CoFounder of Air America Discusses 9/11 on Huffington Post

9/11 Redux -- Renegade U.S. Intelligence -

Since 1947 when the National Security Act was passed, the U.S. intelligence agencies have been out of control and there is a strong likelihood that many rogue elements have done some awful things unknown to even our elected officials. I would include among them: John Kennedy's assassination; Martin Luther King's assassination; Robert Kennedy's assassination; 9/11.
The problem with all the official reports on these events including the likes of the Warren Commission and 9/11 Commission is that these investigations only embody information coming from known government agencies and documents. Very little forensic work is done to connect the dots. And the so-called bi-partisan members of these commissions are members of the establishment who would never think of using innovative investigative techniques. The official reports of those commissions seem to always blame everyone, essentially blaming nobody. And the most plausible explanation comes to incompetence of government agencies. Most people recognize that lone assassins did not assassinate John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. The 9/11 report fails to explain so many improbabilities that it boggles the mind.
I was listening to the Mike Malloy Show on Air America Radio a few days ago. The unanswered questions about 9/11 are starting to be discussed again. Mike Malloy's analysis is that the American people "can't handle the truth" to quote another movie line from A Few Good Men. And that is the problem. 9/11 and other horrid events have probably been acts of those rogues in government intelligence agencies that only serve selected people in government to advance their political goals. As was the case in Three Days of the Condor, it is more likely that these horrid events that are meant to achieve political goals by the very few are done by elements of intelligence agencies that are not even known officially by the CIA or The Defense Department. And if anyone even attempts to unravel this, they are likely to be assassinated.

If I were the head of the CIA, I would not give lie detector tests to uncover the leaks to the media. I would give lie detector tests to find out who are the rogues within these intelligence agencies that are doing us so much harm. However, the chance of me being the CIA director is unlikely. I value my life too much.

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Whenever the Zionist

Whenever the Zionist discussion comes around, I find it useful to explain that what is wrong with Jews is that some of them are extremely non-progressive and extremely right-wing. ThatÂ’s the same thing that is wrong with Americans, commies, socialists, Christians; all isms, religions and humans. The real war is between the ideas of moving mankind ahead creatively, progressively and in a manner that is for the benefit of everyone; and the ideas that want the greatest good to be only for a few.


Israel is the elephant in

Israel is the elephant in the living room. Better to accept inane stuff like "These 19 men penetrated our defenses by studying our systems" and not open up the possibility/probability of finding Israelis weren't just peripheral.

Would anybody be willing to

Would anybody be willing to scan this summary to makes sure there are no obvious mistakes?

EGLS makes clear how complicated this story really is. Thanks to you John for this alarming presentation.

everybody's gotta learn sometime
flashing photographs of 9/11
9/11 was an inside job
stop the 9/11 cover up
unanswered questions
blizzard of independent theories


a quick over view of relevant issues at hand


PNAC: Project for the New American Century
Who's involved? Many prominent elements in the current Bush Admin.
Their interests: energy reserves, invasion of Iraq, control of Eurasia, strategic invasion of Caspian sea, military spending increase

In 2001, PNAC declares their transformation would benefit from a catalyzing event 'like a new Pearl Harbor'
Nine months later.... 9/11


2000 Presidential Election Fraud in Florida
PNAC member Jeb Bush gives orders leading to the disenfranchisement of thousands of black voters
DBT of Choice Point complies a list of 57,000 criminal names
Katherine Harris removes 57,000 names from voter roles
90% of the 57,000 names, scrubbed from Florida voter roles, were innocent of any crime
The vast majority of these voters were reregistered black american democrats
Bush wins Florida election by 527 Votes
PNAC member John Bolton stops recount, "I'm with the Bush/Cheney team, and I'm here to stop the count"


The countdown to 9/11 begins


In Florida, 2 hijackers are training
Wally Hilliard purchases Huffman Aviation months before 9/11
43 lbs. of heroin seized from Wally's private jet, the biggest seizure of heroin in history of Central Florida
Huffman Aviation flight school is also training 2 of the hijackers
These 2 hijackers were also being followed by Able Danger
Wally Hilliard was never indicted


Abdussattar Shaikh, a tested FBI asset, housed at least 2 of the 9/11 terrorists in San Diego in 2000
Abdussattar Shaikh has a phony PhD and is the VP of a fake university called A.C.U.


