What's Wrong With America

I received the following email today:

"YOU'RE what's wrong with America today. You, and people like you, who sew doubt about our government, who blame America first, who claim 9/11 was an "inside job", who talk about "false flags" . . . ."

Actually, it is people who accept whatever the government tells them that are what's wrong with America. It is people that will blindly follow whatever their "great leader" tells them, people that spout the party line without understanding or questioning, people who act like children and assume that the Founding Fathers made a system which will feed us and take care of us and make it all work without our input who are the problem with America. It is people who will bomb people because they are whipped into an unthinking frenzy by a false flag terror attack who are what's wrong with America.

This is what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty". We need to be vigilant in policing our government, not in clamping down on those who question it.

The founding fathers taught us that if we really love our country, we will participate in debate and criticism. In Jefferson's words, "dissent is the highest form of patriotism".

The gentleman who wrote the email, and those like him, are actually anti-American. They do what good communists, or "Islamo-fascists" do: blindly follow the party line.

I love my country enough to work to save her from those who would destroy the Constitution, turn the U.S. into a fascist empire, and trample on the memory of all of those who fought and died so that we could be free. I -- and the millions of others in the 9/11 truth movement -- are what's right with America.



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Here Here GW!

Here Here GW!

why don't you take a copy of

why don't you take a copy of 'painful deceptions" ,"911 in plane site", "loose change 2 " ,"hoboken 911 eyewitness" dvds to your local fire station and tell them to view it. come back a week later to reclaim your dvd's and ask them if there was a jet fuel fire at the pentagon and whether the wtc was brought down by controlled demolition. chances are they won't be able to answer your questions even though they're expects on fires because the firestation will be vacant. most fire personnnel are reservists or regulars in the military. they took an oath to protect america from its enemies including the internal ones. chances are they'll be out assassinating, executing, and fragging those who need to be killed. some may target media personalities and media executives as a means of weakening them and have them divulge the truth about the black ops of 9/11, 7/7, the madrid bombings, jordanian wedding bombings and bali bombings (all of which were Al-CIA-da operations)...thereby potentially saving this country from another round of state sponsored terrorism. in fact, if you are an activist, make copies of those above mentioned dvds (there's no copy code protection on them and the producers allow copying and allow non-profit dessemination: copies reasonably priced at ebay) and distribute them to fire stations. as an added bonus, keep in mind that firemen interact with law enforcement personnel, many of who are reservists/regulars in the military. enough reservists/regulars find out what really went down 9/11...the pentagon has a credibility problem. who's going to heed the next call up? trials, prosecutions and executions/incarcerations of the perpetuators (including pentagon personnel past and present) would re-establish that credibility.
if you go to www.letsroll911.org, you'll notice that the meter/counter is averaging in excess of 5000 hits per day which translates into 1.8 million hits per year. it was averaging 2500+ hits only 6 months ago.
www.question911.com has free downloads of those above mentioned dvds. www.prisonplanet.com has wtc leaseholder's pbs/discovery channel admission to controlled demolition of building 7, a 47-story building which collapsed neatly into its footprint 8 hours after the 2 towers did. impossible to do without looking at the blueprints a week or 2 ahead of time and then planting explosives strategically over a several day/week period. irrefutable confession for you to view at www.prisonplanet.com. type in "mineta" there to view the original c-span broadcast of secretary of transportation mineta's account of the standdown order that vp cheney refused to change as he was told of the impending approach of the "plane" to the pentagon. irrefutable admission. deal with it !

I think most people have

I think most people have forgotten, it is We the People that give government PERMISSION to exist.


Here's my brother's e-mail address. scott.horseman@asatrvl.com . He's of the same whack job conspiracy theory as the rest of you. (If there was no plane crash at the pentagon then where are the survivors of that hijacked plane???)
This conspiracy theory is not constructive in building better leadership in the US. So keep playing at your silly games and I'll do what I do to really build better people and better leaders.

Where are the passengers...?

(If there was no plane crash at the pentagon then where are the survivors of that hijacked plane???) They may have went the way of "Operation Northwoods." That plot called for the use of swapped drones made to look like passenger planes, imposter passengers, fake funerals, etc. JFK refused to sign it, and shortly thereafter, he was dead.

