Rawstory's 'Ask Congress' Series Elicits Congressional Comments on 9/11 Commission Report

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For the third installment in our ongoing "Ask Congress" series, RAW STORY opened up questions for not one, but three United States Representatives--all three from key electoral swing states, and all three under the age of forty. Representatives Kendrick Meek (D-FL), Tim Ryan (D-OH), and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL).

What follows are your questions and their answers.
Millions of Americans are questioning the official story of what happened on 9/11, based on a growing body of evidence that conflicts with The 9/11 Commission Report. Do you intend to respond to these questions, and would you be willing to support an independent investigation made up of impartial experts, rather than Administration insiders?

Martha San Diego, California

Congressman Ryan:
I believe the 9/11 Commission did an extraordinary job at uncovering the truth of what happened on that tragic day. My greatest disappointment is that the Bush Administration has done such a terrible job at following the Commission's recommendations for make our nation safer. Instead, President Bush would rather give tax breaks to millionaires than follow the Commission's recommendations.

Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz:
One thing that will always persist in America are conspiracy theories. Did we know about Pearl Harbor, Who Shot JFK, and was TWA Flight 800 shot down, etc? I feel that the 9/11 Commission Report, was both comprehensive and balanced. The commission was made up of 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans and several of the members have been openly critical of the Congress and the White House for not implementing the commission's recommendations on how to improve the overall security of our nation.

People on both sides of the political spectrum accused the other side of using the commission to serve their political agenda, in other words, neither Democrats, nor Republicans, were happy with every finding in the report. That indicates to me that this commission was not pulling for one side or the other.

What is clear is that 9/11 was an incredible national tragedy that took thousands of lives. This kind of wound on the American psyche will remain with our country for years to come. My personal opinion is that we should learn from the mistakes of the past and move our country forward rather than continuing to pick apart the tragic mistakes of the past.

Congressman Meek:
The 9/11 Commission was composed of a bipartisan group of experts from private and public sectors. I commend Commission's final report and support implementing all of their findings into law.

Thanks Erik for the great submission.

Your crazy if you think our

Your crazy if you think our politicians will answer questions about 9/11. Take my correspondance with Lynne Woolsey(a liberal) for example.

I must say that I am very displeased with the Democratic party's lack
of spine and most espicially yourself because you represent my hometown
of Petaluma. I believe, and I think most people will agree with me, that
it is your job to represent the interests of the people who voted for you. I feel that you are ignoring critical information in regards to the
biggest event in history since World War II, which is 9/11. In my opinion
bigger than Vietnam, no disrespect intended towards veterans of that war. The events of 9/11 have shaped every facet of our lives since those tragic
days. Yet many questions remain unanswered and a tremendous amount of
information about that day remains classified by our government. Some
of the questions are as followed:

Who authorized war games simulating terrorist attacks the morning of
Why werern't the airplanes shot down by our air defence batteries?
Why were pilots given stand down orders?
Why did George W. Bush claim he watched the first attack live on TV?
Why did World Trade Center Building 7 collapse?
Why does the 9/11 commision claim the center of WTC 1 and 2 were hollow
elevator shafts when a look at the pictures of the buildings
show a huge steel support structure? Why were the numerous eyewitness
accounts of explosions by first responders ignored by the 9/11

Many more questions I did not list remain unanswered. So I beg of you,
as one of your constituents, please spend the time to read the following
paper written by Professor Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University.




Andy White

Heres her response:

March 7, 2006

Mr. Andy White

"Dear Mr. White:

Thank you for contacting me in support of impeaching President Bush and
members of his administration for providing misleading evidence to lead
the United States into war in Iraq. I appreciate the time you have
taken to get in touch with me, and I wholeheartedly share your concern
about this extremely important matter.

As you know, the Downing Street Memo reveals that President Bush
planned to invade Iraq long before the U.S. Congress authorized the use -
which I voted against. The Downing Street Memo provides further evidence
that the Bush administration intended to go to war in Iraq only months
after the attacks of September 11th and used weapons of mass
destruction as the most convenient rationale for doing so. Yet, 2,500 American
soldiers and an estimated 30,000 Iraqi civilians have given their lives
for this misguided and illegitimate war. Congress has appropriated
over $250 billion for the war in Iraq while drastically cutting important
domestic programs in the United States. We must explore the facts
behind the Bush administration's deceptions about the reasons for going to
war in Iraq.

