Film Review: "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime"

The following is a review by Northern Lights of the upcoming film "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime". You can find more about this film at

The Most Dangerous Film in America

An Unauthorized Review of “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime”
By: Northern Lights

Spoiler alert. This film is slated to premier on May 8th. (see: There is a substantial amount of secrecy surrounding this film, and for those of you who would prefer to wait to view this film yourself, stop reading now.

Crude and incomplete bootleg copies of this film have circulated, in one form or another, for some time now within the 9/11 community, but when a near-final and unauthorized version of the film finally surfaced and came into my possession, I decided to skip the hoopla, and the considerable travel expenses associated with attending one of the premiers showing locally in my neck of the woods, and review the film for those of us who cannot personally attend.

And so I’m cheating.

Let me start by saying that I was somewhat dubious of this film’s promotional material’s claim that this film is “perhaps, the most important film of 2006.” Such hyperbole does little to impress me, given the onslaught of 9/11 independent films now available, each professing to possess the Rosetta Stone of 9/11 truth. Additionally, the speculation-rich environment of films such as “Loose Change” that successfully seek to raise suspicions, do little to serve the public interest in that they appear long on questions, but short on concrete facts.

Personal Reactions

Relying almost entirely on a strong narrative approach, combined with engaging animated graphics, visual cues and a powerful soundtrack, this film succeeds in invoking strong emotions, based solely on the power of the information being offered. There is nothing exploitive here. Emotions are not manipulated through the tactless use of the tragic imagery of that day. With the exception of a visual mosaic at the beginning of the film, very little is seen of the attacks themselves.

Instead, it appears that a growing crescendo of emotions, tied to unnerving facts, builds throughout the film, leaving the viewer with unsettling realizations that must somehow be processed into a new worldview.

After the film, my wife and I moved our thoughts and feelings outside into the Sonoma night. Both of us talked about the unrelenting knots in our stomachs as we sat under the stars and smoked. Both of us were not new to this. Both of us have been regular participants in the growing 9/11 doubters community. Both of us had made up our minds about 9/11 years ago. In fact, this film contained very little that we did not already factually know.

So why the strong reaction?

The film succeeds. Up until now we had pieced together our thoughts through the collective but disjointed research of others. The facts have always been out there, and each of us chooses to assimilate them in our own way. We attend meetings and view films and read books and talk long into the night. We form our own pools of opinions, and we wade carefully into them.

But nothing can ever prepare you for the emotional confrontation that comes with being thrown off the deep end of true validation. And that is what this film accomplishes. It appeared to us that, once and for all, the truth has finally coalesced into the perfect symmetry of form and function, like a torpedo to the heart, that was both a relief to behold, and a dreaded tragic moment of epiphany. It is all true. Our worst fears were true all along.

“Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” could easily be the most important film of 2006, if we choose to let it be. But, a more apt description could be that this is the most dangerous film of 2006. It is accomplished. The deed is done.

As my wife and I listened to the sounds of the night, sitting in the irises and passing our smoke, catching the occasional falling star, we chuckled together, imagining the reactions of those among us who do not yet possess the right kind of eyes for the truth, and what awaits them now.

You can find more about attending a premier in NYC on May 8th here.

@ Mary My comment had

@ Mary

My comment had nothing to do with his accent, so you can stop trying to attack my character by falsely attributing comments to me that I didn't make.

Try paying attention when you read what I write.

And by the way, I am on the 9/11 was an inside job side.

Obviously you aren't intelligent enough to understand how people discredit 9/11 truth by way of weak presentation tactics. Most of which, appear completely purposeful.

@ iffy

3 links; read; understand.

1 > start with the selection of blue links in the box at the top of the page, directly beneath the text "Rumsfeld's "Pentagon missile" hoax - the most important 9/11 disinfo".

2 > after you take the time to thoroughly read the information at the oilempire website, regarding the Pentagon attack, go to the 911review page. Read thoroughly, sections: strike location, witnesses, impact damage & hypotheses.

3 > finish up with reading the post at the top of the page by ATS member CatHerder, titled "Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11"

iffy, if you read those and don't clearly understand that American Airlines flight 77, a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, consider constructing a nice padded room, investing in a straight-jacket, and then bouncing around off the walls.

