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European 9/11Citizens Jury


The European 9/11 Citizens Jury website is a reach out to all 9/11 truth seeker groups in Europe, together with the help and support of our American cousins, to come together and work to set up an organisational body to establish the European 9/11 Citizens Jury. This is planned to be a major event with full media coverage. There is no fixed date set for what I plan to be an internationally significant and major event for all 9/11 truth seekers in Europe, America and around the world. Please review the objectives and plans and the following pages and let me have your ideas. Please email them to me at this contact address. This website will be updated daily.

Thank you.
Philip Dawes,

New Website: 9/11 Truth Europe

9/11 Truth Europe Opens

We want to announce the opening of a new European 9/11 Truth website,

We wanted to create the site to be a place to find the different resources
about the truth movement in Europe and also to be a place to inform what is
happening in Europe.

The site is just up and running and we would like to invite others to be
active with The page does not have much of anything yet and
we need your help to make this site great.

Mikael Cromsjö
9/11 Truth Europe

9/11/2006 in France - and French translations

Oh, it's international, all right. Here is one of the top 9/11 sites in France, and some photos and audio of activism in and around Paris, on 9/11/2006. Photos. - Audio snippets.

Also a reminder from Arno Mansouri from Edition Demi-Lune, a small editorial structure in Paris, that he has fresh translations of some key 9/11 books for your French-speaking friends and relatives in Quebec, and French-speaking countries around the globe; check it out at the Demi-Lune website:

911oz - Australian Research on 9/11

911oz - Australian Research on 9/11, has been updated. This from the editor;

"I have tried to make as accessible and useful as possible
- scrolling rss news feeds from major alternative news sources
(including 911 Blogger)
- Hierarchical drop-down menus covering many different aspects of 9/11
Truth research
- "911 For Dummies" - my own contribution to 9/11 Truth
- Tree menu at left of page includes many important articles
- where I think there are credibility problems with an author I have
put a disclaimer at the top.
- Add Comments on main page
- Open Blog available to all visitors"

...and is featuring a new essay on the front page; "Why 9/11 Is the Defining Issue of our Time"

Check it out. The RSS feeds are very cool.