That's why I am an original cosponsor of H. Res. 635, legislation which
would create a select congressional committee to investigate the
Administration's intention to go to war in Iraq before receiving appropriate
congressional authorization, its manipulation of pre-war intelligence,
and its encouragement of the use of torture in Iraq and elsewhere. H.
Res. 635 would also authorize impeachment proceedings against the
President and members of his Administration if they are found to have
engaged in any of the aforementioned illegal activities. You will be pleased
to hear that I am also an original cosponsor of H. Res. 636 and H. Res.
637, legislation that would censure President Bush and Vice President
Cheney, respectively, for failing to respond to requests for information
concerning allegations that they and others in the Administration
misled Congress and the American people regarding the decision to go to war
in Iraq. While an impeachment process may not be possible in the
Republican-controlled Congress, please be assured that I will continue to
fight in Congress to ensure that our elected leaders are held accountable
for their actions.

Again, it is good to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact
me in the future regarding this or any other matter, because the people
of Marin and Sonoma counties are the most important voices I listen to
as I serve in Congress."

I sent a response and received a very similar response but it even went as far as quoting me on something I did not say. So I called her Washington D.C. office to see if I could talk to someone helpful and they asked me for my zip code while I was in mid sentence talking about the war games. I gave it to the lady on the phone and she hung up on me! Literally hung up the phone.

All of our politicians are treasonous. If we win this battle for the truth I hope they will be punished.

seems these congresspersons

seems these congresspersons were unaware that the executive director (phillip zelikow) was the main man in charge, and was anything but 'bipartisan'.

bipartisan != independent.

all i have to say about

all i have to say about those "ask congress" responses is OUCH, HOLY SHIT, AND FUCK ME SIDEWAYs.

what a fucking travesty.

sorry to use such harsh language i just cannot contain myself.


"The 9/11 Commission is

"The 9/11 Commission is great... the 9/11 Commission can do no wrong... Fox News is the best... "




john, does it strike you as


does it strike you as odd how the term "bipartisan" is always used to somehow convey fairness ?

to me it conveys the exact opposite, both sides of the political parties agreed to give eachother get out of jail freecards as long as they didnt go after their favorite president on either side of the isle (bush or clinton). make a gentlemans agreement not to go after eachothers political base. That in and of itself makes it a white wash. regardless of what other things they were intentionally covering up.

does it strike you as odd

does it strike you as odd how the term "bipartisan" is always used to somehow convey fairness ?

I wrote a little blurb about that today actually...

""Bipartisan" is in quotes because in Washington D.C., there is no such thing. The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin."

Your right Andy. This is why

Your right Andy. This is why we need to clean house. I have had the same problem with Barbara Boxer. I have written her many times. Her response is always the same. "I am working on getting our boys home from Iraq." Well good for you Barbara. Without 9/11 there would be no Iraq war. I am at the point where I have no use for any politican. I consider them all cowards and traitors. In my mind they are ALL guilty of high treason and mass murder. They ALL know what happened on 9/11. Who are they trying to kid. If a dumb ass like me can figure it out, so can they.

a bipartisan committee? The

a bipartisan committee? The bipartisan view: republican and democract, is the official conspiracy theory is correct. That just shows how lazy, and credulous are those in office. The same demotwits still think bush won the 2004 election honestly.

These so called leaders are so useless, they should be dropped.

further proof of Gore Vidals

further proof of Gore Vidals observation:

'we have only one political party in the United States, the Property Party, with two right wings, Republican and Democrat.'

A bit off topic, but here is

A bit off topic, but here is the US State dept hit piece/opinion on Thierry Meyssan


Useful in knowing the US govt position.

