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dentist poisoned in Louisiana

after providing a transcript to FBI of meeting with hijackers

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A dentist who claims he met three of the Sept. 11 hijackers in Shreveport one year before the attacks has mysteriously fallen ill and is on life support.

Dr. David Graham was driving back to Shreveport from Houston on Saturday night when he became sick. A friend said Graham began suffering organ failure and medical tests show possible poisoning. He is hospitalized in Houston.

Graham is trying to publish a book that claims meetings with the hijackers and another Middle Eastern man who is a federal fugitive here.

Mike Sledge, a friend of Graham, has a manuscript of Graham's book, "The Graham Report: The true story of three 9-11 hijackers who were reported to the FBI 10 months before 9-11." In it, Graham claims he met the hijackers at a home in Shreveport in September 2000 and thought they were plotting an attack on Barksdale Air Force Base. He said he reported them to the FBI.

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Graham also knew Jamal Khan, a Bossier City man who was convicted of trying to hide his wiring of $9,999 to his native Pakistan.
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Graham was scheduled to testify against Khan at a deportation hearing that was postponed because of a crowded docket. That hearing had not been held when Khan skipped town after federal authorities moved to put him back in jail for violating probation on the financial crime conviction.

was NORAD aware of hijackings?

reposted (without permission, hope that's ok) from screwloosechange (one of the replies to a post)

Just curious if you guys have examined (a) the number of MIL ATC sites (military air traffic control) that were in the multiple 9-11 incident zones (b) the number of joint military/civilian ATC facilities in the same multiple incident zones.

In addition, factor in the # of MIL RAPCON (radar approach and control facilities) in the multiple incident zone. How many are there? And where are they located?

How many of you are completely familiar with MIL ATC SOP - the military air traffic control -standard operating procedure? A good percentage is classified minimally w/a FOUO (For Official Use Only) - so I propose that unless you have served in that capacity and/or have an associated clearance - you probably have no clue.

So while you guys spend your time pointing out alleged inconsistencies in the 9-11 movies - I find it interesting that you ignore (perhaps out of pure ignorance) the above questions - that would likely indicate that the military was fully aware of one or all of the planes as soon as it went off transponder.

Additionally, many of the corridors in the incident area - require constant hand-off & coordination between civiilan and military ATC. On a daily basis the Air Force and other branches have thousands of planes/helos intersecting civilian and/or shared air corridors - which require seemless communication betwen the various centers.

has anyone debunked this crap?

Would be much appreciated.

BTW It seems friction and hydrogen caused the burning rubbish pile. And water added fuel to the fire!! Read for your self, the REAL JUNK SCIENCE

***Scientists needed desperately to debunk the debunkers***

Inner columns still standing after WTC collapse

I just watched the video provided a few blog posts ago

and noticed the inner columns were still standing and then fell down.

I'm not sure if it means anything (regarding whether or not explosives were used) but it sure will help us understand the nature of collapse.

Any thoughts?

NTSB Data Dissected : Flight 93 was shot down!


If you look at the graphs provided by the NTSB from Flight 93s FDR, you will notice that at the purported crash time, the altitude is a MINIMUM of 2000ft.

Next thing we need to do is figure out what happened in the next 3 minutes? All bets are on it being shot down.

ALSO, can someone look at the graph and confirm I am reading it correctly?

Blogger Joe


Check page 20
Altitude graph goes from 0 to 40000 feet
Its ends a few millimeters above the x-axis.
This turns out to correspond to 2000 ft when you check the legend.