A Time Comes When Silence Is Betrayal

"A time comes when silence is betrayal" - These words are just as relevant today as when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. first spoke them 39 years ago. At first glance they might be overlooked as just a simple protest against the war in Vietnam, but the relevance of this entire speech to the modern world we live in today, particularly issues like the truth of 9/11, can be heard in almost every inspiring point made. MLK mentions how "conformist thought" can end up preventing people from challenging their government sufficiently, especially in times of war, and how those who do speak out often then find it a "vocation of agony" because the current political climate deems it controversial or unpatriotic - nevertheless he says, "We must speak".

Although the speech is full of great parallels, that line alone - "A time comes when silence is betrayal" - is extremely poignant, because in the context of not questioning 9/11, in the face of overwhelming evidence that it should be questioned, that silence is a betrayal. It’s a betrayal not just to ourselves but to all the past generations who fought and died so that we may live in freedom, that silence is a betrayal to all the future generations who will inherit the world we leave them, and if we don’t question 9/11 that silence is a betrayal to all those who perished in the attacks and in the subsequent wars that 9/11 has disgustingly been used as currency to justify.

But for this silence to be a betrayal, whether it’s because of denial, forced circumstance, or just plain fear to speak out, the person not speaking out has to already know the facts and understand full well that they’re not doing the right thing. So, for the vast majority of uniformed people their silence can’t be described as a betrayal, because like the majority of people in the 9/11 truth movement - who also initially believed the official story - their silence most likely stems from being naïve, innocent, and ignorant to the facts.

That same understanding though can’t be applied to those in charge of the mainstream media who should be informing the uninformed masses, and whose silence is in effect a full betrayal - because they undoubtedly know that the official explanation, when critically analyzed, is the most outrageous and massively improbable conspiracy theory of them all. It is also beyond doubt there are many honest journalists and editors in the mainstream media who want desperately to break their silence, but have been prevented by "higher-ups".

So, it is up to those fighting for 9/11 truth to not only do the job of the media and inform the uninformed, but to also help those who are in denial - or who feel forced or intimidated - to break their betrayal of silence by making it socially acceptable to publicly question the previously unquestionable official account of 9/11. We must do that by establishing a credible, factual, and moral high ground which welcomes honest debate, and encourages individual research. Charlie Sheen’s inspiring efforts are a shining example of this approach as he has concentrated on a few key issues that make people think, and asks people to look at the information for themselves, draw their own conclusions, and debate.

Like the Charlie Sheen inspired "Challenge Me on the Facts" slogan for the 9/11 truth movement, a similar Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired "Silence is Betrayal" slogan would make a great, simple, and thought provoking comment for anyone still convinced by the official story who can’t understand why questioning 9/11 should be so important to them.

A big thanks to Dem Bruce Lee Styles for this guest blog entry!



Dr. Martin Luther King

There's a rumor going around

There's a rumor going around that Cynthia McKinney was on Hannity & Colmes tonight. Any truth to that?

9/11: Premiere today: Top 15

9/11: Premiere today: Top 15 to boycott/leaflet "United 93" http://bellaciao.org/en/article.php3?id_article=11689

Thanks, DBLS. You can get

Thanks, DBLS. You can get weird looks from neighbors/family sometimes, but this has meaning, and your message

The real Bruce Lee was the real deal. So, in a different way, MLK. Hmm. A melding of nonviolent resistance and using your opponents force against him? This analogy may not work that well, Bruce was not all that passive when confronted with force. MLK had a voice of steel and a heart of gold, that is how he 'fought.' Well, fun to think along these lines, I'll let others run with this if they want.

Lee was hip to the

Lee was hip to the Krishnamurti philosophy, there's an interview floating around on the torrent network if you can find it. Worth it :+:



It's official... Tony Snow is going to be the new White House Press Secretary...

He's gone from talking about White House "talking points" to talking about White House "talking points".

Not sure if this was posted

Not sure if this was posted yet today. Kind of a weird article.

9/11 Conspiracy: A Skeptic's View

I sent Lynne Woolsey another

I sent Lynne Woolsey another letter today using the MLK quote. No I do not expect a response but I will continue to hassle her in hopes that I will get one.

