'Terror Timeline' author raises questions about 9-11

Terror Timeline' author raises questions about 9-11

Talk included film marathon critical of U.S. government

Sunday, September 10, 2006


PEORIA - With the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11 fast approaching, a series of films critical of the U.S. government's official version of the disaster were shown Saturday at the Peoria Public Library.

The film marathon, which attracted about 60 people, featured a talk by Paul Thompson, author of "The Terror Timeline," a book that pieces together news stories and government documents to raise questions about the government's possible prior knowledge of or involvement in the attacks.

After the talk was a screening of the recently released "9/11: Press for Truth," a film based on Thompson's book that also chronicled the campaign of four Sept. 11 widows who pushed for an investigation into the attacks, an effort that culminated in the 9/11 Commission report.

"We're just wanting to put the facts out there," Thompson said before his talk. His book and the related film question, among other things, whether and how the federal government ignored multiple warning signs to the attack.

Thompson pointed to numerous warnings from outside governments and within the U.S. government, including a memo generated for President Bush in August 2001 titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.," and which Thompson believes should have received more attention.

"How is it that all these things came in ... and yet when the Bush administration was asked, 'What did you do?' they couldn't point to a single thing," Thompson said.

Fueled in part by Web sites and videos on the Internet, many conspiracy theories about Sept. 11 are gaining some following across the country. A Scripps Howard poll conducted in July that surveyed 1,010 adults found that 36 percent considered it "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that the federal government either participated in the Sept. 11 attacks or took no action to stop them "because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East," according to Scripps Howard News Service.

Among the theories is the notion that the World Trade Center's twin towers were taken down by explosives, rather than collapsing on their own after two hijacked planes struck them, and the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile rather than a Boeing 757 aircraft. These and other theories have been featured on the popular Internet video "Loose Change," a film that has been heavily criticized for fact errors.

The "9/11: Press for Truth" film shown Saturday did not focus on any specific conspiracy theories, though it questioned the generally accepted conclusions about the terrorist attacks. Many who attended the film said they were skeptical of the government's involvement in Sept. 11 before seeing the video, and they found the subject matter interesting.

"There's a huge number of unanswered questions," said Jay Meinrich, a Peoria resident who said he believes the federal government was involved in the attacks.

"The main thing was the very quick targeting of Osama Bin Laden," he said of his initial reasons for being skeptical. "It seemed like a quick rush to judgment."

The video screening will continue at the library at 4 p.m. Monday, the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

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Is It on DVD?

This documentary is great -everyone should see it,
where can we get 50 or 100 copies?



9/11: Press The Truth

I just finished watching "9/11: Press The Truth" online and although it seems only to promote the "incompetence theory and government cover-up", it also strongly hints at the LIHOP theory.

It does not go into any detail about the causes of the collapse of the Twin Towers or WTC 7 other than to say that 'before 9/11 and since no steel structure high rise buildings have ever collapsed due to fire'. It does not address anything about the Pentagon strike or Flight 93 either. But I believe that this film could be used very effectively to open up the eyes of many people who would otherwise automatically shut down if they were immediately told about the MIHOP theories.

Perhaps we could use this film as a 'gateway drug' to get people to watch more of the MIHOP based films like Alex Jones' "Martial Law", "Loose Change", "Face The Facts", "What's The Truth" or a seminar/lecture by Professor Steven Jones, Dr. David Ray Griffin and others.

Show them "9/11: Press The Truth" then hand them a copy of the Northwoods Document http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20010430/northwoods.pdf and say "Now, would you be interested in learning more facts regarding 9/11 and our government's involvement?"

Just a thought.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

The movie is certainly

The movie is certainly palatable as it has the credibility of the Jersey Girls behind it, and uses the 'Terror Timeline' (a brilliant piece of work) to show a clear and unmistakable path through the spin generated around 9/11.

This is perhaps the single most powerful tool to educate the masses, it gives a narrative that is sound reasonable and believable.

I am surprised the google video is not on the top of 911blogger under recent media.


LIHOP will get you to a new investigation, and a new investigation will get you to MIHOP. 


I just got done explaining to someone else that it's a gateway film then I see this post.
I concur whole-heartedly.
It's not about how effective it is at showing the bottom of the rabbithole...
that in itself is entirely ineffective.
Getting people to warm up to the idea is the first measure of business.

