The Terrorists are among us.

It is my firm belief that the terrorists we all speak of are indeed among us. There is an ongoing Conspiracy right here in NY! With the disaster at the WTC site, there is plenty of eveidence past and present that chimes in to re-assure us this is true.

Let's look at how the Towers fell, shall we? Many said in the beggining that "it looked like a controlled demolition" and seemingly changed their stories later on... hmmm?!?!?! There has been video released of The lease holder Larry Silverstein openly admiting that the fire department called him on sept 11th stating they arent sure they will be able to Knock down the fires in Building number 7. He then again openly admit's that he told the fire department to "PULL #7" which in the world of controlled demo to "detonate and bring down the building or structure at hand". Then silverstein tries to claim that each plane constituted as a seprate attack so that he should get more money. Can we say at the very least this is an insurance scam? I think it's a safe bet to say that.

Video of him saying this: [URL=][/URL]

lets come to the present time shall we?

Finally 5 years later the WTC site reconstruction is underway..sheesh took long enough huh? Well here is a major problem.. There was a "open" contest held for all designers to submit their ideas for the new WTC site. there were quite a few that entered, i belive over 200. Well none the less, someone by the name of Ken Gardner came up with a wonderful idea to Rebuild the twin towers as a memorial, but with more security and a better design! This is a GREAT IDEA!!! But no, he lost the vote, even though many people here in NY and all over the world including the famililes and survivors of sept.11th want his design. In fact most polls even on msnbc showed that 80% of americans were in favor of this design over that of the proposed "Freedom Tower". The Freedom Tower design was set forth originally by Daniel Libeskind. To me it's an ugly as sin eye soar to the NYC skyline. Daniel Libeskind's design has been changed alot over the years since 2002, and has had much controversy over it. Let's look at a fellow named David Childs. David Childs is One of the developers and World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein's favorite architects, Childs initially came on board thanks to Silverstein's insistence, and developed a proposal for the Freedom Tower in collaboration with Daniel Libeskind, a design which was revised in May 2005 to address security concerns. He is currently the project architect of the new Freedom Tower, and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day design development from rough inception to final completion. Hmm wait a second, the Tower itself was projected over to the Port Authority due to them claiming Silverstein wouldnt be able to afford it, but yet he picked his fav architect???!?!?!

lets have a Look at Governor Pataki shall we? Pataki is in favor of the "Freedom Tower" design, and had it picked due to his influence of the city for a favor for a close personal friend of his. HMMMM!?!?!?! nevermind that now magically the LMDC (Lower Manhattan Development Corp) which is under pataki's control is magically in charge of it as well. Infact Governor pataki is the only one in any sort of powerfull govermental influence that openly admitts his choice for this tower design, all others dont even show up for any events remotely involving the freedom tower construction!

let us chat about why perhaps they can say they choose this design without the people's vote -- even though we ARE supposedly living in a "Democracy".

-- Money/Cost of reconstruction.

Freedom tower design - $8 billion
Twin Towers Rebuild - $8 billion or less -- less with Donald Trumps Control

-- Morals/memorials

Fact is many americans clearly want the twin towers put back up to memorialize those who were lost on that fateful day, hell even the survivors say they would like the twin towers design better then the freedom tower..hmmmmm?!?!?!?! The polls clearly show this!!! Google it for yourself or have a peek here [URL=][/URL]

More info on the scandals: [URL=][/URL]

In closing i think we need to stand up and make our voices heard. Tell them we wont stand by and let them steam roll us any longer! Make it known what your intentions and feelings are. We are afterall in a democracy, and we have Rights!

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We would like to find the NYFD Commander in question regarding the WTC7 command by larry silverstein to "Pull WTC7" Any information please report it to us at or e-mail

Thanks again!