Letter to the Editor on Charlie Sheen Commentary

Sheen's Doubt Shared By Experts - Hartford Courant

In response to the March 25 Java column ["Brainless Actor Bloviates II"]:

The following, clearly not "brainless," professionals have come out publicly to express their informed belief that there was a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers and a government cover up of 9/11:

Col. Robert Bowman (former head of the Star Wars program during two administrations), Steven Jones (Brigham Young University physicist), Judy Wood (Clemson University professor of engineering), Paul Craig Roberts (father of "Reaganomics" and former government economist), Ray McGovern (former top CIA intelligence analyst) and Morgan Reynolds (former chief labor economist under President George W. Bush) among others. But this gets almost no news media coverage.

Then Charlie Sheen gives an interview on a fringe talk show, essentially reiterating the conclusions of these professionals, and The Courant blasts him in its gossip column about his personal weaknesses.

Brainless? No. I believe it's The Courant that is being spineless in refusing to fairly report on some uncomfortable but verifiable facts about 9/11. I hope this will change. We owe it to our country.

Damon Bean
New Hartford

Thanks Radical Pragmatist for the heads up!

Look at those pesky

New 9/11 Truth calendar for

New 9/11 Truth calendar for New York

The schedule and program for the St. Mark's lecture series specifically is up on this page:

(All St. Mark's Sunday events go on the "Sundays" page, while all other events are on the front page.)

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Please note this all is accurate only up to Apr 30; due to a conflict the events listed from May 7 apparently will all be delayed by one week.

I encourage everyone to

I encourage everyone to contact the Hartford Courant ( letters@courant .com) and support this letter and its call for fair reporting on the facts about 911. You can mention their excellent investigative report on the anthrax attacks, which still remains one of the best, as an example of what they are capable of. I know they are just itching to cover this, if there is eneogh pressure and interest.

Its time to take this movement from our computer monitors to the major papers and then to the streets.!!!

Ah, now it's "professionals"

Ah, now it's "professionals" and not "experts."

That's progress. At least realize you can't perpetuate the "experts" fraud on us anymore.

If they can't attack what

If they can't attack what we're saying, you know we're saying the right thing.

Thank for sparring Flanstein, you have helped me to improve the effectiveness of my thrust.
(just a little fencing analogy)

Nice letter. The Plain

Nice letter. The Plain Dealer has blackballed me and has not printed any submitted letter for over four years now. They also delete all my postings to their political web forum.


When I look at this clip I see two missiles off center from each other within the fuselage image, one in front of the wing image and the other behind the wing image.


A major 9/11 researcher remarks about this file:

good job:)

Proves again no outer wall reactions. This is from the post 9/11 clip (after 10:45 AM) from Scott Myers (NIST). I will keep that in my presentations.

Hey everyone, anyone here

Hey everyone, anyone here with video editing skills?

We wanna take full length 9/11 videos and break them up into chapters, if you can help out with this, drop myself or DZ a line...

Who's MARCHING now?

Who's MARCHING now?

"Damon Bean Crackpot at

"Damon Bean
Crackpot at large
New Hartford"

It feels good that you can't attack what we're saying. It gives credence to our cause.

Its obvious the way WTC7

Its obvious the way WTC7 fell that it was fire that brought it down. Not a big fire have you because a big fire would have caused it to instantly evaporate. It was a small cool fire that allowed the steel to cure like a fine Kentucy bacon. After it had cured, it was ready to fall straight down as all bacon building do. It did look like controlled demolition, enough to fool Dan Rather.

I just foud out there is a

I just foud out there is a SEQUENCE
of these photos.. I found two slightly different ones, and quickly made a gif anim for your viewing pleasure.


Maybe someone knows MORE photos of this series?

For the rubes in the

For the rubes in the blog:

There is no war on terror. Terrorism is a method of fighting, not an enemy.

A few years back, the oily boys discovered that the world was running out of "cheap" or "easy to get" oil. The "expensive" or "hard to get" oil like Rock Mountain shale is really just a joke. It takes more energy to get the oil out than the energy the oil produces.

So, where is the last underground puddle of oil?

Alas, it is in Iraq. The Saudi fields are approaching exhaustion as are the North Sea Oil fields. Mexico's gulf of Mexico oil is getting harder to get. There was lots of natural gas in Ubekistan but not that much oil.

Because the oily men and their corporate media had been denying the oil shortage for so many years, they feared that the American sheeple would not understand the need to invade a country so far and establish permanent military bases where they could repel the hungriest super-power known as China.

They needed an enemy so they converted their long time associate Osama Bin Laden who had been instrumental in moving the poppy extract to the street of wall where it refreshed the hungry institutions of finance.

His pilots trained to fly in the holy city of Venice.

The old wise men of the new continent formulated a plan, a new pearl harbor, a false flag attack to mobilize their people to invade, kill, rape, loot and spread democracy to this far away land that for many years whose leader had been the leutenant of evil bald one known as Darth.

On one crisp and creamy morning after Marvin and his friends had wired up the tall buildings . . . .

continued later when my wrists stop throbbing.

Bozo Your right on the

Your right on the 'money' .
Looking forward to chapter two.
And I like your humour, This movement need it.

'Its either we laugh or we cry, and I much prefer laughing to crying"

Well.. those CNN shows

Well.. those CNN shows certainly did help. Traffic here is twice that of one week ago


Hey. maybe you did not click

Hey. maybe you did not click on it:

try this:


do you see what I mean?

OK I tell you:

there is A SERIES of photographs
that show the scene SHORTLY AFTER
the (shaped charge bombs) impact

it should be clear what follows

That's great. If you want to

That's great.

If you want to see my original blog entry where the letter writer got his information (with links) then go to http://www.tpmcafe.com/node/28341