Now tell me how they ID'ed 63 of 64 AA-77 passengers? No seats, no luggage, no plane left, but they retrieved DNA for all of them??? LOL

hey man, leave him alone -

hey man, leave him alone - he's "building better people and better leaders".. haha.. he's in his workshop

My opinion: 911 has a

My opinion: 911 has a remarkable quality. It is the perfect light to show who is seeking truth and who is full of sh*t. I know people who are 911 deniers. I find they are "generally' full of sh*t as individuals, not only in politics.

maybe there is some unexpected value in this event. As bas as it is. This is the zit finally popping. wthout a "major catalyzing event' like 911, millions would not be talking about regime change in USA. We have needed it since 1913. But only now is the rage starting. Which is good.

One last point: When we win this, let's not forget that the media knowingly tried to sell us down the river. To enslavement. To the ruin of the USA. Don't let them walk away from that and remain free on the street. Too many have died because of their lies. None of this would have flown without their help. I call that a crime against humanity.


People who support the gov version of the pentagon incident without asking "where is
the commercial reckage" are completely lost.

They saw smoke on the news, I guess thats enough, forget the obvious question
with regard to the absent reckage.

When 9/11 does blow wide open most people will be astonished they believed
the story touted in corporate american media which by the way is dying.

i agree, same with

i agree, same with controlled demolition. every time i look at the towers i think "they actually want us to believe fire brought down those massive structures right on their own footprints.". its astonishing. as far as the Pentagon goes, almost every witness that claims to have seen Flight 77 either worked for the military or the media,mostly USA Today.

Something You ALL Want To See - Rare Press Conferences from 9/11

I think all of you want to watch these.

Press conferences with NYC Mayor Giuliani, NY State Governor George Pataki and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld on the day of 9/11 when the lie was fresh.

When asked whether or not the DoD anticipated an attack like this, instead of saying "No, we didn't know we were gonna be attacked or else we'd stop it", Rummy says, "we don't discuss intelligence matters."

Watch Giuliani squirm when asked about secondary exlplosions that "brought the buildings down" (in the reporters words.)


Comments are welcome.

i'm glad my brother isn't a

i'm glad my brother isn't a dink like you.. going around posting my email address on websites.. geez..

I disagree, I think that

I disagree, I think that 9/11 truth is very constructive in building better leadership in the US, because it will hold public officials accountable to substantiate the "theories" that they have advanced, and the polices oriented around them, and for which the FBI admits there is "no hard evidence".

Even if you believe the official story of 9/11, surely you aren't against accountability to and substationation those claims?

Do you think that blind, unquestioned acceptance of 'leadership' leads to better leadership?

Are You Kidding Me

Where did they go? Are you nuts?
They went the same place that those people on the way toward the WTC went.. DEATH.
They killed them and everyone else that they could that day.
Seriously... don't be a fool...
This is what you sound like: http://newworldorwell.blogspot.com/2006/09/meeting.html

i don't concede my money or

i don't concede my money or freedom to politicians or leaders. i engage in self-representation. instead of sending my owed money to the irs, i distribute it as i see fit...to that food bank, to that school, to that volunteer fire station, to support that military family around the block who's son is in iraq. sent copies/receipts/invoices to irs telling them this is how i am paying my taxes. no taxation without representation ! no building leaders based on my prejudices, fears nor vindictive ego. haven't heard a peep for the last 3 years from the irs. as if i'm the only one doing this....

when weez n*gger-slaves gonna burn down the plantation house

that's right... you go ahead and "really build better people and better leaders" molded in your image of a vindictive egoist. yes, indeed, we need more armchair generals like you engaging in one big nationalistic circle jerk. you go girl !

somewhat related

Greg Palast facing criminal charges from Homeland Security.

911 press for truth

Hey all, looks like press for truth is up and running on google video. Watch and spread!


Posted on the previous

Posted on the previous thread:

I think we all realize the left/right thing is bullshit. the questin is: what are we gonna replace it with?

Chomsky does indeed have a lot of good insights, but most of them are stolen (as he admits) from previous thinkers like Rocker, Tolstoy, Lao Tzu and Christ.

I love AJ but simply "respecting the bill of rights" won't cut it. Elites have NEVER respected the bill of rights, including the people who wrote it!

