New Article Regarding Ongoing 9/11 Family Lawsuits

Sept. 11 plaintiffs wait for answers, resolution -

Now, nearly five years after the historic disaster, roughly 60 lawsuits are still grinding their way through court. And the families pushing ahead with litigation, including numerous New Englanders, are mired in a massive legal case that has become a complicated behemoth for the federal judge overseeing it.
The case pits those who consider the day's events an unpreventable tragedy against others who believe government and aviation officials ignored clear warnings that such an assault was possible. That lapse, in their view, led to the deaths of beloved friends and relatives, and they now want accountability and answers.

For some litigants, their decision to sue was met by public disapproval from skeptics who questioned their motives and dismissed their quest for justice as futile. But in interviews with the Globe, many family members said they are committed to pursuing the case until government, airline, and security officials are held responsible for their roles in the attacks. And they are aware that litigation is a gamble that could produce neither answers nor money, they said.
Still, many of the firm's clients say they sued not for financial gain, but because they believe litigation will fully reveal whether government and aviation officials could have anticipated and prevented the events of Sept. 11. Some also sued because life insurance and other "offsets" would have reduced their payments from the compensation fund, which awarded $2 million in death cases and $400,000 in injury cases, on average.

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Ever see this?

CIA Director Warned Congress About 9/11 Attacks
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It's certainly one of the most disturbing and important indications that the government knew the attacks of September 11, 2001, were coming. On that morning, National Public Radio (NPR) was presenting live coverage of the attacks on its show Morning Edition. Host Bob Edwards went to a reporter in the field—David Welna, NPR's Congressional correspondent—who was in the Capitol building as it was being evacuated. Here is the crucial portion of Welna's report:

I spoke with Congressman Ike Skelton—a Democrat from Missouri and a member of the Armed Services Committee—who said that just recently the Director of the CIA warned that there could be an attack—an imminent attack—on the United States of this nature. So this is not entirely unexpected.

there's a great show now on

there's a great show now on in canada on CBC newsworld. it's about journalism in iraq and how the networks didn't get this footage on the air. it's crazy footage of dead bodies of civilians and general commentary on the media and their protrail of the war. great program, i'm gonna try and get my hands on a copy.

Censored like Vietnam was.

I'm sure all sorts of "dead body" footage has been censored from & by the msm. The Bushies know that honest coverage of the carnage helped motivate the masses to put an end to the Vietnam War, and they don't want their "wars" to be stopped this way.

I realize y'all probably put a lot of time/effort into it, but

the new 911blogger is really user unfriendly, not fun to navigate, and hard to read and contribute. I liked the old comments opening in it's own separate window, i liked how it was a consistent, readable, size (unlike the new ones, where if you and a friend make individual comments on a comment, it will become a verticle line of cascading letters). Recently, I had begun to make 911blogger a regular place to stop, read, chat, and educate myself, now its just a big mess that seems to have the intention of preventing communication across the 911 Truth community, because that's what i forsee probably happening.
Good effort, but I'd suggest a v. 3, pronto. Loving what you're doing, hoping you adjust the "how" part of it.

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i like the new site, but i guess it would be nice to have the comments section open in a new window.

this is an evolving process,

this is an evolving process, the new site is much more dynamic so you should expect to see a variety of improvements in the coming week.

could you please elaborate as to the issues with the new commenting system? is the text too big for your liking, or is the whole hierchical system just difficult for you to navigate?

i am about to post a new entry about the new site, so please provide some details there, and please be patient with us.

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I disagree

Just created an account. I love 911blogger, the new site looks great... Love the random comments on the right hand side!

I think it'll take a little getting used to, but so far I'm hell of impressed. Just started using my real name... hope it doesn't haunt me!

Check this

C'mon people

Blogger v.2 has been up for what? A little over 24 hours? I can't believe the harsh criticism from people who haven't even given themselves a chance to acclimate to the new structure and features. The amount of effort dz must have had to put into this transition is enormous and I would think folks could muster the courtesy to just STFU during the transitional period -- not with questions or suggestions, but with the instantaneous negativity. My fave complaint has to be that Blogger has been ruined in order to thwart the movement. Right... and people wonder why we're accused of wearing tinfoil hats.

It's normal to be uncomfortable with change, and I miss the old Blogger, too, because it had become a familiar "home" online. But it's just plain rude to start piling on the complaints without even giving the new version a chance.

I am grateful for the effort and resources put into this website.


Is anyone else watching or did anyone watch the TLC show on Flight 175? They're recounting in great detail what is going on on the plane. How do they know?

A simple answer to a simple

A simple answer to a simple question. They are lying.

Is there anyone here who still believes that commercial aircraft(s) impacted the towers in the manner in which we were told? I mean c'mon...grow the fuck child is 9 and he has already moved past that...

And for the Erin S. Meyers out there...keep spreading the truth my friends...


Are you saying anyone who

Are you saying anyone who thinks that planes hit the towers is an idiot? Why the hate? You're gonna have to be sneakier than that.

Don't trust any Federal judge.

"...are mired in a massive legal case that has become a complicated behemoth for the federal judge overseeing it."

It's been my painful experience that Federal judges are not the masters of the system, but rather its eager minions who will never independently buck that system if they wish to remain judges, especially in an enormous precedent case like this.

Gov't judges will stall, obfuscate, equivocate, obstruct, or do whatever else it takes to make sure this test case never comes to a verdict implicating the gov't, aviation officials, or other powerful interests.

(Of course, if 9/11 truth ever breaks open, this would change said case & everything else!)