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The 9/11 Truth Convention Review on TVNL Radio! -

Tonight, Thursday, June 15th, on my radio program, I will be reviewing the 9/11 conference that took place in Chicago this weekend. I will be sharing my thoughts on the event itself and the direction of the movement. I will also be analyzing the approach of the truth activists and I will be making suggestions on how to be more affective truth sharers.

Tonight’s show will be broadcast on Revere Radio at 8:00 ET.

U.S.-trained expert says

U.S.-trained expert says shell was Israeli

LAURIE COPANS / AP | June 15 2006

JERUSALEM -- A U.S.-trained military expert disputed on Wednesday an Israeli claim that it had nothing to do with an explosion that killed eight Palestinian beachgoers in the Gaza Strip last Friday, an incident that has turned a critical spotlight on Israel's military practices.

Israel released results of its own inquiry, which determined that the blast was not caused by a shell fired from Israeli artillery.

But Marc Garlasco, a military expert from New York-based Human Rights Watch, inspected the damage, the shrapnel and the wounds and came to a different conclusion.

Thank you, Hedda Hopper.

Thank you, Hedda Hopper. And now, back on topic...

I was unable to find an archived copy of the show, so I haven't heard Jesse's comments.

But from here it seems like the only level on which the Chicago convention was a success was a social one.

No perps arrested, no investigations launched, no favorable media coverage. And what should have been the headline, that the lying government had recently (re-)released video evidence which reveals that we cannot believe the government when it tells us that it was a 757 that hit the Pentagon, went almost completely unnoticed and unmentioned.

Are you a big fan of pro wrestling? Can you tell when a fighter pulls his punches? Can you spot fake opposition when you see it? How about when you're surrounded by and immersed in it?