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Table Scraps and Lies - Bush’s Memorial to the 9/11 Families -

With all due respect to Ms. Breitweiser, I believe we all know that there will be no information regarding 9/11 "flowing freely" to the American people. Not now anyway nor in the near future. Everyone needs to just focus on the fact that the "20th hijacker" has been sentenced and now we can move on because we have more important things to worry about - like a Spanish version of the national anthem.

The Moussaoui trial was little more than a carrot dangled before the American people in hopes that his sentence or possible execution would take much of the heat off the government’s ineptitude when it came to matters regarding 9/11. But the truth is that Moussaoui never should have stood trial for crimes related to 9/11. Not because he was innocent but because the government had such a shoddy case against him. One federal capital defense lawyer stated that, "If this had not been 9/11, the government's theory of liability would not have passed the laugh test." So Moussaoui will spend the rest of his life in prison because he didn’t tell us that something really bad was going to happen.

Think about it. If you remove the 9/11 aspect this charge, does Moussaoui’s trial or sentence make any sense? If withholding information about a coming disaster resulting in the death of thousands warrants a life sentence or the death penalty, then shouldn’t most of the Bush administration be locked up or on death row because they failed to tell us something bad was going to happen when we invaded Iraq ? Are they not just as guilty for refusing to tell the American people what they knew about the consequences of the invasion far in advance?

The underlying foundation of the government’s case was that if Moussaoui had talked then we could have possibly prevented 9/11 from happening. Alas! If only he had warned us instead of being such a nasty terrorist we could have saved all of those poor people who perished that day! If Moussaoui had told us what he knew then we wouldn’t still be bitching about what to put in that big hole in Southern Manhattan almost five years later! If only we had known!

Oh, put a sock in it already. We had plenty of warnings. There were warnings from Richard Clarke, John O’Neill and even former CIA director, George Tenet. The Hart-Rudman report, which documented the threat posed by al Qaeda, was given to the incoming Bush administration nine months before 9/11 and Bush gave it to Cheney and Cheney put it in a closet somewhere.
The truth is the war on terror isn’t everything the 9/11 families or the rest of us were told it would be. To offer up a crazy in the coconut al Qaeda wanna be like Moussaoui as some sort of appeasement or "justice" is as much an insult to the 9/11 families as was the final report by the 9/11 Commission.

Kristin Breitweiser has never settled for the table scraps consistently offered by this administration regarding 9/11 and neither have many of the rest of us. But we have a long way to go before any information starts flowing freely and that knowledge will mean more than any "freedom tower."

The truth will be the ultimate memorial and the 9/11 families, as well as those loved ones they lost that day, deserve nothing less.

9/11: The Ultimate WMD -

I shamelessly admit it; I simply cannot "get over" 9/11 and move on. Every time that the images of that day begin to fade in my mind, something happens or someone says something that brings it all back again. The most recent examples for me were a CNN on line poll and two articles which appeared in New York magazine and and once again, I am reminded that I’m not the only one out here that feels duped by the official version of events.
There have been some recent developments and additional articles that point back to 9/11 and the real need to reopen that wound in order to allow it to finally heal. Robert Steinback of the Miami Herald recently did a piece titled Avoiding the Hard Questions which moved me to examine further many of the points he makes regarding people’s fear of not wanting to look too closely at 9/11. There is also a relatively new group called Scholars for 9/11 Truth who has begun to make waves on the Internet regarding the inconsistencies of the official version of events and I highly recommend folks check these out if you haven’t already.

There is something folks need to remember and I think this is very important. There is a huge difference between being a "conspiracy theorist" and having reasonable doubts. Anyone who has taken the time to explore the government’s case relating to 9/11 knows that it would fall apart in a court of law much as it seems to be falling apart in the court of public opinion.

You have to wonder if some people are more fearful of learning the truth than they are of the "terrorists." What if it became known that we really don’t need more security in our ports or airports? What if it became known that illegal wire taps or the invasion of countries was not necessary in order to keep the country safe? What if the answer to preventing another 9/11 was simply insuring that certain people never achieved the highest positions of power in our government?

9/11 needs to be given a decent burial instead of being used as the basis for the policies of the most corrupt administration in American history. The victims who perished that day and their families deserve more than respect and prayers - they deserve justice. And until 9/11’s use as a weapon is ended, those victims and their families will be denied those very things.

And so will the rest of us.

Thanks Carol for the heads up!

You have to wonder if some

You have to wonder if some people are more fearful of learning the truth than they are of the "terrorists."