This sounds promising, it

This sounds promising, it has been a while since Loose Change and 911 Eyewitness came out, we need something new...

there is a video clip of a

there is a video clip of a firefighter or police officer at ground zero talking about how they got a peek into the underbelly of the rubble and saw a glowing red chamber of molten metal.. can anyone hook me up with this video?

These are letters in the editorial about the Loose Change hit piece they did

Could somebody please write a "fact-based" and eloquent letter to the editor. I am writing one but i dont think it will be good enough to get published

Former PNAC

Former PNAC member:

"..9/11 godsent"

Hey Yizzo, thats something I

Hey Yizzo, thats something I was gonna put together, but haven't had a chance yet. I'm thinking we can put something explosive together and get every Truther out there to send it in...

On May 2, 2006 Independent

On May 2, 2006 Independent film producer John J. Albanese will appear on "Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer" on Manhattan Cable Channel 34 on May 2, 2006 at 10:30 AM, or can be viewed at that same time online at by clicking on channel 34.

On May 5, 2006 Independent film producer John J. Albanese will appear on "Friday Morning After" CKUT Radio, Montreal at 7:15 am to discuss his upcoming premier in NYC.

John J. Albanese on Fox

dz, maybe this one? 1

SBG I was thinking about

I was thinking about something like this to be in it.

"although we do not know all of the answers to questions like: If all of these people were involved then why haven't anyway squealed?" those are great questions, and quite frankly, they are questions to which we do not have the answers to. But, that does not negate the impossibility, and series of highly imporpable coincidences that happened. For instance, just because we do not exactly how WTC7 was brought down, we do know that it was not brought down due to fire, and random falling debris from a building 300 ft away. Even the NIST has reported that the only possibility for its collapse, has a "low probability" of occuring. We do not say we have all the answers, but we certainly are looking for them.

dz--"there is a video clip

dz--"there is a video clip of a firefighter or police officer at ground zero talking about how they got a peek into the underbelly of the rubble and saw a glowing red chamber of molten metal.. can anyone hook me up with this video?"

Is this helful?

Anonymous, Yup, thanks :)


Yup, thanks :)

Hey Yizzo, the low

Hey Yizzo, the low probablility quote is from the FEMA report.

I'm looking foward to this new video. If its better than 9/11 Revisited I will be very pleased.

Here's the qoute "The

Here's the qoute

"The specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown at this time. Although the total diesel fuel on the premises contained massive potential energy, the best hypothesis has only a low probability of occurrence. Further research, investigation, and analyses are needed to resolve this issue." (FEMA, 2002, chapter 5;)

If “Everybody’s

If “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” is even half as good as reviewed by that California stoner, I'll be in ecstacy too.

Sounds like a revelation

Sounds like a revelation occurs within oneself..., after viewing the new compilation of the tragic events of that fateful day. One can only hope that millions of people get exposed to it!!!

The reviewer says

The reviewer says EverybodyÂ’s Gotta Learn Sometime is online to download. Is it availavle streaming or in torrent form?

I don't think anything could top Martial Law 9/11(tho I think a good 40 min could have been cut from it) but it'd be good to see a really well done new 9/11 doc with NEW information and investigation.

In all these docs, they focus on the WTc...but what about on all the new info we have on FBI being told to stop investigating, the Nick Berg connection,
provable foreknowlege, Pakistani involvement, 9/11 commission white washing, etc.

Well, to top Martial Law

Well, to top Martial Law it'd have to have some blimp scenes in it...

I looked for a copy of the new video online but all I found was a video of some song by the same name (oops).

I've long believed that using evocative imagery of 9/11 was no way to break through the lies of 9/11's mindlock on people (but a dandy way to maintain and even nurture it), so the reviewer made the video sound promising to me.

I don't think we need more/new information, we just need to make full use of the plentiful and sufficient but disparaged/dismissed/denigrated/disregarded powerful info we already have (including this and this and this and ).

Let go of your hate,
let go of your fears.
The "collapses" weren't caused by "planes",
so stop blaming "Muslim hijackers".

bring it on

bring it on

Thanks Andy :)

Thanks Andy :)

Quote from USA Today

Quote from USA Today Letter:

"It would take at least 50 people to pull off something like the 9/11 conspiracies being promoted by such films as Loose Change. It's hard to believe that all of them would keep quiet for five years. Someone would have told a friend, a relative, a bartender, a cleaning woman, a waitress."