How did terrorists get in to US?
VISA Express program initiated - 3 months before 911 - extended to Saudi Arabia only


Whistle Blowing

FBI agent, Robert Wright, launches criminal investigation into FBI supervisors who deliberately thwart his pursuit of AlQaeda in US
Colleen Rowley - Time's 2002 co-person of the year for her efforts to expose FBI
FBI agent Harry Sammit testifies that he warned FBI 70 times that Moussoui was planning air attack
The FBI supervisor, who blocked field agents' attempts to search Moussoui's computer, Michael Maltbie, is promoted to field supervisor
Sibel Edmonds with more government gag orders than anyone in US history
Sibel Edmonds not mentioned in 9/11 Commission Report, except for a single footnote


Able Danger identifies two of three AlQaeda cells more than a year before attack
Testimony by Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer that he was directed to ignore Atta
Schaffer whistle blows and loses security clearance and his job
SOCOM keeps Able Danger information from getting to FBI
9/11 Commission Report failed to include any details about Able Danger


Curt Weldon speaks on the floor of the House on behalf of Tony Schaffer
Lou Dobbs interviews Curt Weldon
Louis Freeh writes that if government had Able Danger info, then 9/11 could have been stopped
2.5 terabytes of data destroyed in summer of 2000 that was compiled by Able Danger


Where is the media?
on Michael Jackson
on Scott Peterson
on Heidi Klume


'Network' 1976, a performance piece warning about the ill effects of Americans watching TV
"You do whatever the tube tells you" "Mass Madness" "Turn off your TV sets"

V for Vendetta clip (2006)
"The truth is there something terribly wrong with this country"

Star Wars clip (2005)
"The republic has become the very evil we are trying to destroy"
"The republic will be reorganized into the first galactic empire"
"This is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause"
"The chancellor is behind everything, including the war"

Does Reality imitate Art?


Tom Delay steps down as majority leader

Jack Abramoff pleads guilty to Fraud, Tax Evasion, Conspiracy
'Gus' Boulis, owner of Sun Cruz Lines and Miami Sub Restaurant Chain, sells Sun Cruz Lines to Jack Abramoff's ownership group
Abramoff is now the proud owner of Sun Cruz Lines: cruises to nowhere, unlicensed gambling boats, largest unregulated gambling industry in US
Then Boulis is gunned down by someone in a black mustang on Feb 6, 2001
Shortly after, Abramoff invites several republican congressional staffers to gamble on the ships

On Sept 26 2001, employees of Sun Cruz Lines recognize Atta as frequent visitor on Sun Cruz ship
Ship logs reveal that 3 of the hijackers were aboard Sun Cruz ship on Sept. 5 2001


Willie Brown warned 8 hours before attacks
Ashcroft has been advised to travel only by private jet
From the London Times: Rushdee thinks US had warning of upcoming attack


Unusual 'put options' on United and American airlines on the Chicago exchange
A firm that was used to place some of these 'put options' was managed by 'Buzzy' Krongard, chairman of investment bank AB-Brown, and formerly #3 in CIA


ABC news reports that $100,000 from banks in Pakistan put into Florida accounts held by Mohammed Atta.
WSJ, citing Times of India, reported that Ahmad Umar Sheikh, at the instance of General Mahmud (head of the Pakistani ISI) wired the $100,000 to Mohammed Atta
Daniel Pearl was killed by Ahmad Umar Shiekh in 2002
At the time, Pearl was investigating connections between Pakistan and Islamic Militant groups

On 9/11, Pakistan's intel chief, Gen. Mahmud, was having a breakfast meeting with Senator Graham and Porter Goss.
Graham and Goss would become the chairmen of the 9/11 Joint Congressional Inquiry


