911oz - Australian Research on 9/11

911oz - Australian Research on 9/11, has been updated. This from the editor;

"I have tried to make 911oz.com as accessible and useful as possible
- scrolling rss news feeds from major alternative news sources
(including 911 Blogger)
- Hierarchical drop-down menus covering many different aspects of 9/11
Truth research
- "911 For Dummies" - my own contribution to 9/11 Truth
- Tree menu at left of page includes many important articles
- where I think there are credibility problems with an author I have
put a disclaimer at the top.
- Add Comments on main page
- Open Blog available to all visitors"

...and is featuring a new essay on the front page; "Why 9/11 Is the Defining Issue of our Time"

Check it out. The RSS feeds are very cool.

Good on ya mate

It's good to see we are getting some help from Ausies on the 9/11 issue. 9/11 is an issue that effects everyone in the world one way or another. Welcome to the cause and may we prevail.