Straw and Clover 9/11 Related Comic

911 - What is the Truth? -

Forward this site to your friends, family & co-workers.
Print out a dozen or more copies. Post them all over - coffeehouses, bulletin boards, laundromat, bus stops, supermarket, your workplace.

Thanks Dave for the heads up!

thanks!!! - nice cartoon -

thanks!!! - nice cartoon - gentle touch

Well done (though is that

Well done (though is that too much for most Americans to actually read?).

It's not enough for 'everyone' to privately/secretly entertain such thoughts if not enough people act on (ie, somehow reveal and share) them.

Well as long as it

Well as long as it stimulates thought/discussion, it's all good.

A good covert way to reach people is to laminate the various flyers (such as this) and sneakily display them in pub/cafe (and the like) toilets. They don't usually last longer than one night, but they manage to reach a significant number of people who are unaware of any alternate views on 9/11.

Great comic! I'm going to

Great comic! I'm going to print up bunches & leave them in stratigic places like the library, colleges, cars' windshields, churches, etc.

keep it simple. i like it.

keep it simple. i like it.