And the government insists less than teenage cave dwellers could pull it off? Don't you recognize the irony in what you just said????

The stupidity...

Here's a nice link to

Here's a nice link to introduce newcomers to 9/11: intro

Great point, np!

Great point, np!


JOHN ALBANESE & more NY truth here:

Well, I looked at the

Well, I looked at the and couldn't find the article that this 911Blogger quote copied.

I did, however, find a link to a video titled "Was 9/11 Engineered? (RealVideo)" on the right-side of the crisis in america homepage.

Now, I don't know who the people are who made the video, but, it sounds like a possible intel-op to me. Maybe not, because it contains a lot of important information. Although, most, if not all is only spoken, not backed with any documentation. But I put a lot of emphasis on the word 'sound', with regard to why I am susupicious of the video!

Watch it and listen to the sloppyness of the narrator. The awkward pauses, mispronounciation of words, messing words up -- easy words! etc.

If this is the same narrator that narrates "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime", then the video is already disappointing, and it isn't even publicly available yet.

Has anyone from this site '911Blogger' seen "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" yet?!

Everytime someone tries to

Everytime someone tries to do something to raise people's understanding of 9/11 - someone like the last poster makes unfounded accusations of psy-ops.

sloppy voice overs? who cares? the content is what matters. if you want nice and polished hollywood voiceovers - go see United 93.

or better yet - make your own film.

don't we have enough obstacles in getting the truth out - without members of our own community making wild-assed accusation of psy-ops?


You're condemning a film you

You're condemning a film you have not yet seen and accusing it of psy-ops.

That speaks volumes about YOU.

@ Jon Doe Have you gone to

@ Jon Doe

Have you gone to the link, and watched the video [Was 9/11 Engineered? (RealVideo)] that I made my comment about? or are you just making a pointless remark about what you think I meant?

Of course the content matters! But who's going to take serious interest in a 9/11 video -- someone who isn't already interested in 9/11 -- when the narrator of the video that my comment was about, NOT "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime", makes you laugh and think he's at the reading level of an elementary student, because he can't properly pronounce simple words, messes up speaking simple words, stutters, then awkwardly says the word again properly -- sometimes etc.

To me, when watching "Was 9/11 Engineered? (RealVideo)", I was thinking of how someone who doesn't know much about the available evidence of 9/11 being an inside job, would react to a video with such a pathetic narrator.

Possible thoughts of a person who's new to 9/11 inside job evidence: "If the narrator can't even properly speak simple words that a child in grade 3 would have no trouble with, then how much should I trust this evidence that he's presenting?"

@ Mary

My comment wasn't accusing "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" of being a disinfo op. I haven't seen "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" yet, obviously!

Maybe you should try actually reading what I wrote, without selectively scanning the text, so you don't form such an incorrect assumption of what you thought I meant.

I was asking if the narrator in the video that I watched at the link -- you should watch it before commenting further. I watched it in its entirety -- is going to be the same narrator for the new movie "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime".

If it's going to be the same narrator, then I am already disappointed.

It's comparable to the effect of suspected 9/11 disinfo agent Eric Hufschmid's voice and narration in his video "Painful Deceptions": deter people from taking it seriously because it sounds absolutely ridiculous!

@ John Doe, Mary and anyone else who reads this

Don't respond to my comment, without having first watched the video at the right-side of the link, titled "Was 9/11 Engineered? (RealVideo)".

People don't take nonsense sounding things seriously. The narrator sounds like a bumbling child at many parts during the video.

Things like that don't, and won't help 9/11 truth garner more mainstream acceptance. They only serve to undermine and deter.

ps. a few suspected 9/11 disinfo agents:

Dave vonKleist, maker of "In Plane Site"
Eric Hufschmid, maker of "Painful Deceptions"
Dylan Avery, Phil Jayhan, Korey Rowe, makers of "Loose Change"
Alex Jones, maker of "911 The Road To Tyranny" & "Martial Law 9-11"
Professor James Fetzer

One quick example of what raises the suspicion of them being disinfo agents:

With the exception of Alex Jones's videos, all of the other videos and people, support, promote and propagate such thoroughly debunked hoaxes as "no 757 hit the Pentagon". And they ALL use the same "evidence" to do so.

