The 9/11 Truth Revolution

The 9/11 Truth Revolution -

As 9/11 truth spreads, we are facing a revolution.
Today, thanks to the rapidly-spreading brushfire of 9/11 truth, we are on the cusp of a new kind of revolution—a real one this time, a revolution from below. As conservative columnist Paul Craig Roberts writes, “the real story is what the people are saying about 9/11.” What Roberts means is that the powerful few and the institutions they control—the government, the corporations, the armed forces, the major political parties, the foundation-funded pseudo-left, the universities, the mass media, Hollywood—have imposed near-total silence on the issue of what really happened on September 11th, 2001. Worse, most of them have cranked out endless tape-loops of mind-numbing propaganda aimed at reinforcing the official Big Lie. And yet the people are speaking out loud and clear: 9/11 was an inside job—an act of high treason and mass murder by our own leaders.
Despite the best efforts of the treasonous billionaires who control all of our major institutions, the popular groundswell for 9/11 truth is unstoppable. The people have refused to be cowed into silence by inane fear-mongering and cowardly name-calling. All across the nation people are rising up and talking truth. “Have you seen Loose Change yet?” “That Charlie Sheen is amazing—how could CNN let him say that?” “You’ve got to read The New Pearl Harbor—here’s a copy, pass it on.” People are burning hundreds of DVDs and passing them to their friends, who are burning hundreds more. If the video-makers were getting full royalties on every copy, they’d be richer than self-confessed WTC demolisher and billionaire insurance-fraudster Larry Silverstein.

The source of this revolution is the courage and intelligence of the people. The neoconservatives, who underestimate the intelligence of other people almost as much as they overestimate their own, apparently thought that their monopoly media could coerce the poor dumb masses into lapping up outrageous lies indefinitely. What they didn’t realize was that new communications technologies, in the hands of smart, brave people, can spread the truth with absolutely no help from traditional top-down, one-to-many media systems.
9/11 truth offers the ordinary person of good will an unprecedented opportunity to change the world for the better. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and spread the word. When the time is ripe—and it is ripening fast—we will have the people, and the soul-power, to take to the streets.

Nice article Kevin.

Nice article Kevin.

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All You can buy DVD disks,


You can buy DVD disks, deception dollars, etc from web sites too. This way you can be doubly effective in that you can save the time printing and burning while you support freedom of speech. Some of these 911 skeptic sites are having a hard time. Please look around, find a worthwhile 911 site and spend some money. Take what you buy to the streets. You can save the country like that.

Yeah... my 9/11 site is hard

Yeah... my 9/11 site is hard up. :)

Just kidding.

Very excellent article

Very excellent article indeed, Kevin Barrett!!

I do agree with that

I do agree with that sentiment folks... imagine what 9/11 Truth could be if we had some money to back it up. Most of us have been researching, spreading 9/11 truth, etc... but very few of us have ponied up for the cause... yes, generous people do exist... there are many of them here. Generosity comes in many forms. Time, energy, money, etc... but when you put it in perspective of other causes, and their ability to raise money, it's small by comparison.

Consider it a donation

Consider it a donation towards your future, and your families future, and so on...

I find the article to be

I find the article to be very inspiring.

i love it, Kevin! looking

i love it, Kevin! looking forward to your book! cr

Great article. I hope it

Great article. I hope it works out that way.