I will be voting in November which will be the third election I will have had been old enough to participate in. As a voter I demand accountability from my government and because you are my representative whom I voted for in 2004, I demand it from you. I have one question of you and for the sake of my country I love so deeply I hope you will answer it.

Why did World Trade Center Building 7 collapse?

It was not hit by a plane and was not even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report. 47 stories of steel skyscrapper collapsing in the middle of Manhatten is a big deal. A 47 steel skyscrapper not hit by any plane falling at free-fall speed completely onto its own footprint deserves an explanation. Do we Americans not deserve an explanation from our government? I thought this was a government for the people by the people, so why can't the government answer this simple question?

Why did World Trade Center Building 7 collapse?

I love my country more than I love my own life and I will not stop my attempts to get an answer from you. So far, for reasons beyond my comprehention you have refused to answer this question.

I'd like you to consider these quotes from two truely patriotic American heros.

"A time comes when silence is betrayal"
- Martin Luther King Jr.

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the numbers of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it."
-Patrick Henry

Thank You,
Andy White

I sent an e-mail to

I sent an e-mail to www.talkingpointsmemo.com as well. Wasn't expecting a response let alone this response

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 22:22:37 -0400
To: "Andy White"
From: "Talking Points Memo"
Subject:Re: A question about something you won't cover

we won't cover it because we don't the truth to come out. didn't you know that?

At 08:03 PM 4/25/2006, you wrote:

> Why did Wolrd Trade Center Building 7 collapse? How can you ignore this? How?

He didn't take you

He didn't take you seriously, and rightfully so. In essence your question was why he didn't cover the 9/11 truth movement, and for evidence you point to the wtc 7 collapse. oook.

haha united 93 message

haha united 93 message boards appeared to get wise.... by deleting all the entries on the message boards.. (We apologize for the removal of the message boards - due to technical difficulties all previous threads have been inadvertantly deleted. We invite you to renew your dialog and discuss your thoughts on the film. )http://www.universalpictures.com/forum/index.php?c=11

well, yes, all the buildings

well, yes, all the buildings were blown up by explosives on the ground. but we can't let that get out. we have to stick with the planes story.

At 11:56 PM 4/25/2006, you wrote:

> Wow thats incredible. I would like to assume your being sarcastic but it seems you know about WTC 7.

What do you think was wrong with my approach truther? It appears he's aware of WTC 7. Does more really need to be said? I'm being serious, I don't want to be approaching people in a way that would be detremental to our cause.

so it's ok to ignore 9/11

so it's ok to ignore 9/11 truth because he mentioned wtc 7?

One of my favorite quotes to

One of my favorite quotes to use by MLK when you get me on a roll. And "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Also like: "Silence is complicity." Don't know who said that. But I've seen it on alot of protest signs.

Andy, I thought the letter

Andy, I thought the letter to Lynne Woolsey was right on.

Was at the premier tonight

Was at the premier tonight at the Zigfeld theatre on 54th St., of the movie "Flt. 93"

People were given free tickets in order to fill the theatre, from what I understand by speaking to people waiting in line to get in. It was hard for me to understand how they would fill that theatre - 2000 seats, since so many people, at least among the world of people who go to premieres - (*get it*, the Hollywood Crowd) )(i.e. They're f***** up people who don't love America, remember? And don't generally think that Propaganda is High Art. ) - do not want to see this movie. But it sold out.

I suppose it must've been a hand picked crowd. Their worst nighmare would've been of some of us 911 Truth people getting a ticket. (Turn it into Rocky Horror Show and act out the parts. Or talk back to the screen - "He'd never say that" Or "Bullshit!" or at the end when the narrartor says, ~"And so began the War on Terror." ..."TRAITORS!"

So it looked as though there were buses bringing in people to see it. There were definitely buses and people who were lured in with the temptation of a "Free ticket." And also at the end a very long line of black rented town cars, like the kind I've come to know from my block for carrying government officials, diplomats, fancy corporate tourists...a very long line to big up the VIP's.