I love the first comment on

I love the first comment on rawstory:

Please excuse me while I puke my guts out....

cyalater | Homepage | 04.14.06 - 12:40 pm | #

i respect some of gore's

i respect some of gore's comments, but overal gore vidal is another liberal gatekeeper who thinks the US deserved the 9/11 attacks because of all our crimes against other 3rd world nations ala Noam chomsky and michael moore.

my post got cutoff, but to

my post got cutoff, but to finish...

Its like they think "oh yeah of course we were going to get attacked sooner or later, we commit so much crime everywhere in the world it was a matter of time" They are so confident in this belief of their's that they wont even look at considering 9/11 as purpotrated by the Us government.

When I read these

When I read these politicians cookie-cutter responses, I immediately thought of the movie "Stepford Wives" What we now have is a "Stepford Government". These people MUST be androids.

It's time for a 2nd American Revolution, folks. There's next to no one representing the majority of Americans anymore.

Unbelievable how dumb or

Unbelievable how dumb or corrupt theses politicians are.

Here's a new essay on

Here's a new essay on people's emotional resistance to looking at 9/11 truth:


Robbie Martin, if you must

Robbie Martin, if you must speak of Vidals ideas, at least quote him:

So lets see what Gore Vidal was saying in 2002:

'L.A. WEEKLY: Are you arguing that the 3,000 civilians killed on September 11 somehow deserved their fate?

GORE VIDAL: I don't think we, the American people, deserved what happened. Nor do we deserve the sort of governments we have had over the last 40 years. Our governments have brought this upon us by their actions all over the world. I have a list in my new book that gives the reader some idea how busy we have been. Unfortunately, we only get disinformation from The New York Times and other official places. Americans have no idea of the extent of their government's mischief. The number of military strikes we have made unprovoked, against other countries, since 1947-48 is more than 250.

2. 'One year after 9/11, we still don't know by whom we were struck that infamous Tuesday, or for what true purpose. But it is fairly plain to many civil-libertarians that 9/11 put paid not only to much of our fragile Bill of Rights but also to our once-envied system of government which had taken a mortal blow the previous year when the Supreme Court did a little dance in 5/4 time and replaced a popularly elected president with the oil and gas Cheney/Bush junta.'


'Post-9/11, the American media were filled with pre-emptory denunciations of unpatriotic 'conspiracy theorists', who not only are always with us but are usually easy for the media to discredit since it is an article of faith that there are no conspiracies in American life. Yet, a year or so ago, who would have thought that most of corporate America had been conspiring with accountants to cook their books since - well, at least the bright days of Reagan and deregulation. Ironically, less than a year after the massive danger from without, we were confronted with an even greater enemy from within: Golden Calf capitalism. Transparency? One fears that greater transparency will only reveal armies of maggots at work beneath the skin of a culture that needs a bit of a lie-down in order to collect itself before taking its next giant step which is to conquer Eurasia, a potentially fatal adventure not only for our frazzled institutions but for us the presently living.

Complicity. The behavior of President George W. Bush on 11 September certainly gives rise to all sorts of not unnatural suspicions. I can think of no other modern chief of state who would continue to pose for 'warm' pictures of himself listening to a young girl telling stories about her pet goat while hijacked planes were into three buildings.

Constitutionally, Bush is not only chief of state, he is commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Normally, a commander in such a crisis would go straight to headquarters and direct operations while receiving the latest intelligence.

This is what Bush actually did - or did not do - according to Stan Goff, a retired US Army veteran who has taught military science and doctrine at West Point. Goff writes, in 'The So-called Evidence is a Farce': 'I have no idea why people aren't asking some very specific questions about the actions of Bush and company on the day of the attacks. Four planes get hijacked and deviate from their flight plan, all the while on FAA radar.'

Goff, incidentally, like the other astonished military experts, cannot fathom why the government's automatic 'standard order of procedure in the event of a hijacking' was not followed. Once a plane has deviated from its flight-plan, fighter planes are sent up to find out why. That is law and does not require presidential approval, which only needs to be given if there is a decision to shoot down a plane. Goff spells it out: 'The planes were hijacked between 7:45 and 8:10am. Who is notified? This is an event already that is unprecedented. But the President is not notified and going to a Florida elementary school to hear children read.