We need to get rid -- not only of the parastic bankers and the Bilderbergs -- but of the entire concept that a specialized minority has the right to rule all of us. Be it commie, fascist, or Republicrat.

Actually, it may not matter much whether you agree; Latin America is currently engaging in a massive "restructuring project" whereby regular people get to decide what happens for themselves. Eventually, we'll emulate their new social structures, even if it takes a lot of gun violence to get there!"

BTW, George Washington was a Bill Gates-type-tyrant who attacked soldiers, working people and Native Americans.

The author of this piece -- a person I respect -- has more intelligence and honor than the original GW ever did.

Shouldn't that read

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"?

furthermore, I think it's been coined by Wendell Phillips. Anyway...

The one feat that unites all "their" efforts is that they avoid discussion and logic inquiry and instead always directly appeal to emotions. It is sad that the mode of discourse has apparently deteriorated to this premature level, but alas, it seems to be effective. That's not supposed to say that we should commit ourselves to this method as well, but it is something to be considered. For one, sheep are cowards, and deep down they know it, they can feel it - might be something to take aim at.

Agreed. But humans are not


But humans are not sheep.

Recent studies of chimps have revealed the fallacy of the "alpha male" argument; authority shifts depending on the variables of each unique situation, even in Chimp society. This is called "meritocracy", minus artificial hierarchy.

Additionally, Bonobos (a different species of Chimp with whom we share majority DnA) are a matriarichal species where sex replaces violence (sounds good to me;)

Anthropologists have demostrated that humans are not "evil", quite the opposite: we're degenerate beasts in a statist capitalist hierarchical society, but left to ourselves we act rather like free men: noble, egalitarian, sociable., anti-war. As God intended.

This will come.

The future is anarchy.

I'm a bonobo fan, too.

They don't get nearly enough coverage from the mainstream media.

Lol. Yes. Bonobos rock.


Yes. Bonobos rock.

Sex vs. Violence: is there really any choice?

I guess thats why the people

I guess thats why the people in the 60's were always saying "make love not war"

Can you bear real freedom?

Can you bear real freedom?

is that something you actually want?

We'll all have make that decision in the near future.

Do you want to be ruled by "the minority of the opulent", as Madison wrote? (Madison was the architecht of the US constituion).

Can we do better?

It's actually inevitable. There's no other path. Either power to the people or extinction via Lockheed and McDonalds.

I have a feeling Latin and native America will show us the true path.

Mostly agreed.

Anarchy is generally associated with extremely negative connotations, but factually, nature seemed to work just fine without any artifical code of laws. I don't want to propagate anarchy here, but I'm definitely averse to the current hierarchy - I don't pretend to be aware of an ideal solution. I'm entirely convinced that mankind should readjust its focus back to principles of enlightenment, hedonism and predatory plutocracy disguised as capitalism are what our current problems stem from, in my opinion.

Heh, yea I know about the Bonobos. I'm not even sure none of us are sharing their ancestry :o)

I'm quite sure that we share

I'm quite sure that we share 99 percent Bonobo ancestry, Zooligsts agree. And I think they have a good strategy: for every act of violence we should replace it with an act of sex!

I don't agree on hedonism, however. I consider luxury extremely important. So did Kropotkin, the "anarchist prince".

The problem is that we in the global monoculture rarely experience real luxury.

There's no need to work nine hours a day.

Theoretically, we could work one hour and have the rest of the day off.

Provided we get rid of Micky Mouse statues and other "necessities";)

Bonobo Conflict Resolution Strategies

Can't help the feeling that this is a baseline the majority of people will agree on. Let's found a political party!

Organized Resistance to Globalist Yuppies - ORGY


Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson would wonder how you can be so stupid to believe the idiots in the 9/1 truth movement

He would praise those who are actually learning from 9/11 and have already rebuilt WTC7 so it will not fail in a fire as fast. Lessons learned by real scholars who are rebuilding and changing to help other survive.

He would jump all over the misleading junk from the 9/11 truth movement, and he could tell you it was he who coined a new world order free from kings!!!

He would cry at your stupidity

"He would cry at your stupidity"

and until we find out, I'll cry at yours.