Everybody wants our fliers. It's amazing. In the restaurant we went to afterward, everyone wanted one. People were crowded around us jotting down the addresses to go on-line. Yesterday I was at the trial of the anti-war Grannies who were arrested for blovking the sidewalk near the recruiting office at Times Square...when I went in I had to check some stuff, the police were so friendly...one even said, "I want your button and laughed." My button says, "Impeach Bush" Everyone wants one. I told her I could make money with that button. I could. People stop me all the time, "Where did you get that?" "I want that button."

The 911 truth folk were barred from the sidewalk in front of the theatre. We were not allowed to flier on that side. There was a "pen" facing the entrance, on the other side of the street (it's is a rather narrow street). A banner was held up reading "Stop the Media 911 Blackout," which of course was not understood by people who are immersed in the dominent paradigm - "'Media Blackout over 911?' What does that mean? What is that for?" Someone approached me, I believe a British reporter, who had that peculiar, for me, lack of understanding of the banner, and wondered if I was part of "that group." - (Because, BTW, I will not enter a pen, so I stood apart from the group.) He said, "That group says the government did it." "Well yes," I replied, "if you look closely at the data, you have to come to that conclusion." He jumped back and scampered across the street, fast, as though I had the plague.

There was a man there, who did not sign his name to the leaflet he was passing out, who stood toward the back of the line of people entering the theatre - (normally that would've been *my* territory - but hells, after I read his flier, I got freaked out. And chickened out of fliering right next to him. I think our fliers cancelled each other out when right next to each other.) (The whole setting and situation was freaking me out, anyway. Major Propaganda flick. How can they do this? Don't they think anyone is watching?) The man was a ringer for Robert de Niro, only taller and younger. Les speculated he was his brother. He looked so much like him, you couldn't believe he could be merely a nephew or son. And BTW, Robert de Niro is the founder of this film festival.

I obtained the man's sheet from him, but others couldn't because he wouldn't give it out to any of us, if he knew were were 911 Reality people. He wore a baseball cap and got bored, fairly quickly, of handing out his fliers - it seemed. And just hung around our group. Maybe he had people inside, handing them out there.

But really when people left, they were quite open to the fliers. So the Anti- influences couldn't have worked all that well. The security there didn't like to see that. It seemed I could feel them cringe at our, even minimal, success. I mean, a slip of paper will not compete with a blockbuster Hollywood movie. But many people did seem to want to speak to us. And didn't hate us. The man's fliers quoted, out of context, things he'd read about 911 Truth and he provided quotes made by random people off 911 blogs, and specificly, Dylan Avery. I guess he was reading Dylan's blog and knew that Dylan planned to be there, which he was. Dylan later said he confronted the man and said, "Here I am, right in front of you, why don't you tell me face to face what problem you have with me." Or somesuch. (Avery will probably tell the story better on his blog. I met him him later nearby and he impressed me as an highly intelligent man.) (But hells, what can you do? Dylan, as of now, made the definitive 911 documentary flick for our age. And for the fiction version of the story: "V for Vendetta" wins. So maybe this was Dylan's homage - getting picked-on at the opening of the NY film festival, which originated to bring the downtown back from 911 - at the opening of the first major Hollywood flick of 9/11, by a guy who looks like a relative of Robert de Niro! I guess they are jealous of his Underground success?! No surprise there! Avery's tells the most important story there is, for a New Yorker, for an American, for a human being alive in the world today with the Superpower, Imperial wannabe, U.S.A. Avery told the true story. What can you do? The true story, especially in this case, is just going to have so much more flavor. They wish they could buy that flavor and sell it back to you, without you knowing what it is.)

Everyone wanted a copy of the smear-job leaflet to see what hellacious crap it was, so I didn't get to keep one to bring home, but generously gave mine away. Therefore, I can't quote it to you. But if I could, you'd have a big shock and a laugh. The flier didn't address any points, but just smeared the 911 Truth movement - telling people to Beware! It told people they might be approached by us and might even be offered a copy of the terrible insulting movie "Loose Change," which was full of innaccuracies. It said no one in our group cared about the families - (never mind I, myself, lost a best friend, most outstanding person, to the very bottom of North Tower). It said these ideas were, surprisingly, spreading a lot and that they was especially popular among young men, and were being passed around in schools and on campuses and from off the Internet.

