Details on Upcoming Events in NYC on 9/11

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You are cordially invited to be a part of history.

Come to NYC for the 5th anniversary of 9/11/01!
9/11 Truth Activists from around the nation will assemble for commemorative events including the Memorial Service at Ground Zero.

The weekend will be non-stop 9/11 Truth from Friday evening September 8th through Monday evening September 11th! Join us for events, films, keynote speakers, forums, and outreach actions!

Partial speaker list:
Alex Jones, Bob Bowman, Barrie Zwicker, Ralph Shoenman, Ian Woods, Barbara Honegger, William Pepper, Wayne Madsen, Jesse Richard, Jim Fetzer, Dr. Faiz Kahn, Kevin Barrett, Jim Marrs

Meet up with friends from across the nation on Friday evening at St Marks Church. Four excellent speakers are scheduled.

Saturday, Sept. 9th - Interact on the streets with New Yorkers as thousands of leaflets are distributed. Then from mid-afternoon, gather to hear speakers and
9/11 First Responders at Community Church.

On Sunday, Sept. 10th - Come to historic Cooper Union for education and strategy, world premier of Loose Change Final Cut and entertainment by
Immortal Technique.

On Monday September 11th - We anticipate having thousands of truth patriots in black T-shirts at Ground Zero, New York City at 8:00 am for a dignified, respectful display of solidarity with the victims and their families.

Join us as we make September 2006 "9/11 Truth Breakthrough Month" on the streets of Manhattan, on the web, and in the eyes of the world. Let's end the cover-up, investigate the evidence, and create a wave of justice to prosecute the real criminals!

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Friday, September 8
St. Marks Church 7:00 pm (doors open 6:00 pm)
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'9/11 As Pretext For Afghanistan and Iraq Invasions'
Alfons Olzsewski, 9/11 Vets For Truth

Korey Rowe, producer of Loose Change 2

Elaine Brower, Member of World Can't Wait with a son currently in Iraq

'9/11 As Pretext for the Current Middle East Aggression'
Ralph Schoenman, from WBAI's Taking Aim

St. Marks Church
2nd Ave. & 10th Street
Donation: $7

Saturday, September 9
Union Square 11:30 am/ Community Church 3:00 pm - 9:30 pm

NYC 9/11 Grassroots Action

We're calling for hundreds of people to come participate in a huge outreach action to leaflet at least 7 areas of Manhattan. We will gather by the George Washington statue at the south side of Union Square along 14th Street by 11:30 am to pick up literature, and then spread out to areas such as Herald Square, the NY Public Library, Columbus Circle, Washington Sq. Park, and Ground Zero. Activists from NY 911 Truth will coordinate.

The Media, The Message, The Mandate
with guest speakers Jim Marrs,Tom Foti, Barry Chamish, Howie Hawkins, Sander Hicks, Barrie Zwicker, Frank Morales, Donna Marsh O'Connor (family member), 9/11 First Responders

Community Church
40 East. 35th Street
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm Session 1
Dinner Break 5:30 - 7:00 pm
7:00 - 9:00 pm Session 2
Donation (full day): $8

Sunday, September 10
Great Hall at Cooper Union 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Cooper Union

9/11 Truth Breakthrough Rally

Education track: Judy Wood, Steven Jones, Jim Fetzer, Jesse Richard, Ralph Schoenman, Jim Marrs, Wayne Madsen

Solution track: Kevin Barrett, Ian Wood, Faiz Kahn, Bob Bowman, Barrie Zwicker, William Pepper, Ralph Schoenman, Barb Honegger, Lynn Pentz, Carl Person, Les Jamieson

Alex Jones

World Premiere of 'Loose Change 2 - Re-cut' containing new interviews and edits Dylan Avery, Jason Berman, Korey Rowe

Concert with 9/11 rap artist 'Immortal Technique'
Donation (full day): $11

Monday, September 11
Ground Zero 8:00 am - 2:00 pm St Marks 4:30 pm

Ground Zero Rally for Truth at the corner of Fulton and Church Streets.
The city's official plan for the September 11 memorial service will include four moments of silence to acknowledge the exact times when each plane hit and when each tower collapsed, as it has for the last four years.

The victims' names will be read by friends and family members. Church bells will ring.

We will all be wearing black 'Investigate 9/11' T-shirts and carrying cameras, DVD's, and leaflets. Please avoid confrontation and conduct yourself in the spirit of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Louder Than Words will not tolerate or allow themselves to be associated with violence or disruptive behavior. They are bringing 10,000 Loose Change DVDs to hand out.

9/11 Truth Convergence
Gather back at St Marks at 4:30 for food, entertainment, open mike, video area, and networking with fellow national activists.

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Thanks Mia for the heads up!

That cartoon flyer reminds me...

of Eminem's "Mosh" video...

I don't get out of work until 9PM on 9/10, and will be heading to NYC from Philadelphia at that time with at least 3 people.

Anyone have a recommendation for me as to a place to crash?

Maybe I'll just stay up all night...

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

dude, swing by West Chester

dude, swing by West Chester and give me a ride,hahaha.


I just got this forward chain message from a friend. I have a feeling this one originated from the white house. Those bastards.

This one's for real...........check it out on "Snopes"

Extremely Important - NO JOKE

During the next several weeks be VERY cautious about opening or launching any e-mails that refer to the World Trade Center or 9/11 in any way, regardless of who sent it. PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW, "WTC" STANDS FOR THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. REALLY DANGEROUS BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL OPEN IT RIGHT AWAY, THINKING ! ITS A STORY RELATING TO 9/11!

BIGGGG TROUBLE !!!! DO NOT OPEN "WTC Survivor " It is a virus that will erase your whole "C" drive.. It will come to you in the form of an E-Mail from a familiar person. I repeat, a friend sent it to me, but called and warned me before I opened it. He was not so lucky and now he can't even start his computer!

Forward this to everyone in your address book. I would rather receive this 25 times than not at all. So, if you receive an email called "WTC Survivor", do not open it. Delete it right away! This virus removes all dynamic link libraries (! all fil es) from your computer.

Paranoia strikes deep. Fear

Paranoia strikes deep. Fear not! Relax, think, and be happy! Everything is going to be alright. Keep fighting ignorance. Arm yourself with the provable truth. Don't spread these false rumors.

RE: WTC Virus

Gee, i love these Microsoft Outlook Users...
Always living on the edge... :-D

Ground Zero

I got my t shirt and will be there in the morning, coming out from Davenport Iowa, hope to meet all my fellow truth seekers and do what ever we can for the cause. United we stand!

That's the true American spirit!

"I got my t shirt and will be there in the morning, coming out from Davenport Iowa, hope to meet all my fellow truth seekers and do what ever we can for the cause. United we stand!"


See you there...

My girlfriend and I are rolling in from Los Angeles...

"In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." - Mark Twain

Patiently waiting

We've got reservations at a hostel for 30 bucks a night, if you look around for a bit you should be able to find something comparable. Five of us are coming all the way in from College Station, TX. WHOOP!