Are there really people that resonate with the pitiful cocktail of baseless allegations, aggressive slander and infantile cursewords you use to advance your "point"?

9/11: Press for Truth VIDEO

Now is the time people. We MUST get 9/11: Press for truth video on Google video out to as MANY people as we can in the days leading up to 9/11.

Please flood as many message boards and e-mail address as you possible can.

WE MUST WAKE PEOPLE UP. This video can WAKE up people that won’t look at 9/11. Why? Because, this isn’t theories and this isn’t conspiracy, this is FACTS about 9/11.

We need to start with the FACTS and move into a REAL independent commission. This is painful to do (all over again.) but this needs to happen, it MUST have subpoena powers.

Please do this for this movement and this country!


9/11: Press For Truth is Leftgatekeeper/LIHOP crap

Another appropriate name for this garbage: "9/11 Cover-up Part II - The Leftgatekeepers Strike Back"

Let's watch now who promotes this emotionally based Michael Moore promoting DISTRACTION and who exposes it for what it really is - a final line of defense to protect the guilty.

Particularly sickening was watching how unsuspecting victims families were used by the establishment to distract attention away from the forensic examination and scientific realities that prove an inside job.

This is the film we want to promote


I will promote it.

Every day I can.

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi


With bells on.


"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

a sad state of affairs

Thomas Jefferson , who penned the Declaration of Independence, would cry at the way the political elite of this country are systematically stripping us the "inalienable rights" he risked life and property to defend. The horror of 9-11 has been used to traumatize the American people into accepting, even applauding, government abuses/intrusions which previously would have been unthinkable (warrentless, domestic N.S.A. eavesdropping, secret torture prisons, unprovoked wars of aggression in the Middle East, "sneak and peak" (Patriot Act), biometric national ID cards (Real I.D. Act), etc., etc.).

Terrorists generate fear amongst a population in order to promote a political agenda. This is exactly what the current administration has been doing ever since that fateful day. Bush, for once, was actually telling the truth when he claimed that "the terrorists hate us because of our freedoms". He, and his cronies, should know!

Go ahead and disregard the mountains of solid evidence that the official story is a lie. Government psy-op campaigns, such as the use of paid agents to post fake messages, will not save the real terrorists from ultimately facing justice.

You're Obviously Living Life In Denial

*Tthis was meant as a response to a posting claiming the 9/11 truthers are hurting America, nuts, etc.***

It's so obvious you are in denial. We are getting to be more familiar with people who commit murders and how they present their denial. People like Denis Rader, serial murderer claimed he was innocent too at first - you know, the President of the Witchita Lutheran Church? Even had the church clergy on his side a while.

The fact is, you don't want to deal with reality and you are fighting the truth with all your might - you are eventually going to lose, because you believe you can shape reality to please yourself psychologically.

The sign of an intelligent person, is one who doesn't delude themselves, who wants to know the truth, who weighs the facts. Many very reputable men who once were against the truth movement, are now acknowleding 9/11 was an inside job. You disregard this information don't you? Former CIA head claims 9/11 was an inside job? How can you disregard this information?

All you have to do is go to www.PrisonPlanet.com and see the interviews with top government officials for the Reagan Administration who say 9/11 was an inside job? You think these former government officials are nutcases? Of the Reagan Administration? Former CIA high up official? Right.

Listen, you are a lost soul, unwilling to face the facts - you'd probably cover-up if your son committed a murder, you know, like the Peterson's refuse to face the fact their son is a murderer?

We see your kind and how you operate all the time - it is obvious you are in denial and don't want to face the facts.

Cheryl M - San Francisco, CA


what a freak....

Forget all the evidence with regard to insider trading, no commercial reckage
at the pentagon, all the firefighters on record reporting additional devices in
the structure....

Give this guy a scoop of crap in a sugar cone and tell him it is chocolate, he'd probly enjoy it
and tout how the dept of health has studies showing it reverses cancer!

my diary on DailyKos

OT: sorry for spamming, but please go vote in my latest diary on DailyKos:

"Washington Post even-handed on 9/11 Truth, addresses Cheney's role"

Vesa, you've been banned

Vesa, you've been banned from DailyKos many many times. Your own website http://mparent7777.livejournal.com/ is a textbook example of rampant copyright abuse in the form of violation of federal law. There's never been an article you've posted that you haven't violated federal law in doing so, by posting it in its entirety.

