dentist poisoned in Louisiana

after providing a transcript to FBI of meeting with hijackers

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A dentist who claims he met three of the Sept. 11 hijackers in Shreveport one year before the attacks has mysteriously fallen ill and is on life support.

Dr. David Graham was driving back to Shreveport from Houston on Saturday night when he became sick. A friend said Graham began suffering organ failure and medical tests show possible poisoning. He is hospitalized in Houston.

Graham is trying to publish a book that claims meetings with the hijackers and another Middle Eastern man who is a federal fugitive here.

Mike Sledge, a friend of Graham, has a manuscript of Graham's book, "The Graham Report: The true story of three 9-11 hijackers who were reported to the FBI 10 months before 9-11." In it, Graham claims he met the hijackers at a home in Shreveport in September 2000 and thought they were plotting an attack on Barksdale Air Force Base. He said he reported them to the FBI.

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Graham also knew Jamal Khan, a Bossier City man who was convicted of trying to hide his wiring of $9,999 to his native Pakistan.
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Graham was scheduled to testify against Khan at a deportation hearing that was postponed because of a crowded docket. That hearing had not been held when Khan skipped town after federal authorities moved to put him back in jail for violating probation on the financial crime conviction.
I looked around for info on what ever happened to David Graham, and found only this:
Shreveport dentist who claims meeting 9-11 hijackers moves out of office
posted: 08-02-2004

A Shreveport dentist who mysteriously fell ill while trying to publish claims about the 9-11-hijackers in Shreveport is moving out.

Friends and family hauled furniture from the practice Dr. David Graham ran on Kings Highway and the apartment he rented upstairs. Graham's son told us only that Dr. Graham is doing better in physical re-hab at an undisclosed location.

Dr. Graham was possibly poisoned three months ago, after writing a manuscript, claiming he met three of the 9-11 hijackers in Shreveport and warned the F.B.I they might've been planning an attack on Barksdale Air Force Base.

The F.B.I. says Graham contacted them only after the 9-11 attacks.

Interesting . . .

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nshumate said...
Well, since no one else has said it yet, I guess I will:


1:18 PM
I Know said...
Why do you think the FBI now says that Dr. Graham didn't speak to them about the conspiracy until after 9-11? I know for a FACT that he spoke many times with Agent Spoon of the Shreveport FBI prior to the attacks on 9-11. Dr. Graham warned the FBI about Khan, as well as two of the members who lived "in Shreveport" who hijacked two of the planes that morning. The FBI in all their infinite wisdom should toss in there sleep in agonizing dismay over the fact that they held key information that could have possibly prevented the attacks. Dr. Graham not only told the FBI who the terrorists were, but told them where they lived, and what they were planning. I guess the FBI didn't believe that this "Dr." who was in "Vietnam", had the credentials to be considered truthful. Instead they made a mockery out of him, and avoided his information as if he were some fool. Now they want to say that he never spoke with them?! If that isn't a coverup, I don't know what is... Who do you think the good Dr. was meeting with in Houston? Why do you think he was there? He was meeting with the FBI. So that means A. they were in Houston the day of his poisoning, and B. They have a motive, because Dr. Graham's book would have exposed them as the scumbags they are.

2:32 AM
anomdebus said...
I know,

Ok, so you say you know for a fact. Can you prove it?

4:44 PM
Walter E. Wallis said...
Affirmative action FBI again?

12:13 PM
Anonymous said...
I still know

Of course I can prove it, I don't type to get a rise out of people....

I actually submitted this

I actually submitted this story to 9/11 Blogger a few days but they didn't put it up for some reason?

Yet another mysterious death/murder...

Now that Dr. David Graham is dead, under extremely suspcious circumstances, his manuscript should be photcopied & put in a number of safe places. Copies should be given to groups like the Scholars for 9/11 Truth for publication, IMO.

The "hijackers" were patsies, & the Gov't doesn't want...

The "hijackers" were patsies, & the Gov't sure doesn't want this information to get out.

some news footage regarding

some news footage regarding this case