Senators Threaten to Revoke Disney's TV License Over 9/11 Lies

Here's the story.

This is all just partisan nonsense, since the Democratic Senators are upset only because the ABC mocumentary criticizes Clinton (and we all know that the Democrats and Republicans both carry out false flag attacks; see this chart.)

But this gives me an idea. Why doesn't the Senate threaten to revoke the license of all of the mainstream media companies for lying non-stop about 9/11, and failing to give fair coverage to the many credible people saying -- and facts showing -- that 9/11 was an inside job?

Should we start a campaign to revoke their licenses (unless they start accurately covering 9/11 and false flag terror in general)?

Looks like the Dems are providing a smokescreen...

Looks like the Dems are trying to lay a smokescreen and also make it seem that they are not in cahoots with the Repugs. We know better.

the senate should stop

the senate should stop spanish language broadcasts that advocate rebellion

We should repeal the 1996 Telcom Act

Too much of the public airwaves are controlled by too few mega corporations. As Americans we own the broadcast airwaves. It should be set up to serve our best interest. Clearly it is not. Radio frequencies and network broadcast frequencies need to be turned over to the public under some sort of "fair use" doctrine.

They are waging war on our minds and they are using our own TV's and radios to do it to us.

And yes, it is both the Democrats as well as the Repuglicans. After all, it was Clinton who signed the 1996 Telcom Act.

Great idea GW

This is a damn good idea, why not try it? Try to get the dogs to nip at each other. Maybe something very revealing will come out of it.
I think that since the Democratic party ceased to become an opposition party since 9/11,that they are being blackmailed (most of them, anyway) into passing whatever Bush puts out there. My opinion for believing this comes from the the NSA spying on the people. If FISA grants warrants over 99% of the time, why would Bush bypass them? Maybe He was more interested in spying on the Congress, key members of the Democratic party.
I'm sure there were many who took money from Abramoff, but whose names were not revealed to trade for votes. It makes sense, so if We can create a conflict between those who don't take Pac money from the communications industry vs. those who do, then we may have something very real here.
Once again GW, I like the idea.

Arlen Spector needs to be gone

Dick Durbin called Spectors bill the Spector-Cheney Amendment. lol
I am really tired of these guys, all you out there in every state write these guys, if they hear enough of us frequently,then our voices collectivly would be louder than their Pac money. We need LOTS of voices,LOTS of activism, I write letters and e-mails frequently to every state. Of course all the ones not from Illinois write back saying "Sorry your not from this state, We can only answer those who reside in this state". I still send more. Gotta do something.


WE NEED TO HIJACK ALL BLOGS AND FORUMS RELATING TO THE ABC PATH TO 9/11 CONTROVERSY! 90% of the liberals whining about this stuff have NO idea about the real unanswered questions of 9/11, and how ABC will NEVER show the "real truth" of 9/11.
So get on these sites and start hijacking for truth!

USE this controversy to throw down the truth gauntlet.

"Hijack" VIA "Freewayblogs!"

Everybody, attention!

Post the proverbial sh*t out of the highways, because this is our first real chance to make everyone aware that the Media has definately let ALL Americans down.

The attacks need to get bolder, Much bolder!

On Monday, I'm going to flog the State Capitol area here. I found that the biggest sign I can make, cheap, is the black visqueen in the 3' wide roll. Kills works great!

Good idea

I'm very much for the idea of targeting specific blogs in general. Only I don't have a very clear idea of where to start. What blogs are discussing this?

Contact ABC to complain about "The Path to 9/11"

Contact them at:

and tell everyone you know to do the same.

Threaten to boycott their advertisers and to tell their advertisers why they are being boycotted.

Remind them that the Ronald Reagan TV movie was pulled because of the public's protests.

This "docudrama" is designed to encourage people to vote Republican in order to keep the Republicans in power so that they won't investigate 9/11 or any other crimes committed by the Bush cabal.

spector the spectre of 60 years of gov lies

this sleeze peddling shit stain has been lurking around the halls of congress whitewashing and covering things up since JFK's assassination by the MIC/CIA/rothchilds. He has more than got to go. He needs to be on trial.