You are nobody that the 9/11 "Truth" Movement will be doing any favors to themselves by being associated with.

When a community or site bans you and you create multiple sockpuppets to cry about the fact that being banned doesnt actually mean that you can't post there anymore? That means you're either an idiot or a nutjob, one of the two. Keep your crap at sites like this which debate 9/11 conspiracies. You are not welcome at DailyKos.


-tlh lib

A Critical Plea To Dylan Avery, And A Call To Action

GW, an excellent post as always! The People's obedience to the government is proportional to their dependence upon it. As President Gerald Ford said, "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have." And what do you think has been going on for the past few years? They take, and take, and take and take...

BTW, please see and comment on my most recent blog post at http://www.911blogger.com/node/2672
http://tinyurl.com/q9wdl A must-see for the uninitiated: this video will awaken them from their long slumber
http://tinyurl.com/s8rrp A must-read for believers of the official story: David Ray Griffin administers the red pill

What's Wrong With America

Great response, uh, George. Couldn't have said it any better.

You might be ignorant if:

About the theories.

I would say that until I am given 100% access to all federal documents reguarding 9/11 I will not attempt to strike down any conspiracy theories. Until my government can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt and is completely honest about 9/11 I will have doubt.

Think about it America - Until the federal government opens all the documents and completes all the investigations so that we can see the evidence this is all just a theory too.They must allow every document to be seen. I have this thing were I don't like to believe what is coming out of peoples mouths,especially people who have been lying to me all along by sending me to Iraq to find weapons that are not there.

I have advised the government to allow an indepent inquiry into the 9/11 attacks. If you take the politicians out of the picture it would help clear up some of this fiasco.

BTW I'm a soldier so don't go trying that unpartiotic bullsh!t with me. I had a friend crushed when Tower II fell. I want to know if my government was complicate or not.

The one question that answers all others

There's only one important question for every man in the United States: Did the US gov't allow/participate in 9/11?

The answer to that question would explain the illegal wire-taps, the banning of books like "America Deceived" from Amazon, the detaining of dissenters in fences miles away from events, and the multiple wars based on lies.

How can the gov't be innocent in 9/11 when we have caught it lying so many times (WACO, Ruby Ridge, no WMDs, ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC.)?

In law, if you determine a person lies ONCE during his testimony, it can be assumed that he lied in the remainder of his testimony. How come we do not hold the gov't to the same standard as it holds us to?

Final link (before Google Books bends to pressure and drops the title):
America Deceived - Book

Actually, I Blamed the US Government Second...

Now granted, at about 5:30 PM 09/11/01 I was already positive there had to have been some inside help, mainly due to the buildings imploding and knowing only a handful of companies had the technical know-how to 'pull' that off so spectacularly, however, I actually blamed al-Qaida first, just like 99.999% of the world. Only after investigating the facts, applying logic, and reading the 9/11 commission report did I blame the crimminal ruling junta, military industrial complex, PNAC Neo-cons, bankers, & our good, good friends Mossad.

Actually, I had called my friend before the second WTC plane strike and said, "Welcome to the new world order Bitch!" Although I was half-joking at the time, fuck me if I wasn't right. Fuck us all now I guess.

Keep on with your keep on - You are what's right about America. Let's hope our aging old whore of a democracy proves strong enough to through off this latest virus.

Off topic, but very amusing

Logic and reason will soon prevail over un-informed ignorance

The respected gentleman behind the George Washington blog is exactly what America is all about. We, the historically educated, patriotic, well-informed public salute you with honor, Sir.

It seems that all the American history we learned in school was all for naught. No one remembers a damn thing, it seems. Everyone talks about the founding fathers all the time, yet most people, including the leaders of the nation, know almost nothing about who these men were, what they said, did, or wrote. At our beginning, we were a nation founded as an historically unprecedented experiment in human liberty by courageous revolutionary men who were all products of the rational and scientific 18th century Age of Enlightenment. They stood up against the tyranny of dictatorship and put their very lives on the line. These intellectually brilliant men like Madison, Jefferson, and Franklin were versed in logic, science, and philosophy. And now? Now we find ourselves a nation ruled by mentally retarded used car salesmen and the criminally insane. GW, Uncle Sam Needs You!