The "Beware" flavor reminds me of a song by Dana Lyons, "The T.V God":

"There are people who are laughing with a wink or a nod. There are people who are questioning our great T.V. God." [In a monster mash monster voice] "Be very careful.
Be careful be.
Be very careful,
keep tuned to your T.V.
There are phonies who are talking. There are wasters who read.
There are people here who do not even own a T.V.!
Everybody be Careful."

Anyway Dylan got plenty of footage of the person who was handing this out, and others got the man's pic too. Even I did, but it was a bad shot.

There were a lot of foreign journalists and many interviews with 911 Truth members. Many people I handed out leaflets to were exceptionally kind and sympathetic. We got no harrassment. (Except for the typical abrogation of our rights, by making us stand in a pen and limiting our access to the public, by the police. We couldn't flier the crowd, except as they approached or left the event, not as they stood in line, for the most part.

Nick L. made up an excellent flier for the occasion, which I will show if I can upload it. His flier would be a GREAT one for wherever the movie is shown - makes the point that the flick is, inappropiately, fiction and especially inappropiately, Entertainment masking as Truth. But very gently. And brings up why this is not a unifier for the majority of American people.

We had to be there. And be there we were. I think we were lucky and I had a lot of nice conversations with people on the street. It was a mild night for the most part, but did rain for a while, only after everyone entered the theatre. The news cameras interviewed a few people as they left, who were somewhat in tears. Everyone looked quite sad or at least subdued and pensive, quiet, upon leaving. Who I saw, with slight tears, were young women. But afterward, almost no one was averse to taking a flier, especially the tasteful and kind one Nick wrote - if approached with kindness and politeness. I wouldn't approach if it would seem like an intrusion. That was what I didn't like about the all men and boys of the group, in the pen, shouting to the crowd across the street. It just didn't seem effective. And maybe counter-productive.

But they felt the necessity to really protest it. And hells, how can I really blame them. Me, I always say "please" when I ask someone to take my flier and people appreciate that. I am not forcing it upon them. If they say "No," they do so with politeness and with an added "Thank you," because I have asked them with a "Please" and with gentleness.

My friend said the reaction might be different in a place outside of NYC. But here the reaction from the crowd who we *could* reach was very thoughtful and open. It was mostly like a showbiz type gala or celebrity fest - though I couldn't tell who were the celebrities. I wonder if Bloomberg went. I wonder how many conspirators went?

In NYC this tragedy brought people together and there may be some kind of remebrance of that, around this cinema event.

There's a very important documentary that will be shown again at our meeting which documents the amazing time after the attacks. It's made of footage from 12 di

There's a very important

There's a very important documentary that will be shown again at our meeting which documents the amazing time after the attacks. It's made of footage from 12 different people, who shot during the 7 or 10 days that followed. That film does relate to the truth of 911, only tangentially, but it importantly shows what things *can* be.

Now all we need to realize is that we don't have to have terror and war to get there.

" so it's ok to ignore 9/11

" so it's ok to ignore 9/11 truth because he mentioned wtc 7?"

No, but when you are confronting somebody who is supposedly knew to the 9/11 truth, I personally think saying wtc7 omg look at squibs! is a fucking weak starter.

Look, there is some evidence of demolition, and there is evidence to the contrary. I for one, would like to start off with cold hard proven facts, not theories. And some people take wtc7 as a proven fact the demolitons were use. Which is just not true.

Sorry for the typos and

Sorry for the typos and mistakes above. Got tired of editing and have been writing this for hours. So just gave up, but should've polished more.


One major correction I *must* make:

"Tribeca Film Festival", not, "NY Film Festival."

Tribeca Film festival was born from the dust of 911, downtown.

WTC 7 is in my opinion the

WTC 7 is in my opinion the largest smoking gun. I showed it collapsing to my cousin who is a very pro bush engineer student at UCSD and he's starting to do some research.

man who cares, profreading

man who cares, profreading is wayy over-rated! Just look at my post and you'll see..