23 warnings from 11 foreign governments of upcoming attacks with specific information were ignored by US


John O'Neill retires from FBI because of repeated obstruction of his investigations into AlQaeda
Following his resignation, he is offered a job as head of security for WTC
On September 10th, he moves into his new office on 34th floor of WTC
He is killed the next day


August 6th PDB - Bin Laden determined to attack in the US
Sept 7 2001, Jeb Bush signs a Florida executive order which declares martial law in Florida


Failed Air Defenses
Washington DC remains unprotected for 85 minutes, when the Pentagon was struck at 9:40
Andrew's Air-force base only 11 miles from Pentagon
In the year prior to 9/11, Air-force successfully scrambles jets 67 out of 67 times


Rumsfeld recalls saying this... an hour before the 9/11 attacks:"I had said at an eight o'clock breakfast sometime in the next 2,4,6,8,10,12 months there would be an event that would occur in the world that be sufficiently shocking that would remind people again how important it is to have a strong defense department"

Pentagon is hit where it had just been reinforced
Pentagon Crash drill, Oct 24-26, 2000
Condi Rice "No one could have imagined them taking a plane, slamming it into the Pentagon"
Bush: "I don't think anybody anticipated a breach of the levees"


FAA records show that Hani Hanjour obtained commercial pilots license in 1999, FAA refuse to discuss where he got this license
Hani Hanjour supposedly pilots flight 77 into Pentagon
Experts agree that it is a very skilled maneuver by flight 77 before it struck the Pentagon
Hanjour's flight instructors reported he had trouble simply landing a Sesna
Hanjour's flight skills are 'sub-standard'


Michael Meacher MP, fmr. UK Environment Minister, criticizes the US failure to stop attacks
Paul Hellyer , fmr. National Defense Minister of Canada, criticizes the failed response
Andreas Von Bulow, fmr. German Intel Minister, says we must question the official theory
Robert Bowman, fmr. Head of Advanced Space Programs at DOD, charges possible treason against Bush admin


Gen Montague Winfield, director of NMCC, steps away from post on crucial hours of 9/11
He requests on Sept 10th that his second-in-command stand in for him on 9/11, from 8:30 to 10:30


Bush in the Florida classroom on 9/11, America is under attack, Bush is told
Where is the Secret Service?
Who was in Charge that day?


June 2001, Cheney took charge of Counterterrorism Task Force, but never convened a single meeting


Republican Senator George Voinovich breaks down on the Senate floor, warning not to send Bolton to the UN
America Lost
Hitler's Gestapo
NIN: 'You make this all go away'

For the previous poster,

For the previous poster, maybe you should just write a book.

OK on the topic, I think we should just get rid of all those secret agencies. Secret goverments within goverment doesn't seem be in the best interest of the citizens.

secret agencies keep looking

secret agencies keep looking for enemies to keep the bullet factory busy.

we need to replace our current government and then turn the auditors and investigators loose.

try to recoup all the money the bush family has stolen from us before we put them away for life for all the people they've killed.

Bozo> hehe, I think it's

Bozo> hehe, I think it's much easier to put those few truther in concentration camps and let the rest of the population watch some new soap than get the Bush clan before a jury..

Heidi Klum is her name, not

Heidi Klum is her name, not Klume

Holy shit! Air America

Holy shit! Air America cofounder, Mike Mallow, Jeaneane Garafalo and NOW Randi Rhodes? Damn...the leftgatekeeper damn is eroding! I love it. I want to see the entire left side come over to 9/11 truth. This is good news.

I have been posting

I have been posting regurarly on huffpo trying to get people to investigate the events.

There are a bit too many individuals that blame it all too much on zionists...personally I think that only hurts the movement.

I never would have agreed to

I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo. ~ Harry S Truman, 1961


Off topic a little. How many

Off topic a little. How many viewers does it take for Loose Change to be number at Google video? Is there a number of viewers that can be guessed at who are watching?