Emails to Witnesses in Moussaoui Trial Released

Prosecutor Used Transcript to Aid Witness - Forbes

The government lawyer who has jeopardized the prosecution of al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui used a transcript of the first day of the trial to try to shape future testimony to meet or deflect possible defense attacks, court documents indicate.
Arguing that Martin's e-mails tainted three government and four defense witnesses beyond repair, the defense has asked the judge to dismiss the government's bid to executive Moussaoui, the only person charged in this country in connection with al-Qaida's Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Here are the quotes from the prosecutor's emails:

"There is no way anyone could say that the (airline) carriers could have prevented all short-bladed knives from going through," she e-mailed Osmus. "Dave MUST elicit that from you and the airline witnesses on direct, and not allow the defense to cut your credibility on cross, (just as they did yesterday with the FBI witness). ..."
"The defense will exploit the fact that the FAA was not clued in to what was going on," Martin e-mailed Manno. "You need to assert that we did not necessarily need to wait until we got all available information, that we acted independently, indeed, we had a statutory mandate, to follow up on any issue that we thought was a threat to civil aviation."

Holy leading the witness Batman!? Since when do witnesses get told what they must do by the prosecutor? Something tells me this trial would be a lot easier to win if members of this administration were being asked the questions.

One last quote from the article:

Prosecutor Novak told the court he first learned of the coaching, which he called "horrendously wrong," in a voicemail from Martin last Friday evening. He told the judge he spent the weekend investigating what Martin did and gathering her e-mails.

He said that six of the seven upcoming witnesses had read her e-mails and two of them had read the attached trial transcript. He was unable to locate one of the defense witnesses.

Update: We will post the full transcripts once we have our hands on them. Please post a link in the comments if you find them first.

Now there's something I'd

Now there's something I'd like to see...

In regards to the

In regards to the trial...

Only In America...

The article says they are

The article says they are being released to the public. Lets go find them.

hard to believe that the

hard to believe that the same guy who rants and raves and could barely write letters while in jail has a masters degree.. holy brainwashing batman!

Masters degree? I did not

Masters degree? I did not see that.

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didn´t want this to get lost in some open thread,

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I doubt this was a mistake;

I doubt this was a mistake; these people do not make mistakes. This coaching was conducted on purpose and was allowed to happen in order to avoid having these witnesses take the stand. It was in an earlier version of the CNN article that the witness were FBI agents who were going to talk about what the government knew about using planes as weapons. Luckily, this little mistake came up (oops), the defence can call for a mistrial, and the judge will just put Moussaoui away for life. So, let him live and ruin the careers of a couple government lawyer just to keep the lie going, no problem. The only ones coached were the prosecutors on how to create a mistrail to keep the cover-up intack.

Good points M...

Good points M...

Here it is: "Before the

Here it is:

"Before the trial was recessed by Brinkema, the jury was to hear from the Minneapolis FBI agent who arrested Moussaoui -- perhaps the key witness in the trial.

Special Agent Harry Samit's testimony is equally important to prosecutors and the defense at Moussaoui's sentencing trial. Samit, who has already testified for the prosecution, faced cross-examination"

We can only imagine, with the wealth of Truth material out there, what the cross-examination would have brought out... Now we may never know.

Good catch...

Good catch...

Letting key witnesses

Letting key witnesses testify or exposing yourself as manipulative (what for?!) is a lose-lose situation, fortunately.

Unfortunately, nothing gets

Unfortunately, nothing gets exposed the way they're doing it. :(

Well, what more needs to be

Well, what more needs to be exposed?

The problem is not the solidity of our case, it's the solidity of the brickheads that just won't listen...

Heh... that's a funny way of

Heh... that's a funny way of putting it.

jon gold what are your

jon gold

what are your thoughts on jack whites photo studies of the pentagon?

why is it your mission to distract people from the fact that an A-3 hit it?


Anonymous, Your comment


Your comment seems a bit out of left field, why not track him down to his website and pick a fight there?

Try to stay on topic, or at least dont post a random comment just to start something.. Everyone here is entitled to their opinions, just try to keep it social.

Please read over the rules above and play nice.

M is likely on the right

M is likely on the right track. Hopefully, this is something that can be brought to light and prosecuted. If true and if so, then perhaps these people do indeed make mistakes.

I wish someone "important"

I wish someone "important" will speak up. Just release a confession tape, telling the whole story.

I can see the problem though:
"If you don´t speak up, we´ll give you 1m$$. But if you do, well kill you"

I think "M" (above) hit the

I think "M" (above) hit the nail right on the head! Gov't motives clearly revealed!

(I would also like to think that some people got cold-feet about giving Moussaoui the death penalty on the 9/11 hoax. But I've come to learn our Gov't doesn't have a conscience.)

Looks like some junior G-man

Looks like some junior G-man was trying to lure Mr. Gold into an endless what-hit-the-Pentagon debate (above). (Cheap tactic to bury this Moussaoui thread with 90 postings about what-hit-what.)

"why is it your mission to

"why is it your mission to distract people from the fact that an A-3 hit it?"

Anonymous... If you have a video of an A-3 hitting the Pentagon, please release it to the world so we can end this debacle.


Woah, I'm really fed up with

Woah, I'm really fed up with the constant inhouse fighting. I believe it was something other than a 757 at the Pentagon, but at the same time accept that the no-plane meme is directly and deeply associated with tin-foil hats, much more so than controlled demolition for example, thanks to lib'ral media magic. Even though I find the case against a 757 compelling, I don't know what the optimal course of action is - I doubt anyone knows.

We all share one common goal: expose the crime for all to see. Those who don't want to push the no-plane issue are no less interested in that ultimate goal, they just prefer other means of getting there. These pointless internal squabbles remind me too much of COINTELPRO and divide & conquer. If you're really interested in justice, then stand united and get over those petty disagreements.


Thanks for the comment

Thanks for the comment Lumos.

You guys do realize that the

You guys do realize that the 2nd Anonamous (me, above) was exposing the 1st Anonamous, who was clearly trying to goad Gold into a Pentagan debate to obscure the Moussaoui news. (If not, please wake up. Thank you.)

I think Moussaoui & his

I think Moussaoui & his lawyers cut a plea deal of "no death penalty" if Moussaoui would scream "I am al Queda" and admit the he was part of a pre-911 al Queda plot to crash plane into the White House.

Moussaui's antics & admissions came conveniently after a number of skeptics claimed that al Queada was fake, was a CIA creation, was incapable of doing 9/11, etc., etc.

Apparently good news today,

Apparently good news today, in that the judge will allow the Moussaoui trial to proceed. This may reduce concern about a deliberate plot to undermine the trial a bit.

A very slight bit, bb.

A very slight bit, bb.

I share your concern,

I share your concern, anonymous. fyi, a new Washington Post article, of all things, actually does a good job of reflecting these concerns from the families. It seems like the closest thing a Washington Post article has ever come to articulately acknowledging frustration in this area. See

Apparently the lawyer who

Apparently the lawyer who sent the emails was also connected to the airline companies in some way. But I'm sure she'll be nicely compensated for being disbarred - It seems like the airlines don't want to be found liable for not preventing the terrorists.