I just posted a bunch of

I just posted a bunch of stuff at

I don't know their rules, but could my account be closed and those posts deleted? (I don't care to spend/waste my time checking their rules... LOL)

Feel free to reply to my posts with more truth

Good report Carter. Looks

Good report Carter. Looks like I may have to do the same Fri. when the movie opens to the general public. What flier is that? There is one you can find by going to http://www.911truth.org If you try to hand out fliers in a mall, you will probably be asked to leave (from my Fahrenheit 9/11 experience) although, they may have a designated area. I'd look for a theatre where they're lining up on the street.

These are two I found

These are two I found on-line. Some in my group didn't approve of the two-sided one. Some of the info they disagreed with.


I can't get the .pdf or word of Nick's at the moment, since he's asleep, I'm sure. I just saw the flier for the first time today, or would've made more myself and had the file. I think it's the best one for this movie - especially for the mood *after*.

Either time is good though. Before or after the movie. In a multiplex you can always be discreet and just approach people semi-privately and say, "Would you take my flier, please?" I could see actually attending the movie and handing them out or passing them out in there.

Sometimes I can't get going and my friend breaks the ice, since she's so sure of herself and friendly and committed. It's really an art. Doing this a lot is really almost like holding a focus group. You get to take the pulse of the public. As time has gone on, either I have gotten better at it or the temper of the crowds have changed.

Everyone here seems to either say, "I wouldn't be surprised." or "*I knew it* from the start" or grab it and just be interested in it. Many people here often have their own stories of things they witnessed or noticed about it that didn't ring true. So I'm learning, often, from direct witnesses I run into.

I met a computer programmer from out of town tonight (Little Rock) who knew nothing about it - he was quite smart though, and serious. We both laughed when he said, "Well I get my news from television." He was very open and interested/curious, but sort of mentioned that I was probably considered nuts......or one would be, with such a viewpoint.

New Yorkers have stopped saying that. Maybe they are less inclined to say something like that, anyway. Some have told me New Yorkers are more tolerant of diversity. But honestly, some of the most open people, I've met and talked to about it, are from the Midwest/Middle America.

Many New Yorkers might think they already know everything. While the tourists I've met can sometimes be especially interested and respectful to hear about it.

The only good result, of the research and thinking I do on this, is in how I can talk to people about it. I don't write about it, but I feel the more I know and think about it, the better able I am to answer people's questions and engage with them.

NIck's flier starts out:

Many people are objecting to
"UNITED 93"...

I will upload it somehow and post on this 911blogger comments section....not this thread but in several threads maybe so you can find it.

It's supposed to be posted at 911truth.org/u93
but I can't find it there.

P. Carter

Im glad the 9/11 truthers

Im glad the 9/11 truthers were out at the Tribeca film festival...I believe theres even a 9/11 truth doc premiering there.

I just worry if some of the 9/11 truthers might also be inadverting spreading inaccurate or false info.

If I was making fliers, I'd put the absolutely provable "questions". Leave no room for argument. When it comes to tower-pentagon-flight 93 theories, they have anomalous 'arguments, but nothing is solid. the real proof in the complicit pudding is the foreknowlege, war games, pakistani funding, FBI handicapping, CIA caretaking, standdown orders, etc.

Im looking foward to the

Im looking foward to the debate between Jon Gold and the admin of 911myths.com.

This article about Martin

This article about Martin Luther King's Speech should be sent to Oprah in the existing effort to get her to talk about 9/11, don't you think?

Question to all: Why does no

Question to all:

Why does no one mention that Air Traffic Control tape where Flight 93 briefly made contact with Cleveland ?


United 93 United 93 do you hear Cleveland Center?
Do you see, uh, any activity on your right side, smoke or anything like that?
Negative we're searching.
Yeah we do have a smoke puff at about, uh, probably 2 o'clock. it appears to be a dark cloud like a puff of black smoke.

What's up! I think there's

What's up! I think there's something wrong with Dz's host of the mp3 cus it only goes up to like 14mins, on my pc at least. The full speech is something like 54mins long.

Here's the mp3 link;


I first found this on janedoe's site, about halfway down the page;


" Im looking foward to the

" Im looking foward to the debate between Jon Gold and the admin of 911myths.com."

So far, he has declined.

