Filmmaker John Albanese to Appear in Fox News Interview

Independent filmmaker John Albanese, producer of the film “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime,” will be appearing on the FoxNews channel on Sunday September 10th at 10:00pm EST on “The Big Story” with David Asman.

Albanese will be discussing his film, as well as the recent revelations by several of the 9/11 Commissioners that they considered filing criminal charges against NORAD for knowingly providing inaccurate information to the commission.

Additionally, Albanese will provide counterpoint/rebuttal to producer Larry Klein, whose recent documentary film for PBS Nova, speaks to the issue of building safety, while failing to address or explain the collapse of the World Trace Center towers and WTC7.

good luck John, dont let

good luck John, dont let that fool tell you "diesel tanks" brought down WTC7.

Does John have a good

Does John have a good ability to rebut the positions on building demolition?

If not, I hope he is consulting someone who does, like Jim Hoffman and Steve Jones.

Ok, this is good. A strong

Ok, this is good. A strong LIHOP argument is something Fox cannot try and rip apart.

fuck LIHOP, this is no time

fuck LIHOP, this is no time to play it safe to try and placate the retarded rightwing republican zombie audience. hit them HARD John.

LIHOP vs. MIHOP -- a false distinction

Chris, with all due respect, you don't need the venemous stuff.

also, LIHOP = MIHOP. They aren't that much different.

If you let it happen on purpose, you made it happen on purpose.

Again, I'm not a lawyer, but I think there is a concept called 'willful blindness' that is a component of the law of negligence.

In church, they describe 'sins of omission' and 'sins of commission,' They both are still sins, if sins exist.

We are getting there.

with all due respect, me and

with all due respect, me and pocky(he swings by the site to make blanket statements about "liberals" and how horrible they are.every thread its liberal this and liberal that,but thats another story) have a history and i disagree, LIHOP and MIHOP are vastly different. im not gonna go into a long speel on it, i'll just say that LIHOP will be the last refuge of the guilty. MIHOP is not LIHOP no matter how close they seem to be.

last refuge of the guilty

If its LIHOP, they are toast

if its LIHOP, some of them

if its LIHOP, some of them are toast. if its MIHOP ALL of them are toast. im not gonna argue, i just dont agree with playing it "safe" or watering down your arguments for anyone.

If it's LIHOP

all of them will follow, since LIHOP revealed will reveal MIHOP. Once it's sufficiently breached and the shock hits the populace, no secret will be kept, certainly not about the 9/11 operation.

This distinction has about as much meaning as Democrat v. Republican. MIHOP fundamentalists, who insist everyone salute the flag or be attacked as "traitorous gatekeepers," parallel the Republican hardliners who think Democrats are traitors.

ok, we'll see how much LIHOP

ok, we'll see how much LIHOP and MIHOP are alike ,or not, when Cheney, Bush,Myers, Rummy and others in the administration take the fall for 9/11, but the puppet masters who pull their strings stay in place untouched. LIHOP will nail the perps within the government, those that are visible, MIHOP will nail every last agency,country,business interest that funded and aided 9/11. im no fundamentalist, if you think saying they let it happen on purpose is enough, more power to you, but i for one will not water down my argument for anyone.they made it happen, it wasnt a piggy backed operation, they didnt simply allow it to happen, the evidence shows they MADE it happen. i dont see the problem in stating as much.

I don't think so,

By the time there's a real investigation and trial, the 9-11 Truth Movement will have the power to set the agenda. Not because we took power but because the people will be behind us. Do you really think that people could open their eyes to 9-11 and then not want to go all the way down the rabbit-hole?

Do you know of anybody in the 9-11 Truth Movement that would be satisfied with just the prosecution of criminals in the whitehouse, and not want to start a true investigation to find the real facts? Obviously any objective investigation would be capable of exposing much of the story, as the september criminals haven't been too good at covering their tracks. They seem to rely mostly on the laziness and stupidity of your average citizen to stay in power, not on being master criminals.

Also I don't think that anybody in the 9-11 Truth Movement really thinks that only Americans were involved.

John, if you have a chance,

John, if you have a chance, please read one of these Building 7 demolition quotes:

-Emergency worker: "We heard this sound that sounded like a clap of thunder, turned around, we were shocked to see that the building was, well it looked like there was a shockwave ripping through the building and the windows all busted out. It was horrifying. About a second later the bottom floor caved out and the building followed after that. We saw the building crash down all the way to the ground. We were in shock."

Live 9-11 Report from 1010 WINS NYC News Radio, presented in the documentary "911 Eyewitness" (Forward to 31:30)


-Reporter Al Jones: "People started to run away from the scene [WTC7] and I turned in time to see what looked like a skyscraper implosion -- looked like it had been done by a demolition crew -- the whole thing just collapsing down on itself... that’s number one, number two, and now number seven that have come down from this explosion."

Live 9-11 Report from 1010 WINS NYC News Radio, presented in the documentary "911 Eyewitness" (Forward to 28:25)


-Guns & Butter Radio interview - April 27th 2005:
Hosted by Bonnie Falkner
Guest: Indira Singh (Ground Zero Emergency Worker)

Bonnie: How long did you work as an emergency medical technician and exactly what is it that you were doing (at ground zero)?

Indira: ...when I got there we were setting up triage sites (at ground zero), close, very close to the area. The triage site that I was setting up was behind, well, to the east of Building 7 where Building 7 came down...
...we were setting up triages as close to the pile as possible… so what we were doing was setting up different kinds of stations… IV stations, cardiac stations, wound stations, burn stations ...just trying to have an organized space. What happened with that particular triage site is that pretty soon afternoon, after mid-day on 9/11 we had to evacuate that because they told us Building 7 was coming down... I do believe that they brought Building 7 down... By noon or one o'clock they told us we had to move from that triage site up to Pace University a little further away because Building 7 was going to come down or being brought down.

Bonnie: Did they actually use the word brought down and who was it that was telling you this?

Indira: The fire department and they did use the word "we're going to have to bring it down."

Excerpt from above is heard approximately ten minutes into the interview:


“I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.”

-WTC lease holder Larry Silverstein's comments about Building 7 in the PBS documentary "America Rebuilds" (2002)


-Silverstein Answers WTC Building 7 Charges: Says "pull it" meant to evacuate firefighters, but there were no firefighters in the building.

Here's information proving that the term "pull" is used by demolition companies:

"We're getting ready 'to pull' Building 6."
-Ground Zero worker featured in the PBS documentary, America Rebuilds


Phone call to Controlled Demolitions Inc. asking them what "Pull it" means?


The audio clip above begins with Popular Mechanics Research Editor Davin Coburn's claim that "Pull it" is not a term used by demolition companies during his interview on the Charles Goyette show on August 23, 2006. The phone call to Controlled Demolitions Inc. follows Davin Coburn's bogus "pull it" argument.


Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories that indicate the U.S. government was involved? * 10765 responses

Yes, I believe there's evidence.

No, that's ridiculous.

I'm not sure.