Whats wrong with America?

Just the other night I talked with My Mom,and the subject had moved to illegal aliens, I then moved the premise of the subject to 9/11. Just an aside, Me and My Mom have a good understanding; We can agree to disagree and how We love & care about each other does not change.
She lives in Arizona, while I live here in Illinois, but she does not have a computer so the only news she hears or sees is the MSM. You can just imagine how the conversation/dialogue went.
She said that I sounded so Anti-American when I talked about the kind of people running this government(she does hate Bush) and what they are doing.
She did not like Clinton, but she said she was tired of people blaming Bush for "everything". I said it's not Bush, He is such a stupid/ignorant/uncomprehending/puppet who is the perfect cover for the real masterminds behind 9/11.
So then she asked Me if I am a believer in that creep Michael Moore? I told her no, I do not like him nor have I seen Fahrenheit 911and that 9/11 was done for the love of money, not country and the media was in on the coverup. She asked why, so I told her what I thought ,but I felt compelled to say it again as soon as I had seen your article, GW.
The thing wrong with America is they are like children, they do as they are told. What they are told is through the media.
Nixon knew this, and said as much.
Many Americans look up to the government as the father/caretaker figure, so they already trust them completely. Notwhithstanding a sizeable number who would say politicians are corrupt and can't be trusted. The idea of the United States as the "most democratic" nation in the world with the most "open government" anyone has ever known, makes the trust feeling so embedded in people, that they will instantly reject 9/11 as an inside job.
In addition to this, the notion of the "watchdog" media being complicit in the crime really shuts down the common sense in them. What the media has constantly fed to the masses about the Muslims, illegal aliens, and what she has seen in Arizona regarding the illegals trying to make a Mexican flag to replace the American flag has really pushed racial lines into their psyche so far that the concept of this government "killing it's own" is ludicrous. I could not convince her over the phone about how this works, because of the "you are with us,or against us" mantra put out there by Bush/media has led her to believe I sound Anti-American. I will send her some things via My sister who has seen Loose Change and is starting to understand the motive of 9/11; Not quite there, but I will convince them...just as long as the possibility of questioning the government is there. That is at least a beginning.

brainwashing and willfull ignorance

Americans have been conditioned be government schools, corporate-controlled media, and a fake political paradigm (left vs right, Dem vs Repub) to blindly accept that establishment authority figures can be trusted.

I face the same willfull ignorance with my friends and family. It creates cognitive dissonance for them to even contemplate the possibility that the trusted authorities might be complicit in an outrageous atrocity against the American people.

It was a long, slow process for myself to wake up to the truth, so I understand the mentality. Be patient, but persistant, in exposing whatever portion of the truth they are ready to handle, be it lies surrounding the Iraq War, the American Union, the Patriot Act, rampant corruption (no bid contracts, trillions missing from the Pentagon just before 9-11, corporate pay-offs to officials such as the cush postition given to Tom Ridge), whatever it takes to undermine their faith. Expose them to documentaries such as "Why We Fight", "Terrorstorm", "Loose Change", and "The Power of Nightmares". Tell them about the many documented examples of the government covertly waging war against Americans and peoples from around the world (Operation Northwoods, the "Ringworm Children", large scale biological, chemical and radiological experimentation upon an unwitting American populace such as The Tuskeegee experiments, Hanford radiation releases, the release of biological warfare agents into the New York subway system, etc).

Fortunately, our side has the advantage of the truth, and of the internet as a means (finally) of truly exercising our First Amendment rights. It will take some time, but the corrupt, establishment foundation of lies is beginning to crumble.


It's then you'll see everyone jump ship and point the finger saying " we would of
never thought these facts were true".

Cowards - The intrest in US corporate media is dying, people are waking up to
there white-wash carefully distorted style of reporting.

Our america

We as Americans must wake up. If you think 911 was bad. Just check out Aaron Russo's new movie out. Freedom to Fascism. This is for real. There are many more things to come againest the American people. Educate your friends and family. Dont believe the media it is controlled fully today. Just get off your ass and read whats going on. There are still good sources.