How you can sully the words

How you can sully the words of MLK with 9/11 conspiracy nonsense AND mix in that creep Charlie Sheen is beyond words....

Yea the mp3 definitely needs

Yea the mp3 definitely needs fixing it's a 2.45mb file, when it should be a 10mb. SBG DZ, if you get a chance guys could you sort it?

And Terrence, of course it's "beyond words" to you, anything that doesnÂ’t involve farting or looking for treasure with Philip is "beyond words" as far as your concerned.

Your heros, terence, the

Your heros, terence, the rascist Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex, the people you stand up for, are the people who killed MLK and covered it up and cover it up to this day.

So I'm sure the spirit of MLK loves you to promote lies about the events of September 11th. As well as invoke his name as though he'd be on your side. Every black person I run into *knows* about 9/11, terence. For some reason they are way hipper, in general, than the people of more European extraction. 99% see through George Bush, and great numbers I have met knew the election was directly stolen, from their group in particular, since year 2000.

You remind me of the people who invoke the name of Christ, but who Christ wouldn't want to be seen [dead] with. MLK doesn't want you invoking his name, terence, to taunt us.

The likes of you terence, the people you stand up for, were who killed him.

good report, Carter. better

good report, Carter. better than I could have described.

dbls, sorry, must've failed


sorry, must've failed on the ftp upload last night, ill fix it this evening.

"Every black person I run

"Every black person I run into *knows* about 9/11, terence."

You are correct, we do understand. We understand that you have taken a great American hero and have sullied his good name with your stupidity, half-witted theories and crack-pot conjecture.

As a proud African-American, I say take your supposition about my race and what we know, and stick it up yer fat and fetid backside...

Carter, that was an

Carter, that was an outstanding report of the opening of the new fiction movie last night!

(Your little question, "I wonder how many conspirators went?" is interesting. Sadly, there could have been some perpetrators sitting near the weeping relatives for all we know.)

Terrence, So let me get this


So let me get this straight.. your african-american, but yet your website link a few weeks ago was to a website advocating the position of killing all arab muslims?

did i miss something?

The only thing you missed is

The only thing you missed is that Terrence is a fraud & liar.

Terrence, you are a traitor

Terrence, you are a traitor to the U.S.A. and to Rev. King!

(Our "patriotic" FBI tried to talk Rev. King into committing suicide, you imbecile!)

pockybot, you mean that

pockybot, you mean that WTC-7 isn't "solid" enough to be worth mentioning? Are you disinfo too?

"So let me get this

"So let me get this straight.. your african-american, but yet your website link a few weeks ago was to a website advocating the position of killing all arab muslims?

did i miss something?"

Clearly. I have never advocated killing anyone, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation (or even if they wear a tinfoil hat)

"Terrence, you are a traitor to the U.S.A. and to Rev. King!"

Because I won't believe in your "theories" about 9/11? You need another visit to the logic store my pointy-headed little friend...

dbls, sorry, must've failed


sorry, must've failed on the ftp upload last night, ill fix it this evening.
dz | Homepage | 04.26.06 - 11:09 am |

^No probs man it's cool, I was just thinking could the speech get podcasted?

Terrence, you are a traitor

Terrence, you are a traitor to the U.S.A. and to Rev. King!
(Our "patriotic" FBI tried to talk Rev. King into committing suicide, you imbecile!)

"Because I won't believe in your "theories" about 9/11? You need another visit to the logic store my pointy-headed little friend..."

No, because you are a shill for the Bush 9/11 cabal!

Great to read the report on

Great to read the report on the Flt 93 premier. Loose Change must be having one hell of an impact and the movers and shakers know about it. Telling people not to watch it is nuts.

Is "And so began the war on terror" an actual quote from the movie? Wonder how thats going to go over. People are so very cynical about Bush and the neocons and the wars and warmongering.

That Finnish military expert's site in Dem Bruce Lee's post above is very interesting. Thanks for posting that.

"No, because you are a shill

"No, because you are a shill for the Bush 9/11 cabal!"

You conspiracy dorks make me chuckle. I'm a life-long Democrat, I oppose the war in Iraq, I never voted for Bush and happen to agree with many of you that Bush may be the worst President in the history of our country.