"On the subject 'How and Why America was Attacked on 11 September, 2001', the best, most balanced report, thus far, is by Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed." -- Gore Vidal

"Your right Andy. This is

"Your right Andy. This is why we need to clean house. I have had the same problem with Barbara Boxer. I have written her many times. Her response is always the same. "I am working on getting our boys home from Iraq." Well good for you Barbara. Without 9/11 there would be no Iraq war. I am at the point where I have no use for any politican. I consider them all cowards and traitors. In my mind they are ALL guilty of high treason and mass murder. They ALL know what happened on 9/11. Who are they trying to kid. If a dumb ass like me can figure it out, so can they."

Seriously. It seems so absolutely rediculous to me that not one of them could know about this. Im not sure what I find harder to believe, their all in on it or their all ignorant morons. Its just flabergasting, and downright depressing if nothing else.

I think the baby boomer generation is somewhat at fault. Their parents did alot for this country but they have let criminals take over our government. I'm 19 and it really seems like more people my age know what the truth is than the older generations. People my age are not the ones making decisions. Post WWII Germans liked to say we didn't know what would happen. I don't accept that. No offense to anyone here obviously I'm referring to a large group of individuals, none of which post here. But blame needs to be placed on the criminals and the ones that enabled these criminals.

Wow those are some real

Wow those are some real mavericks its hard to believe this country is in such disarray with leadership like that...NOT.

interesting, i didnt know

interesting, i didnt know vidal had that beliefe. I had only read older stuff by him where he seemed to follow the same logicial fallacies as noam chomsky and michael moore. I apologize for prejudging him.

I was also about to puke

I was also about to puke after reading this!!!!!
But I decided that puking would be a selfish act of personal appeasement.

So I swallowed.

It wasn't pleasent but I kept that potential energy inside instead of offering another chaotic mush of outrage across my keyboard.

I've been puking for years now, and I'm tired of it ......and from it.

Better to keep all of those nutrients in my body, where I can let them digest and transform into appropriate and effective action.

These comments ruthlessly express how much we are up against and how much energy we are going need to reveal the truth of 911.

Only when the politicians are forced to accept that ignoring the questions about 911 is a poltical liability more dangerous than regurgitating their support for the official account and the white wash commission that endorsed it, will we have any chance of getting an honest investigation.

By exposing the truth, we need to make them look like fools or liars if they ignore us.

Based on these and many other responses of Democrats, it is obvious they want to direct the general angst behind our questions about 911 to simply attack Bush and get themselves elected, without really touching the fundamental issues.
They want their cake and to eat too.

I say we give them they're cake.

right across their faces

and then watch them try to wipe it off in public while denying the cake even exists.

Now we need to focus on a great cake recipe, a lot of good bakers and a crowd of citizens with strong and accurate pitching arms.

A reason the NeoCon/Repugs

A reason the NeoCon/Repugs were so bold in their 9/11 conspiracy is that they either have key Democrats in their pockets, or key Democrats were in on it with them.

John Kerry, who threw his Vietnam medals at the White House in disgust, has no clue that the Iraq war is a similar farce??? As if Kerry has never heard of false-flag operations (e.g., Bay of Tonkin)??? Also, Kerry caves-in immediately to the blatant voter fraud Bushies used to steal the presidency??? (Billionaire Kerry looks like an undercover PNAC NeoCon to me. A fake Democrat & Bush stand-in if the Repugs had lost the election.)

Senator Hillary, whose husband was impeached by the House of Representatives for lying about a bj (but acquitted by the Senate), condones Bush on every treasonous crime heÂ’s committed??? Even with Bush's rating at 36%, she's still afraid to criticize him???


Gore Vidal is a unsung hero

Gore Vidal is a unsung hero of the 911 truth movement. To my knowledge, he is the first major figure to imply complicity of the US government... and he did it when it took REAL guts... only a year or so after 9/11. It's from reading his essay on 9/11 back in 2002 that set me on the road of investigation.

