City Releases 1,600 More Emergency Calls Made On 9/11

City Releases 1,600 More Emergency Calls Made On 9/11

The voices of firefighters, including at least 19 who died, will be made public Wednesday after the city recently discovered more than 1,600 previously undisclosed emergency calls from September 11th.

Most of the communications coming out will be FDNY dispatches, but they will also include 10 calls made to 911 from people inside the Twin Towers.
The release of the recordings today follows an investigation ordered by Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta to uncover all master tapes and find any calls that were missed during the first review, after he learned of a tape that had not been given to the City Law Department. Scoppetta said the workers misunderstood the instructions on what kind of call could be released.
Some people who escaped the towers or lost relatives are also calling on the city to release both sides of the recordings. For privacy reasons, most of the tapes only have audio of the emergency operators.

"In five years these families have to seek legal help to release this information; that is a disgrace to this great city. It is a disgrace to the greatest fire department in the world," said retired FDNY Captain Al Fuentes.

"At first I was told two to three hundred calls. Now today, we received 1,613 calls. How and why did this happen? We need to know the answer to this question," said Norman Siegel, an attorney for 9/11 families.

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I can't believe it took the

I can't believe it took the government five years to scrub the "I hear bombs going off!" references from these tapes.

you can't hear the people

you can't hear the people (victims) at all, they are bleeped out... :/


I'm sure they censored any

I'm sure they censored any sounds of explosives & also people reporting that they heard bombs going off! 5 years to release audio tapes is yet another example of their outrageous stonewalling & lying!

The New York Times and

The New York Times and families of Sept. 11 victims sued for access to the emergency calls and firefighters' oral histories. Attorneys said they wanted to find out what happened in the towers after two hijacked jetliners crashed into them and what dispatchers told workers and rescuers in and around the buildings.

Attorney Norman Siegel, who represents Sept. 11 families, called on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to pledge that no more emergency recordings from that day exist.

"We need the mayor to assure the family members that this is it, that this is everything we have," Siegel said. "If it was 10 or 20 tapes, one could understand that they overlooked some. But if you're talking hundreds, and possibly as many as 2,000 tapes, the serious substantial question is how did this happen?"

A spokesman for the mayor declined to comment Tuesday.

How much you want to bet

How much you want to bet that all these "terrorism experts" that appear on shows like Fox news & Glen Beck are either CIA agents or shills?

no doubt about it, many of

no doubt about it, many of them are admittedly ex-CIA, and you know what they say about cutting ties with the CIA, it just doesnt happen typically. then of course you got a guy like Peter Bergen who clearly is on the payroll of the CIA/MI5. you would have to be on some sort of payroll to be the "chief Bin Laden expert".

imgstacke... are those the

imgstacke... are those the ones that were just released, or are those the ones that were released earlier this year?

The transcripts of about 130 emergency calls were released earlier this year, only including the voices of the city operators, emergency responders and other public employees. The callers' voices were cut out after city attorneys argued that their pleas for help were too emotional and intense to be publicized without families' consent. Thousands of pages of emergency workers' oral histories, as well as radio transmissions, were released last August.

The reason I ask is, those

The reason I ask is, those are edited with beeps...

Obviously, the government

Obviously, the government wanted to properly go through all the recordings before they were released to contain any information that could contradict the 9/11 lie.

For example, what if a firefighter happened to find one of the demolition charges before they were all set off and the tower(s) collapsed?

Or what if someone was calling (still alive and talking) from the very area they claimed was so hot it was melting the building?

Also, what if a person not only heard a bomb go off but saw it happen and survived long enough to speak about it?

The truth is that just like a whole bunch of other issues our government has the ability to coverup just about anything it wants. They have billions of dollars, vast resources, control of the media to smear anyone that speaks against their claims, and all the technology they need.

What I hope is that someone very high up who was involved with 9/11 feels so upset and personally convicted that he or she comes forward and spills the beans. However, he or she wold have to do so in a smart intelligent way or the government could prevent the information from ever being released.

strike anyone as odd how

strike anyone as odd how many long "bleeps" there are in these???

img, thx for the link....

Editing of the tapes doesn't

Editing of the tapes doesn't really matter (except as an offense to truth). This appears to be part of an onslaught of pathos-building propaganda to appear in the next few weeks. This material makes all the newscasts, and the only thing people remember of the "story" is the sound of panicked individuals trapped in the towers. This is psychological warfare designed to drown out the 9/11 Truth voices.

The Vanity Fair piece and everything else that they've released in the last few weeks has only served to muddy the water and convince the casual observer of the incompetence theory. Some people thought the "Pentagon lied" story was working for 9/11 Truth, but it's not. They're just shifting blame until nobody can remember what the real story is supposed to be.

We might as well be wearing orange jumpsuits and black hoods.

Notice how the recordings

Notice how the recordings were finally released (edited versions, no less) long after the 9/11 Commission fabricated its report. (They weren't taking any chances with this either.)