Kevin Barrett - Letter from Ground Zero


Letter from Ground Zero: Emotional Intelligence and 9/11 Truth

Hi all,

I just got back from a rip-roaring, mind-boggling 9/11 truth weekend in New York. The overflow crowd at Coopers Union Sunday witnessed a fantastic event: a great lineup of speakers in the afternoon, followed by an evening of Alex Jones, a preview of new Loose Change footage, and an electrifying show by Immortal Technique, the hip-hop voice of the 9/11 truth revolution : A big shout-out of thanks to the Loose Change crew, Les and his posse at ny911truth, and everybody else who helped organize this astounding weekend of truth. Brilliantly done!

Sunday's event at Ground Zero was perfectly conceived and organized by Dylan, Korey, Jason and friends. On past anniversaries, sensible 9/11 truth-seekers had shied away from demonstrating at Ground Zero out of respect for the victims' families, leaving the field wide open for bozos and disinfo spreaders to act like jerks, provoke media coverage, and give 9/11 truth lots of bad press. This time, hundreds of people showed up in black INVESTIGATE 9/11 T-shirts, gave away thousands of DVDs, had civil conversations with the general public, and conducted an impressive silent procession of mourning for the victims AND the truth. (Some bozos were there too, but they were vastly outnumbered by the sensible activists.)

I found myself deeply moved by the experience. I love New York and have spent a fair amount of time there, but hadn't visited since late 1992/early1993, when I met my future wife in NYC and got to know her in the PATH train station directly beneath the World Trade Center. (I was staying in New York, she was staying in New Jersey, so we would rendezvous beneath the WTC, as if it were neutral ground between the Montagues of New York and the Capulets of New Jersey, or from another perspective between the Montagues of the West and the Capulets of the Islamic world from which she hails...) After a week of this, I returned to San Francisco...we decided we wanted to be together so she flew from NY to SF to marry me...and BOOM the first World Trade Center bombing shook what had been our falling-in-love nest. I felt a bit like Slothrop in Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, whose tryst locations all "coincidentally" get hit by German V-2 rockets. But Slothrops’s trysts were brief affairs, while this was the tryst of my life.

So making the pilgrimage to Ground Zero, and looking at that enormous bomb crater where the Towers had stood, and where I had gotten to know my wife just a few weeks before the first WTC bombing, kindled all kinds of sublime emotional associations. Gazing on the bomb crater (for that is what it is, indirectly--the crater is there because of bombs, not planes) I experienced a heart-shattering moment of which no more can be said.


Somebody put these idiots in

AMAZING video.

the music is annoying but the message is clear:

Dissent is not Terrorism

You Tube | September 12 2006

This video is dedicated to all those who seek the truth, whether they be journalists, photographers, writers, "conspiracy theorists" or matter what religion, race or economic status. Keep fighting the good fight.

that was pretty impressive.

that was pretty impressive. what song is that? it fit very well.

does anybody know if

does anybody know if Immortal Technique said anything about a new album? he keeps delaying it over and over. did he do any new songs? any fans here? DBLS?

Immortal Technique

and his crew delivered a great hour-long performance with cuts from Rev. 2 and stuff by other guys, which I cannot recreate for you here, but totally rocked and ended with 800 fists in the air and 800 people yelling Viva La Revolucion! at the door (representing the outside world). He closed with a furious piece from the new album, which I can only encapsulate academically by saying that it dissected with laser-to-heart detail the reigning economic conditions of the world, high and low.

sounds good, any mention of

sounds good, any mention of 9/11 in the new stuff? he didnt happen to say when the album is coming out did he?

new amateur WTC video


I watched it and it seemed the "spire" collapsed straight down. Doesn't that look very much like cutter charges going off too late?

Excellent Question

Here is another view, analyzed by Gordon Ross in his essay "How the Towers Were Demolished". Watch the core through the smoke:

Just released 9/11 Eyewitness video

I will reference frames that I found to be of particular importance:

At 17:20 and 17:21, please note the unique sound and profile of a military jet (delta-wing design!, not many of those in private service) just over the top of the North Tower and it's smoke plume.

At 19:44, note two very notable "squibs" below the collapse line.

At 19:50, note two or more concentric, evenly spaced smoke rings, (probable source thermate cutter charge), around central core columns, on the left edge of the remaining core during the collapse.

At 19:52, the most astounding part of this video, for me, note the severed core columns dropping like soda straws, on the right edge of the collapsing core columns.

Also noted throughout the 15:00 section is actual human activity inside the "scar" on the face of the North Tower, said slash from an aircraft impact and the ensuing fires hot enough to melt structural steel. I see clear plastic sheeting being thrown out the window on the left side of the scar, and other human activity as well. Also noted is man waving his shirt from the extreme upper left corner of the building, above the scar.

Did anyone catch yesterday's

Did anyone catch yesterday's Mann Coulter v Jersey Girl debate?

I've had a quick scan through the comments but can't find any mention of it.

no, i didnt see it, but on

no, i didnt see it, but on the same episode, Geraldo was going to look at "9/11 conspiracy theories" so i would like to see that as well if anybody has it.

It's Posted On Geraldo Website

Check out the Geraldo website, video archive section... I was very interested in seeing this, but true to form, the piece is complete fluff, and did not include a face-to-face debate. Unfortunately, there is not a direct link to the video, so scroll down the page.

Also, included is another 911 conspiracy piece.

"Mann Coulter" lol That's a

"Mann Coulter" lol That's a classic name flip. I also like the name flip "Annorexic", which I saw someone use once at the C&L site in a comments page.

Cooper Union was a blast

Thanks for the post, Kevin. I was really moved and emboldened by the Cooper Union gathering. As a result, I am determined to move beyond being simply a lurker at 911blogger, to being an activist.

One thing was very clear at Cooper Union: This has become a real political movement. Not only that, but it's a PEOPLE'S movement. I was amazed at all the different kinds of people there. The quest for truth has the power to unite.

Thanks for the link Dave W,

Thanks for the link Dave W, and I agree - what a pile of shite that was.

Yes... please

Jump in, we need you.



We Did More On Tuesday, Kevin

We tok the noise right to the HQ OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS at 68th and Park Ave.

We had about 25 Truthers and Alex Jones sending them the message that their time is almost up... It was sweet listening to Alex shout out that the Police with us will soon be coming throught their door with us to take them away.