Round Up of Recent 9/11 Media Coverage

9/11 Truth in the Media -

In the past few weeks, 9/11 truth has been squeaking out, to various degrees, through various media sources, suggesting a broader awareness of the need for 9/11 truth and justice is finally reaching mainstream America -- a little. Following is a sampling of these.

Check the link for the listing of recent 9/11 media coverage.

They just missed the latest

They just missed the latest hit piece...

"New York" magazine busts out the "paint 'em all with one nutty brush" maneuver;

The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll

However, a lot of people will see the story.

At a quick glance, it didn't

At a quick glance, it didn't look too bad.

I especially liked the following:

I asked Dr. Sunder about 7 WTC. Why was the fate of the building barely mentioned in the final report?

This was a matter of staffing and budget, Sunder said. He hoped to release something on 7 WTC by the end of the year.

NIST did have some “preliminary hypotheses” on 7 WTC, Dr. Sunder said. “We are studying the horizontal movement east to west, internal to the structure, on the fifth to seventh floors.”

Then Dr. Sunder paused. “But truthfully, I don’t really know. We’ve had trouble getting a handle on building No. 7.”

I'll have to disagree on

I'll have to disagree on this one.

It's pretty much the best piece in the corporate media ever. A bunch of useless apocrypha, but a very fair treatment that allows the skeptics to speak for themselves, for the most part.

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