That doesn't mean I believe in some fable about bombs at the WTC, missiles hitting the Pentagon or the illuminatti and the N.W.O. behind the scenes (flying their Black Helicopters...)

:/ hmmmm I find it very hard

:/ hmmmm I find it very hard to believe that Terrence is a Dem..

Terrence is not black

Terrence is not black either.

Yizzo, There are many truly


There are many truly stupid people on the Internet. I count you at the top of the list...

Terrence, those FBI agents

Terrence, those FBI agents who tried to get Rev. King to commit suicide were criminals much like yourself.

Terrence doesnt believe FBI

Terrence doesnt believe FBI agents tried to get King to off himself. he doesnt believe anything that isnt fully backed up by government sources.some people have a "daddy complex" when it comes to things like 9/11, JFK assasination,CIA drug running etc.they cant imagine the protector-"daddy" government could be so evil. its that whole "not my government" crock.

Good one, Dem!

Good one, Dem!

Terrence, George Bush is NOT

Terrence, George Bush is NOT your daddy.

Best MLK quote to share with

Best MLK quote to share with those who won't get involved in 9/11 truth out of fear for their personal safety:

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

Terrence, have a look at the MLK assassination conspiracy trial:


That doesn't mean I believe

That doesn't mean I believe in some fable about bombs at the WTC, missiles hitting the Pentagon or the illuminatti and the N.W.O. behind the scenes (flying their Black Helicopters...)
Terrence | Homepage | 04.26.06 - 3:35 pm | #

do you believe in an omission of evidence and testimony, the lack of a real investigation, gag orders, testimony in private and not under oath by our president and vp? the fact that the families had to DEMAND an investigation and it took over a year for it to finally happen, despite every attempt to stop the "investigation"?

This is an interesting post.

This is an interesting post.

What WOULD King do?

King was a democratic socialist (like Orwell), not an anarchist like the men whose ideas he appropriated (with magnificent results).

I'm speaking of Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy.

Either way, the "left" has been miserably silent on the events of 911, to say nothing of the far-right democratic party.

With the exception of Canada's Chussudovsky and the Guerilla News Network (whose founder is also Canadian), no prominent "left" media outlet as dared tread on the sacred turf of Osama-did-911.

Chomsky, Churchill, Roy, Goodman, Albert -- you name it, they've all clinged to the blow-back theory.

Is this really a surprise? Considering they've spent thousands of hours pontificating on the subject?

If we wanna be raving lunatics like Alex Jones we can accuse these people of being Goldsteins. That's nonsense. Chomsky spends 7 hours a day answering emails. He works tirelessly on behalf of the dispossed everywhere. He was on Nixon's shitlist. That kind of commitment is not born of being a CIA mouthpiece.

A better explanation is offered by Parenti: Chomsky and co think "conspiracy theories" are "distracting" and distance people from institutional analysis; they offer a narrow problem and no solution.

A still better explanation is ego.

this is a major mistake, imo.

whatever tactical reasons the "gatekeepers" may have for avoiding 911 truth, they're still on the wrong side, and will ultimately lose.

Ralplh Schoenman is the one "leftist" who tackles the issue and does so, imo, far better than Tarpley and Jones and the other republicans-cum-truthers. Schoenman addresses the issue in terms of a decaying capitalist society hell-bent on control of resources, Orwellian surveillance, LTL's and an insatiable arms industry.

Unfortunately, he's a goddamn Marxist.

"whatever tactical reasons

"whatever tactical reasons the "gatekeepers" may have for avoiding 911 truth, they're still on the wrong side, and will ultimately lose."

Actually, they have made an enormous tactical error. It is very likely that 9/11 truth is the only way to stop the neocon agenda.

In fact, Chomsky and the established left made this tactical mistake decades ago when they refused to question the Warren Commission and expose the real perpetrators of the JFK assassination. Chomsky says either 1) he accepts the official story of the JFK killing or 2) it's not worth the time and effort to investigate. Look at where this has taken us. I would argue that if JFK's killers had been exposed and prosecuted, 9/11 would never have happened. Here is a good article on this subject:


Great Joan Mellen

Great Joan Mellen link/story^!