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It's simply amazing...

On september 13th i decided to finally wake up and open my eyes, and investigate what is really going on with the whole 9/11 thing. So in my reasearch i decided that it would be in the best interest of the people if i started a truther site. This truther site is . I then created a forum right after i bought the domain name, and got hosting for it from It's simply amazing, the feedback i've recieved on the site was great, the number of visitors started to rise dramatically as if all of the sudden it was the next best thing to sliced bread. members started to join the fourm, and actively post, things were GREAT! I knew we were onto something good for the people.

Here we are almost 1 month later from the conception of this site, and things aren't as good as they started to be. Noone hardly joins the forum no more, and the people that already joined dont even actively post, infact most of the posting is done by ME. This is sad, how do people expect to get the word out, how do they expect to be heard if they fail to be active. All i ask is that people join the forum and the site, and post information, news, questions, answers, ect.

WTC Collapse Examined By Live Video - See For yourself!

This video straight up defies what the "official" 9/11 commision report says about the 47 Steel beams in the center of the towers not even being there... Notice a few of them still standing after the rest of the building fell?

Get this video and more at

Are You a terrorist? LMAO!!!

Bye Bye Miss American FREEDOM pie...

Today im writing my rant. Bush and his regime is changing the American way of life, re-writing, instating, and changing our law's which directly or in some cases in-directly conflict with our rights set forth by our founding fathers. Since 9/11, our way of life has been changed for the worse, i hate to say it folks, but if we dont make a stand, and demand to be heard, and fight to keep our rights, we will end up as a communist country with the world wide impression that we are still "free' (though this seems true now adays). Our freedom and rights are constantly in major jeporady, and yet the american public sits back and "trusts" what the Inside terroists(bush & friends) tell us is real and true. I know for one it has taken me 5 whole years as a resident of NY to realize that they (bush & friends) are a bunch of self-contradicting jerk off's that lie to start off with, and when the truth is brought forth, lie again about their previous statements that were made such as;

"Sadam is confirmed to have Nuclear weapons of mass destruction"
Then after years in iraq....
"It is confirmed sadam had no Nuclear weapons, and had no direct or indirect ties with the taliban, alqueda, or any terrorist affiliations what so ever"

The Bush regime is making Americans want to jump ship!

Today and the past 2 days i've heard some interesting information on the TV news, like msnbc, and the like. Things that strike me as being very odd about current events, never mind that of the WTC rebuild scandal are as follows;

1. Bush is pushing for "Clarification" of Article 3 of the genova convention. Article 3 states as follows;

Article 3

1. No State Party shall expel, return ("refouler") or extradite a person to another State where there are substantial grounds for believing that he would be in danger of being subjected to torture.
2. For the purpose of determining whether there are such grounds, the competent authorities shall take into account all relevant considerations including, where applicable, the existence in the State concerned of a consistent pattern of gross, flagrant or mass violations of human rights

-- Whats so hard to understand bush? You are NOT allowed to Torture your POW's... I mean im all for trickery on them to get them to admit factual stuff, and all, but you know think of it this way..If you torture a person for information, they may just give you false info to stop the torture. Now do you want real evidence or info, or do you want false information that has to be checked out, which costs us alll here back at home much more money? this administration makes me sick....

The Terrorists are among us.

It is my firm belief that the terrorists we all speak of are indeed among us. There is an ongoing Conspiracy right here in NY! With the disaster at the WTC site, there is plenty of eveidence past and present that chimes in to re-assure us this is true.

Let's look at how the Towers fell, shall we? Many said in the beggining that "it looked like a controlled demolition" and seemingly changed their stories later on... hmmm?!?!?! There has been video released of The lease holder Larry Silverstein openly admiting that the fire department called him on sept 11th stating they arent sure they will be able to Knock down the fires in Building number 7. He then again openly admit's that he told the fire department to "PULL #7" which in the world of controlled demo to "detonate and bring down the building or structure at hand". Then silverstein tries to claim that each plane constituted as a seprate attack so that he should get more money. Can we say at the very least this is an insurance scam? I think it's a safe bet to say that.

Video of him saying this: [URL=][/URL]

The scandal of the WTC Rebuild Part 2: by

This is copied from another blog i found on #3 parts in order;

• March 11, 2005 | 9:40 p.m. ET

Freedom Tower politics (David Shuster)

The blogs we've been posting on the Freedom Tower continue to generate a huge number of e-mails. Every day, I've been receiving articles and stories detailing a host of new engineering problems associated with the current plan for lower manhattan. [Blog: Freedom Tower Vs. Twin Towers; Blog: Rebuild the Twin Towers]

The latest issue concerns a plan by Governor Pataki to sink an eight lane street beneath the proposed Freedom Tower park.There are two problems: First, Verizon says it would need to relocate a massive amount of underground telecom gear in order to clear a path for the tunnel. (Verizon says this move could delay the entire project for two years.) Secondly, the proposed underground construction project would be akin to Boston's "big dig." Only this time, the chaos and mess would be in Lower Manhattan.

I could go on and on. It seems likely that this Freedom Tower project is going to keep a hole in the Manhattan skyline (and thrill Al-Qaeda) for at least a decade. Many of you have said that construction on "newer, stronger, and taller twin towers" should have already begun. To all of you who have been wondering, "Is it too late to scuttle the freedom tower and rebuild the twin towers?" the answer is clearly "No."

WTC Rebuild Conspiracy 2006?

Hello All! Today as a representitive of my organization, i spoke with the fellas at Louder The Words regarding my Organization's quest to find and uncover the scandal behind the re-Building of the World Trade Center site among other things. I was directed by them here, as one of my many modes of Information gathering and support by the people!

I'm asking anyone to help us uncover this situation that smells of scandal city! 5 whole years later, they are finally rebuilding the WTC site in NYC! This sounds great and all, but of course there are many things that do not make sense with this situation, as pretty much everything else about 9/11.

They want to build a eye soar called The FREEDON TOWER. This tower is ugly as sin, as you can see if you click the above link. They magically choose this design over hundreds more which were submitted to be built, one of the main ones was that named the Twin Towers II Memorial which is fully backed by many NY'ers and Mr. Donald Trump himself! This decision as far as i'm aware of wasnt presented to the people of "NYC or the victims/familes/survivors for a worthy vote on what they would like to see re-rise into the NYC skyline! This is absurd!