the extra energy.

...also posted here and

...also posted here and several other places;

VIDEO: Down the Memory Hole: Carl Cameron's TV story about 9-11 Israeli Spy Ring in U.S.

Sitting-Bull Thanks for 911


Thanks for 911 The Israeli Connection by Carl Cameron on Fox news.

In a previous post I detailed the events surrounding a cyber attack I experienced on February 23, 2004. In the Fall of that same year I uncovered an Israeli Army drug ring. The ring was posing as kiosk operators at a Westfield mall location.

(Remember Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy (Westfield) were the lease holders of the WTC property.)

What focused my attention to their activity was the initial response I received in a conversation I held when I made a purchase at one of their trinket stands. (I have the receipt) Through my conversation I found out that these kiosk operators were not only being rotated between the group of malls they owned here in Cleveland, but they were also making trips to Ft. Lauderdale every two weeks. Then the light in the back of my head lit. I've been around the bock a few times. This is a huge ecstasy drug ring! Latter I was back at the mall and watched they got hauled away one by one. I also noticed the mall being searched. I hope they were not looking for biological agents or superthermites when they tore the mall apart. As far as I'm concerned, every Westfield mall is an Israeli military base of operations.

I spoke with Kucinich

I spoke with Kucinich yesterday. He said that the human race is being overtaken by space aliens. He is our man. Follow him forever.
Jam | 03.05.06 - 2:37 am | #
douchebag says what?

I want to address this

I want to address this plainly. I have put together events featuring Dennis Kucinich twice, worked on his campaign in 2004, and spoken with him on several subjects.

Dennis Kucinich wants to keep his job.

The only reason that a man like Dennis, with his moral authority and beliefs, would not speak out publicly on the record about this issue and also the issue of the flipped 2004 election, is that he will lose his job. Dennis Kucinich sees very well that his job in the Congress is to act as the voice of the People. If he is run out of town, either by a dirty political trick that derails his candidacy, or a small plane crash like the one that took Wellstone, he will choose to stay in Congress.

Which is not to say that he is a craven political coward. He simply believes, I think, that staying there is more important than using his modest celebrity to push the envelope too far.

I spoke to him after the election and asked him to explain why the Democratic Party chose not to push the election fraud issue. He looked past my head and said, "I don't think fraud is an issue. We lost the election."

DK knew then, and he knows now that we didn't lose the election. He has decided to take an Establishment line on this issue.

I believe that this means that Dennis Kucinich, and all the other principled people in Washington, have been approached and intimidated by dangerous forces. Who knows what has been threatened? We only know that Israel benefits greatly from the neo-con death march now in progress. We also know that election fraud is the giant elephant in the room, and yet our leaders won't speak on it.

Watch Dennis Kucinich. He knows who did 9/11, just as we do. He knows how they stole the election, just as we do. And if he does speak out, we need to spread his message far and wide. Because he will not come out of his hole unless there is protection from the forces of darkness.

"The implications are deadly

"The implications are deadly for the people of the United States." Dennis is correct. It's not much fun being tailed by the Israeli military because I know what it's like.

Kucinich said in an Alex

Kucinich said in an Alex Jones video clip that 'the American people are being lied to'.. he knows whats up.

In the "911 revisited"

In the "911 revisited" video, about minute 12.45, there is a chapter about a political magazine on C-Span, called "Washington Journal" with Lee Hamilton, the vice chair of the ommission commission.

A caller described 911 as an inside job, mentioned David Ray Griffin and did an excellent job.

First some questions:

Can someone tell me from which date this magazine was?

And does someone have a scipt of it?

It is totally new for me.

And no my impressions. Lee Hamilton
looks like caught red handed. I suppose he knew a lot about who really did 911.

He stated:

"The charge that the government was complicit in 911 was just extraordinary."

as I hear it right.

I find it curious that he says "extraordinary", what points more to "curious" or "strange" than other often used describtions of "conspiracy theories", like "outrageous" and all the other words we know all.

He goes on:

"We found no, zero evidence, that our government planed the attack."

Is it me, or looks he tensed, twinkling with his eyes?

PS: How can you find evidence if you don't look after it? The commission report has never the task to search for an inside job. We knew thanks to David Ray Griffin in how much items the report is a farce, committed by longtime government allies. How can such a gremium investigate itselves?

And: Unfortunately the caller hadn't brought up the real reasons why we need endless wars. For oil and a stable dollar, greed and profits, for Isreal, yes, all in mind, but most important seemed to be the wellfare of our debt-based economy, the real "noble cause".(sic! If our economy "need" wars to function, something is wrong with our economy system. Most probably the money itself!)

