Slipknot Vocalist Corey Taylor Questions 9/11

COREY TAYLOR: PRESIDENT BUSH Is 'A Talking Head With A Lot Of Smart, Devious People Behind Him' -

Q: We're not dealing with the visible administration, we're dealing with the shadow government.

Corey: The shadow government, exactly. The special interest lobbyist. Dick Cheney — the fact that he is vice president should scare everyone to death. They pulled back the curtain. The fourth wall came down and nobody cared. I think it's because of 9/11. 9/11 scared a lot of people into obedience. Back when Bush was elected, there was a TV show on Comedy Central called "That's My Bush". And it was hilarious. Then 9/11 happened and everything got real serious. That show went away, and we put our faith in this guy who couldn't run a baseball team, let alone a goddamn oil company.

Q: You bring up 9/11 — there are books, there are films like "Loose Change" that suggest that the U.S. was even complicit in letting it happen…

Corey: Or had a hand in it. Everybody wants to talk about conspiracy theories. Look at the film! You show me a hundred yard trench that leads up to the Pentagon. You show me the wreckage. Show me and I'll be like, all right, I was wrong. You can't see it. If a plane that size had flown into the goddamn Pentagon, there would have been so much damage. There would have been hazmat people there protecting against jet fuel. You would have seen the wings for Christ's sake. You would have seen something. A plane that big does not vaporize.

There are too many questions and not enough answers. At the time, I understand why nobody asked questions, because we were all paralyzed. But if the government is lying to them about other shit, is it so out of the question that they're lying to you about this? Rumsfeld will lie to your fucking face and he'll make you smile about it.

Big thanks to Nick for the heads up!

Anyone want to organize a

Anyone want to organize a huge concert for 9/11 truth?

This is awesome. This week

This is awesome. This week has been awesome and it just keeps getting better and better.

I mean, he's nobody special comparred to the scientists and professionals but he'll certainly help spread the word.

Yee Haw!

Hmmm not sure if having

Hmmm not sure if having JASON on your side is really a good thing.

nice, not my favorite band,

nice, not my favorite band, but its always good to see another musician speak out.

Well, let's say that

Well, let's say that everytime somebody goes public is a good news..

What's Slipknot he asks

What's Slipknot he asks while listening to "Live At Leeds"...

Slipknot, Mos Fed, Ministry,

Slipknot, Mos Fed, Ministry, Blink182/Angels and Airwaves...hell Alex Jones says some of the biggest musicians believe 9/11 was an inside job that we havent heard from yet.

Slipknot is HUGE with the kids.

Concert for 9/11 Truth? If

Concert for 9/11 Truth? If organized and promoted correctly, this would have a significant impact and great potential in moving "9/11 TRUTH" to a whole new level. I'm sure, with the right point-person, a "well-connected" promoter, top musicians, and such, we could get lots, and lots, and lots of mileage out of this! Plus, it would hit another demographic which is crucial to the overall cause. If undertaken, and to take full advantage, we would need to "think big"! It should be on the same level as past collaborative concert endeavors, such as the "Live Aid" concert held at Wembley Stadium in 1985. Just imagine the potential of this! Great idea! What's the next step?

to see Ministry and Immortal

to see Ministry and Immortal Technique at the same concert would be a dream concert. that would be truly amazing.

Maybe another foto like this

Maybe another foto like this may sound more.. how to say... presentable :D
(I think hes the guy, I dunno him but anyway google seem to have more "decent" pics)

yeah,thats him. i like him

yeah,thats him. i like him better with the mask. haha.

First you had Charlie Sheen

First you had Charlie Sheen and now you have this guy - boy - the A-listers are really lining up....

9/11 scared a lot of people

9/11 scared a lot of people into obedience.

That's a great quote!