This is a little off the

This is a little off the subject but I just checked out the web site for the movie Flight 93. There is a feedback link where you can give opinions on the movie. http://www.united93movie.com/index.php I just submitted a comment. I suggest other 9/11 activists do the same. I told them, in a nice way, that their movie was nothing but fiction and most Americans know it. I told them that the "Official Story" was a joke and they should be ashamed of themselves promoting the big lie.

What a pathetic set of

What a pathetic set of responses from these pathetic Democrats... I am so disgusted. Why should I be surprised though.

And, Kerry, please don't even mention his name. Talk about a total sell-out.

Check out the video

Check out the video documentary "Beyond Treason" if you haven't seen it yet. It shows how the military experiments on the troops wihout consent by doing things like exposing them to biological, chemical and radiological hazards often without telling the troops involved they are being used as guinea pigs and without providing proper protective gear and wihout proper medical follow up. Talks about the exposure to chemical agents and depleted uranium by the troops in GW1 and why that, usually unacknowledged, exposure is likely responsible for Gulf War Syndrome and all the sick and dying vets from GW1. If the government doesn't give a rat's @ss about vets, why should they care about killing a few thousand civvies if it helps them get their war on.

Available on google video here:

Those bozos have to be

Those bozos have to be retarded to believe this incredible nonsense:

"""At 9:37:46, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, traveling at approximately 530 miles per hour.61 All on board, as well as many civilian and military personnel in the building, were killed."""


From the Guns of Dallas to

From the Guns of Dallas to the Streets of Manhattan. Warren Commission, Kean Commission, Vietnam, Iraq. Fucking lies. We The People did not start this shit, but it is up to us to finish it Apparently without help. I have also called my Senator my Representitive. No response, none. I remember reading a book by Mark Lane about the murder of JFK in the early eighties it is clear to me now this corruption will continue untill we march up to the Peoples House and Courts and Congress and demand the keys back. Now.

certain people should be

certain people should be sent to gitmo-to get the real answers

i suggest that everyone

i suggest that everyone start writing open letters on craigslist to politicians and media types

cl is very popular- and was a major vehicle that was used to spread 9-11 truth in an effective way

i emailed senator barak

i emailed senator barak obama bin laden about 9-11 truth, he referred me to the 9-11 report

check out page 147

ksm states that israeli policy is why they attacked

bush says they hate our freedoms

we all know they hate israel

Well, if it is any

Well, if it is any consolation getting the truth from the criminals will be seriously easy and quick since as per their own guidelines and definitions torture doesn´t really exist. Sure, a little waterboarding might kill the weak of heart but what the heck

shift happens.

Was it Abe Lincoln who said

Was it Abe Lincoln who said something "If given the truth, the American people can meet any crisis."?

Yeh, I guess it's up to us.

Can anyone point me to a

Can anyone point me to a talk given by Kevin Ryan which I listened to last week? - sadly I have lost the link:-(

Have these people even read

Have these people even read the 9/11 Commission report? I thought it was totally pathetic.. doesn't even attempt to answer serious questions, which I guess isn't surprising considering the commission's chairman.

to Andy and maddog: The

to Andy and maddog:

The funny/sad thing is, most of them don't REALLY care about the Iraq war, either. The US is building super bases in Iraq, and the signs are in ENGLISH. Note that boot camp for the US Marines is 12 weeks, while boot camp for the Army is 9 weeks. Why should it be longer for Iraqis? So that they can learn to call in air strikes from their non-existent Air Force? (See http://www.cinchouse.com/newbies/bootcamp.htm )

Furthermore, where were these bozos when I, and others, were marching in huge anti-war protests? (In my case, with a sprained knee and in some pain?) Almost without exception, they were not to be found.

See http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/041106_beloved_mckinney.shtml

Also, read the following


"September 24, 2005 -- Anti-war protest in Washington, DC today. Very few Democratic members of Congress to appear. Reason: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), according to Democratic insiders on Capitol Hill, put out the word that any member of Congress who appeared at the protest, where some speakers were to represent pro-Palestinian views, would face the political wrath of AIPAC. According to Democratic sources on the Hill, Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts was the chief conveyor of the AIPAC warning to his colleagues. At the time of this report, three members of Congress were to address the anti-war protestors: Reps. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), John Conyers (D-MI), and Lynn Woolsey (D-CA). The word is that AIPAC will direct its massive campaign support to Woolsey's neo-con and pro-Iraq war primary challenger, California State Assemblyman Joe Nation, who has strong connections to the Rand Corporation, one of the Pentagon's chief war-making think tanks. Woolsey represents California's Marin and Sonoma counties.