Everytime in the last century we had war if the economy slides and the GPD turns to negative and the yield curve inverted. Nowatdays only surrogate wars in foreign countries, but I think this can change. Despite of spending billions of dollars for the afghanistan and iraq war the yield curve inverted again, and this points to nothing good in the near future.

"War is the best way to delay the upcoming catastrophe of the whole capitalism system again and again."

Ernst Winkler, "Theory Of Naturally Economic Order", Heidelberg, 1952, page 125.

thats my favorite part in

thats my favorite part in the whole movie, when the guy calls up C-Span with some truth. i watch Washington Journal sometimes, and when the topic is terrorism or 9/11 related, there is almost always at least 1 caller who brings up a little bit of 9/11 truth, like WTC7,wargames, David Ray Griffin, etc.

Sitting Bull: C-Span callers

Sitting Bull:

C-Span callers interrogate 911 Commission Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton, 12 minutes

...while you're at it;

Brett Folk, host of Revere Radio's 'Fate of Nations', questions Lee Hamilton about 9-11.
Landon Lecture w/ Lee Hamilton
March 29, 2005
Video - Start segment at 42:50 - End ~ 52:00

Chris wrote: daily

Chris wrote:

daily complaint, right on time. can you say "typical"?

but then

"douchebag says what?"

Aw, c'mon, Chris; I thought you were my personal troll.

Seriously, dismissing such blatant disinformation as "douchebag" talk is the sign of someone who has a diminished capacity for disinformation recognition, or else doesn't take this stuff very seriously.

AmandaReconwith wrote:

"more energy was needed just to pulverize the concrete than was generated by the collapse. This, of course, means that Superthermite must have supplied the extra energy."

"Superthermite" (huh?) is not the only possible source from which such vast emounts of energy could have been provided (assuming, of course, that it is even remotely possible for a reasonable quantity of "superthermite" to have done so at all).

Glomming onto one possibility (as with the govt+media's 9/11 legend of "hijackers", when in fact the planes in question can fly themselves!, so no on-board hijackers at all were necessary; just don't mention that alternative possibility...) is more a characteristic of The Big Lie than of an honest investigation.

BTW, Hoffman's energy analysis seriously underestimates the amount of energy contained in the pyro cloud, so make sure your "Superthermite" hypothesis has plenty of energy to spare...

blimp, my problem with you

blimp, my problem with you is the fact that you have this elitist air about you. every single post you make HAS to have negative comments or complaints about someone in the movement who isnt doing EXACTLY what you can NEVER give credit where it is due, you can only complain and smear others.its tiring.its one thing to point out disagreements,its another to go into every post like your god and you have the absolute truth.stop with the constant complaining.its annoying as hell. i complain about how Weldon isnt doing nearly enough, and he seems to be playing politics with this issue, but at the same time, at least he is doing SOMETHING other than complaining like a jealous little i said, i agree Weldons motives are very suspect, hes missed a lot of oppurtunities already, but at least i can appreciate the efforts of some in the movement, while you can only attack EVERYONE in the movement for not having the exact views as are too leave my name out of your posts and i will do the same.
Chris | Homepage | 03.05.06 - 10:29 am | #


one more thing blimp, then im you enjoy WINGTV? they use the same tactics as you, smearing just about everyone in the 9/11 truth movement.i figured you would get along with them. or do they not fit your views 100% either?
Chris | Homepage | 03.05.06 - 10:37 am | #

(my first response was better, but since 911blogger decided to selectively censor me, i figured i would just re-post my first response.again blimp, keep my name out of your mouth,its not healthy for you.)

glad you got that out of

glad you got that out of your system guys.

stop referencing each other in your comments.. if you want to have a real discussion great, but any more pointless diatribe between the two of you will cause me to delete or edit your comments.

fair warning, don't waste your time.

wow. your censorship is

wow. your censorship is lightning fast.can you tell me why you deleted my comments and not his? despite the fact that he came at me(see Able Danger post)? i respond to him, you delete my comments, but not his. ??? maybe you can explain your inconsistent censorship practices for me. cause i dont get it.

quick, delete my latest post

quick, delete my latest post before people are exposed to your inconsistent censorship practices.thats not good PR for a so called "truth" website thats fighting for the little guy.

i went a week without

i went a week without moderating anything, i thought i would try to stime what was obviously about to get out of hand here, but that isnt good enough either.

i cant consistently baby sit these comments, so instead of parsing through what should and shouldnt be deleted or edited im just going to ban people outright, that way i can be 'consistent'..

everyone play nice and no

everyone play nice and no one will get bann...