Call the Senators and Senator Specter toll-free

Call the Capitol Switchboard toll-free at:

1-888-355-3588 or 1-800-828-0498 or

1-800-426-8073 or 1-888-818-6641

and spread the word to everyone else you know to do the same.

Also, let them know that we know the truth behind 911, and we want it thoroughly and honestly exposed before the Bush cabal pulls off a 2nd 911 as an excuse to attack Iran and Syria, etc.

Left Vs. Right Charade

Don't be fooled kids.

It's us vs. them (the ruling class, who mostly all surely know 9/11 is dirty but they don't want to see the system that allows them to be part of the ruling class, to be threatened, so they remain silent and play little games like this.)

I was thinking about this ABC hoopla

Maybe the whole reason for all of the clatter, is that this is all part of a big act, designed with the specific intent of tricking the unknowledgable public into believing that the new version of the documentary -- with the questionable Clinton parts removed -- is all fact. Since there is no hoopla about any of the rest of the "documentary's" content.

That way, the rest of the lies, ommissions and distortions remain, and are passed off as the truth. That way, for people who don't know any better and haven't done any research, the "documentary" will be able to be sold as only containing the absolute facts, that no Senators or other mainstream people had any negative comments about.

ABC Intro: "The questionable material about Clinton was removed, and now the documentary only contains the absolute facts."

I suspect that this might all be a big act.

Thing bigger

I suspect you're right, but we have to think on the level of the conspirators - why would they want this flap to come up.

1: It gives them a chance to trot out their coverup artists, like sending Richard Ben-Veniste on to the Ed Schultz show, who is a total hack, by the way.

2: It gives them the opportunity to play with the 9/11 attacks without really getting into the substance of them, and reminding us of the attacks is a good way of convincing us to support Democrats, who claim to really want to fight terrorism. Since we know that's not really accurate, we have to think that maybe the real power behind the throne is ready to hand the torch to the Democratic party, for whatever reason.

On the first score, Ed was shameless yesterday. He has Ben-Veniste on, who had a totally lame excuse as to why the Commission ignored WTC 7 - he frontloaded his answer (we didn't have the money/mandate to go into little things) with a whole bunch of tinfoil hat attacks against We the informed electorate. I got on ready to rebut, but Ed took an entire ten minute segment to crap all over anyone who might disagree with Ben-Veniste, and didn't take a single call (and not taking any more calls in the next segment, which was devoted to football).

To me it is now totally obvious that Schultz is a Left Gatekeeper, which makes me wonder - why do the powers that be want someone on the air that openly talks respectfully about labor unions? Is that allowed because Ed isn't really pushing labor's issues, or is labor on the rise again? I can't quite figure this out. Either way, Ed is a big f'ing tool, and I wish I could listen to something else during the day. I will keep boycotting, although I occassionally fall off the wagon.

Someone please get rid of Ed Schultz!

passing the torch--exactly

That is their plan anyway. But since both corporate parties have demonstrated their anti-american true colors, it won't make a bit of difference which puppet they try to put in power. Either people begin to wisen up and act with integrity or... well, that part hasn't been written yet, but it sure seems like SOMEone enjoys playing with fire...

"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

"Disney Controversy"

This "Disney Controversy" is more mind control crap. Anyone who contradicts the official government version of what happened on 9/11 will be treated in the same way now.

Here was another faux controversy: "At the start of the month it became clear that Disney, the parent company of Miramax - which made Fahrenheit 9/11 - was refusing to distribute it in the US."

Revoke ALL MSM licenses til they report truth about 9-11,

Yes, Excellent idea! YES, try to revoke ALL MSM licenses til they start reporting the truth about 9-11! Yes, It pisses me off they ONLY are picking on ABC, when ALL MSM needs to have HELL raised with them! What is happening with Clinton and ABC is that Clinton and Bush are in BED together and Bush regime is behind ABC doing it, to say see, 9-11 truth movement is political, to marginalize us, so what we in movement need to be saying is BOYCOTT ALL MSM, UNTIL THEY ALL TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT 9-11, AND START REPORTING THE TRUTH, ABOUT THERMATE, HAVE ON DAVID GRIFFIN MORE, AND THE LIKE! BOYCOTT ALL MSM, NOT JUST ABC!