What's wrong Terrence? You

What's wrong Terrence? You seem a little agitated.

on july 4th----bob weir

on july 4th----bob weir played in okc. one of the guys from string cheese incident was one of the openers and he was phenomenal.

a couple of days later in here it said that ann coulter was trying to give string cheese incident some shit cause they said '911 was an inside job.---the guy was awesome in concert, i'll tell you that--

but the deal the end of the show,,bob weir played that grateful dead song "u.s. blues"--and when it gets to the part where it says-->'wave that flag..'_____a hippie ran across the stage with a u.s. flag

the place went nuts

then the second time --->the flag had a peace sign on it

the grateful dead has never played okc before----it was awesome---the hippies are on the rise

a hippie with a us flag with a peace sign getting an overwhelming HELL YEAH -from oklahoma city

_____truly we are flying above the abyss

"There are too many

"There are too many questions and not enough answers."

There are too many questions already answered and too many people not paying attention and in denial.

What's the matter, MediaPuppet? You seem far too agitated?

"Anyone want to organize a

"Anyone want to organize a huge concert for 9/11 truth?"

I think an amnesty progtram for 9/11 Truthers would be more meaningful.

Trolls (Anons, Terrence,

Trolls (Anons, Terrence, RAND, etc) coming out in droves tonight.

A good sign indeed.

Hey everyone,I still have

Hey everyone,I still have the nagging question;Who controls the mainstream media? I know that it is a select few,now that they have merged,but the oil companies have merged also and know what the other is doing.
But why I question the mainstream media is that they are so thorough across the line of silence,or ridiculing us.It would mean they,along with Bush,Cheney,Rumsfeld,Chertoff,Rice,Ashcroft,Powell,etc.
all know. Which makes Me question who has the most power to make the government AND the press be compliant with the coverup. The government in the FAA and Norad will forever make us look for a smoking gun,but yet there will be fingerpointing about who did what and who didn't,who thought it what was exercise and just simulation
meant to make people look incompetent to explain away the confusion or complicity. The tapes that got destroyed were the smoking gun,and now its gone.This situtation would also be a good enough reason for the government to not fire anyone from their jobs,and so far they still all have their jobs in Norad and the FAA.
Thats the government,but what about the news media? Conceivably,they would be harder to control than governmental workers,but yet they are almost as confusing as the government makes itself out to be,or they so ridicule us to the point where they operate like a propaganda machine.
My point is,the press does need to be exposed as much as the government does,and I do believe they may have to be the first. I also believe the powers that control them have had a hand in 9/11 along with other nations.
Yes, other nations,even supposedly "friendly" ones. It all depends on who has the biggest stake in these war games,who has an agenda for their own nation and the most influence to control it,because it also seems as if there is a strong lobby in our legislative branch.
I believe that many of these people reside in the Council on Foreign Relations.These are the ones who ought to be put out there,it is a big list,but it also is a revelation,or will be,once their names get exposed and exposed and exposed,relentlessly.
Why not?

Folk singer Ani Difranco has

Folk singer Ani Difranco has talked about 911 being an inside job,
I don't remember which song, but there's one that deals with the towers.
A 911 truth concert would be fantastic with all types of music.

Where is Jackson Browne?

Where is Jackson Browne? Remember No Nukes? With Immortal Technique of course. And Sting. And Neil Young ...

I wonder if our beautiful

I wonder if our beautiful Eurovision winners would participate:

Corey said it very well

Corey said it very well about how 9/11 paralyzed everybody into obedience. He's right on track...

Consider this. What if all

Consider this. What if all is going as they planned? Knowing this whole administration as well as plenty of politicians are simply puppets to a bigger chess player, did you ever consider that someone wants to see Americans fighting (civil war) in the streets, funding each side. With this immigration issue, there are plenty of ignorant people that want to shoot Mexicans.

You don't need a million people to march on Washington. You need the Governor of each state to send a platoon of National Guardsmen to Washington and arrest them all. This country would run fine for a whole year without a politician in sight. Don't forget these people are servants and just about everyone of them is guilty of participating in this cover up.