9/11 conspiracy theorists find audience

9/11 conspiracy theorists find audience - dailycamera.com

Robert McFarland, a 76-year-old retired Boulder physician, is quick to admit he's a "radical, paranoid, left-wing conspiracy theorist."

"If you tell people that up front, they can't insult you," said McFarland, who practiced internal medicine for 30 years until 1991.

But McFarland and others who question the official version of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, say interest in their points of view is growing as Internet buzz on the attacks becomes more widespread.

Government officials and myth debunkers say the conspiracy theories are false and based on flawed assumptions.

McFarland's group, the Boulder chapter of the "9-11 Visibility Project," focuses primarily on the theory that a missile or rocket, not an airliner, hit the Pentagon that day. He also says the government — knowing the attacks were coming — planted explosives in the World Trade Center to exaggerate the destruction the plane crashes caused, generating public motivation to go to war in the Middle East.

Members of another group, "911Truth.org," are giving a similar public presentation in Boulder tonight questioning whether the Trade Center towers crumbled from explosive demolition, not the airplane crashes or fires that ensued.

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