September 26, 2005 Update -- In the end, the antiwar rally apparently drew only one member of Congress as speaker: Georgia Democratic Representative Cynthia McKinney. Sept. 27 Note: Democratic Underground.com's link on this site is now gone. Some of the moderators there leave a lot to be desired. Showing "face" is not speaking but a dodge. This is the news item I received from Rep. McKinney's office on Sept. 26:

"Not a single prominent figure from the Democratic Party made an appearance at the rally. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, who was previously hounded out of her House seat with the tacit support of the Democratic leadership, was the only elected official to address the march.""

WE NEED AN HONEST MEDIA, AND HONEST VOTING SYSTEMS. Frankly, the more time goes by, the more I see these two as more important than 911. It's not enough to get the truth out, it needs to get out REPEATEDLY. With a corrupt media, that will never happen, even if a few more Charlie Sheens come along and get 15 minutes of 911 fame. (As I never thought even that would happen, I could be overstating the case, so please don't take what I say as gospel.) And if and when it does happen, the "ability" of Congress to completely ignore their theoretical bosses (us,the American people) is amply demonstrated.

I have addressed both these major problems with our Orwellian society/democracry on the Randi Rhodes forum, though my posts re a Voter verification System seem to have been deleted (see uscountvotes.org, for what I believe is a good organization dealing with this problem):

"I have posted a proposal on the Randi Rhodes show forum for replacing our current media with a new, sustainable media that facilitates the selection of "filtering agents". You can think of these as honest gatekeepers that YOU trust - and that keep out trivial information, rather than very important information that groups with economic and other hidden agendas prefer to hide from you.

The thread is entitled: "Putting the NY Times Out of Business"
The thread is subtitled: "Proposal to replace ALL corrupt media"



listen to these assholes.

listen to these assholes. heaping nothing but praise on the Commission Report. History will see these weak politicians as co-conspirators, along with every other asshole in media or government who stayed silent.

at least Mckinney has some

at least Mckinney has some heart. we need more of her.more Ron Pauls/Wellstones/Mckinneys.

Yeah, most of the Democrats

Yeah, most of the Democrats only care about getting elected but you gotta vote for them this November and do whatever you can to get one house of Congress turned over to the Democrats.

There are Democratic ranking members who will become committee chairmen who WILL put the screws to the Bush administration and you don't know what will come out and who will turn on the others or say something that leads to something else.

Remember when Jack Abramoff was indicted and he had to turn in his passport so that he couldn't run away to Israel, which would have refused to extradite him? Well, its not farfetched to expect that there will be people who will leave the country and refuse to come back voluntarily to testify to Congressional committees if the Democrats take over. And where will that lead? With I. Lewis Libby under indictment they could fear the same thing happening to them and Bush, scared for his own hide, not willing to go along with pardons.

There will be no investigation worth a darn without subpoena power and there will be no subpoena power if the Democrats don't get one House of Congress. So, you have to hold your nose and try to get them in.

It can be easily shown that

It can be easily shown that the Commission *lied* when it said that Cheney arrived at the command bunker at 9:58 a.m. while ignoring Norman Mineta's testimony that he was there by 9:25, talking with his subordinate about what to do with the plane approaching Washington. Other sources confirm Cheney's presence there at that time.

This is clear evidence. How can it be so difficult to use it?

Just one clueless Finn

Vesa, How about those bodies

How about those bodies on Flt 93 being "instantly cremated" when the plane did its dive into the ground? That's clearly a lie as well. It takes over 2 hours to cremate a body in a crematorium with temperatures between 1400 - 1800 degrees.