It takes extremely open minded individuals to see light in films like Martial Law and others right away.
Most people abject to what these films talk about, unless they're eased into it by way of just highlighting how entirely BS the official story is.

Ya know, so many people are expecting these films to get people to perform high jumps off the ski ramp....and that since the instructor can't reasonably be expected to get the performer to do these things off the bat, they claim the instructor is useless, or some 'agent' and other conspiratorial tripe.
To get people to understand these alarming concepts, they need the basics layed down in front of them first of all.
This film lays down the basics. It gets the baby-steps rolling for the inert public to start the wheels turning inside the head.

I think we need many more films like these that highlight all the inconsistencies instead of starting off with a conclusion.
With enough of these, it will reach a point where people have little choice but to simply accept the fact that an inside job makes the most sense.
Let's not work backwards, let's support the most effective learning process for people to wake up.


My proposed 'lesson plan' to the truth of 9/11 being exposed effectively...

1) 9/11: Press for Truth

2) The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News special you never saw

3) Terrorstorm

In that order.
These, in my opinion, are the most professional looking films. Other movies are good but they have that 'amateur' feel to them which tends to give people bad first impressions.

The first presents the official story to be a fraud.
The second looks at the surrounding aspects around 9/11.
the third of course delves into the 'real world' big picture of summarizing what is going on beyond 9/11.

It would be important to append your own comments about each, that there may be some aspects that aren't entirley supported by you.
I have found flaws with each of them and therefore tell people I don't believe EVERYTHING it says, that there are some errors/inefficiencies...just as with any documentary.

Right on Trashaero!

Also consider "911revisited" in between PFT and TS.

LC2E, Sept11REvisited TerrorStorm

I've made and given away 1400+ copies of LC2E and September 11 Revisited. I'm adding Terrorstorm.
Press for Truth would be great but it is copy protected.

The criticism of Press for Truth is that it is LIHOP. I think that anything that causes a break in the "official" story is a good thing. Once people have doubts they may look for themselves or start talking to others and soon find themselves MIHOP.

True, Press for TRUTH has little to offer us as far as new unseen evidence, but it does offer hope that TENS of MILLIONS will be joining us soon.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

Include a David Ray Griffin lecture

Excellent choices. In addtion I would include a David Ray Griffin lecture. I have used the Madison, WI speech to introduce the concepts to many individuals. He is an excellent speaker and they seem comforted by the fact that he is a silver-haired theologian, it took place at a university, and it aired on C-Span.

Excellent choices!

I think you may be very correct in your presentation chronology and strategy Trrashaero. Easing them into it slowly may work very well. What have your responses been like?

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

9/11: Press For Truth

9/11: Press For Truth, in combination with the Jersey Girls about to begin their full steam ahead National Campaign calling for a new 9/11 investigation, is going to be what ultimately leads to the collapse of the Bush administration. It is inescapable. Anyone who watches 9/11: Press For Truth and thinks otherwise, didn't actually watch 9/11: Press For Truth.

I am predicting that that combination of 9/11: Press For Truth, and the Jersey Girls' National Campaign, starting on Monday at the National Press Club, will lead to the collapse of the Bush administration very quickly.

9/11: Press For Truth is incredible. I presently do not see any way that logical, rational, sane people can deny nor refute its content. It is brilliant. I believe that it IS the first answer to the question of "how to win this."

A new 9/11 investigation is when all of the other main alternate 9/11 theories and explanations will get their shine, and those which are true, will be proven as such. Those which are quack, will be dropped in the garbage. Bye bye NPT, to name but one.


9/11 Press For Truth indeed

9/11 Press For Truth indeed is a very good film! probably the best and most effective one ive seen so far on this subject.
Also, i think it does more than just hint at LIHOP... i'd say it hints more at MIHOP in a way. But that is not of great importance i.m.o., what it sure does is showing that something is terribly wrong. And its going to be hard for the 'debunkers' to trash this one!!
Is anyone aware of german subtitles being in production or planned for this?
It's exactly the kind of film i'd like to show to my non-english speakin relatives and friends.

I just downloaded the XVID

I just downloaded the XVID DIVX version

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have yet to view it.

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