Alex Jones, however, does support the people who made Loose Change -- including supporting and promoting Fetzer's [disinfo] work, which includes: supporting, promoting and propagating "no 757 hit the Pentagon" -- even though Alex Jones says that he only supports the truth based upon provable evidence. To only then, promote and sell Loose Change in his shopping section at his websites.

Have a good day.

I also meant to include

I also meant to include Morgan Reynolds in that list of suspected disinfo agents.

Its always the same crap

Its always the same crap here.

I reviewed the RealVideo you are referencing. The person who did this is obviously from New York City. - you know - the place where nearly 3,000 people died.

you seem intent on casting negativity on this person's work - without considering that he is just someone with a regional New York accent. i do not see anything embarassing about his voiceovers - other than the fact that they are simply not professionally done - and he is from New Yawk.

his film is premiering in Robert DeNiro's Screening room in NYC. Quite an accomplishment, and an amazing step forward for this movement. Leave it to 911Bloggers to shit all over it.

You should be thanking this person. He is putting his ass on the line to expose this crime - and people like you sit on your fat asses and smear people FOR NO REASON.

his voiceovers? that's all you have? he stutters? he miss-pronounces a few words?

Where's YOUR film?

I'm hearing, thoroughly

I'm hearing, thoroughly debunked hoaxes. Although I don't feel debunked, how thorough was this procedure? EZ?

you ARE accusing this person

you ARE accusing this person of attempting to discredit the movement with weak performances.

again - it appears that whenever good news comes along for this movement - like this premier in the Tribeca Screening Room that Robert DeNiro owns, that will be attended by the press, and shed incredible light on the unasnwered questions of 9.11 - someone like YOU comes along and wants to find some way of saying it is BAD.

one must wonder who YOU are to be so DEDICATED to posting negativity about this film - that you have not even seen.

again - i viewed the RealVideo video you reference and see nothing other than a person with a heavy New York accent attempting to do SOMETHING for this movement.

this movement is too full of people like you with superior attitudes and prima donna territorialism ready to tear down the work of others.

this film's premier has sold out. it was covered in the local media as part of the United 93 publicity. the film is being promoted by, 911Citizenswatch, Carol Broullet in San Francisco - and will run in San Diego, Boston, Arizona, and on and on and on.

people - don't listen to this schmuck. this film is great news. the person to produced it is sincere and talented. it is getting great revues - and this schmuck on this board is just trying to harm the movement. Please ognore him.

@ Mary Have you seen

@ Mary

Have you seen "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" yet?

If yes, where?

If no, then your comments about it are void.

And you can tell the people here whatever you want, call me a schmuck, and do anything else to try and attack my character, but it doesn't harm me whatsoever.

And again, since you obviously can't understand basic written english, even after me having wrote at least twice to you,


I'm laughing at how stupid you present yourself, mary lol.


Twist my words again, and I'm going to start swearing at you, with good reason!

Does anyone know where to

Does anyone know where to find and view the movie? The screening is today. Do they have a web site to view it, or torrent?

The movie screened last

The movie screened last night to a packed house and a standing ovation. There will be an encore showing on May 14th at St Marks Church in New York City.

The film is currently being prepared now for largescale online distribution paradigms in as many different formats as possible.

The premier in Tribeca was marred by a bomb scare on the block the film was showing - with police blocked off the street and created unnecessary attention. The audience seemed unfazed.

The staff at the Tribeca Screening Room was highly professional and determined that the show would go on.

The audience gave the film a standing ovation, and some, uninitiated to this material, were visibly shaken.

The film's spokeperson Nicholas Levis gave a great speech, and apparently a Los Angeles indie festival is already asking for copies. Additionally, owners of the Angelika in NYC are considering the film for their new filmmakers series at the Film Anthology.

The producer of the film itself John Albanese also spoke but appears to be a man of few words. His voiceovers do include his trademark New York accent, but seemed well received by the mostly New York audience.

@ Mary Sounds great.

@ Mary

Sounds great.

Excellent video, but it

Excellent video, but it seems incomplete since it doesn't address the tower demolitions, the Pentagon attack, or the probable shoot-down of Flight 93. Everything helps though.