But what they did was what Mrs. Kleinberg, one of the 9/11 widows said last week when she spoke at Rutgers, they "glossed over" as much as they could. Having no facts and not being inclined to investigate, nor to talk to a range of independent experts, they put events in terms of what "must have" happened. The weird manipulation of airline and insurance stock "must have" been innocuous because those involved had "no ties to Al Qaeda." The bodies must have instantly cremated because people were on the scene fairly quickly and there was nothing there.

Speaking of Randi Rhodes,

Speaking of Randi Rhodes, she still pushes the official lie. Someone should call in and straighten her out. I would love to do it but I work while her show is on. I don't get it. She is friends with Mike Malloy and lives in New York. How she can believe the Osama myth is beyond me.

Hi, Hi, :) and thanks. Feel

Hi, Hi, :) and thanks.

Feel free to post more important information about flight 93. I'm seriously considering creating a site about it next**, with the film "United 93" and all. I suspect that flight 93 was shot down as planned and was meant to create a legend of brave passengers from day one, ie that its shooting down was not something that was decided while the events were unfolding.

** My WTC 7 site is here:


Vesa, please continue your

Vesa, please continue your great work!

There will be no

There will be no investigation worth a darn without subpoena power and there will be no subpoena power if the Democrats don't get one House of Congress. So, you have to hold your nose and try to get them in.
posted by Hi

I agree completly, HI!
I may be radical but I'm also a pragmatist.
Lets just make sure they know what we know about 911, and that we won't let them off the hook or support any calls to 'move on' and put the past behind us after the election.
If they win one of the houses, it will be a pivital point for 911 truth but their will be a lot of pressure for the Democrats to get back to business as usual and look "bipartisan" and "tough on terrorism".

Time for debunk of the

Time for debunk of the United 93 MOVIE

Please watch AKTENZEICHEN where locals describe what they saw at the crash scene of UA93.


Has anyone seen it? Tell us please what you thought!

(the AKTENZEICHEN author G.Wiesniewski was a recent guest on RBN Tarpley)

yeah, Randi Rhods pisses me

yeah, Randi Rhods pisses me off because its clear she knows more than she lets on. ive heard her mention the wargames various times. ive heard her even mention WTC7, but she doesnt go nearly far enough. she needs to talk to Malloy. on a related note, does anyone know if Janine Garafolo has expanded on her statement about a month or 2 ago that "9/11 was an inside job"?

Hi, everybody!! I agree with

Hi, everybody!!

I agree with many of the comments here.
Frustration mixes with anger. So many DC heads buried in the sand--pushing derieres up in the air in full display. Get my point?!!

I was at a really spirited discussion Sunday night at St Marks (NYC), the local 911truth meeting.
Those in the area should check it out. Convenes most Sundays betw 6-7pm. Small donation asked that can be waived if necessary.

Also you can post under "911" at meetup.com
(or possibly .org) to hookup with other locals in your area for discussion groups, DVD presentations, distributing literature, etc.

Compassion, forgiveness, tolorance (reconciliation) and diplomacy denote the only rational path we can follow to assure a secure future for both our planet and our species.


brian: I love that gov't


I love that gov't "Identifying Misinformation" link.

Though I don't necessarily agree with everything Thierry Meyssan says, it's amazing that they had the gall to say:

Boeing commercial aircraft can not be remotely controlled

when NASA has been able to do it for over 20 years now, and that in 2001, commercial grade UAV systems not only existed, but took one man less than an hour to install, and had an accuracy of +/- 6 inches.

Searching wikipedia for "UAV" has all kinds of info, including links to many companies in the UAV industry, but the gov't line is that "it's impossible".


I guess War IS Peace these days! :o

everyone feel free to make

everyone feel free to make T-shirts or bumper stickers of this:


Congress is bought and sold - it's up to Americans to change things because our elected officials have no intention of lifting a finger... but they might jump on a moving train.

I'll post art work on my

I'll post art work on my website for this. I'm going to make one today.

So what's up with Khalid

So what's up with Khalid Mohammed, the so called "mastermind" of 9/11? They have that retard patsy on trial that noone thinks had a thing to do with 9/11, yet the US boasts of having the mastermind...what, in a protected CIA safehouse? "would you like another martini mr. mohammed?"

I wonder what Khali'd CIA codename was.