9/11 First Responder Illness

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> So the asbestos acts as a perfect cover for radioactive dust because
it, too, will kill. But I thought asbestosis was a progressive
disease. I don't know if the amount of asbestos released on that day
was sufficient to cause deaths by fact acting asbestosis.

It might be a cover, but as of yet the Federal gov will not even
admit the asbestos caused any trouble.

I can't imagine the story could hold RE: all the strange
cancers....caused by asbestos? But officials refuse even to admit
mesothelioma was a result of asbestos contamination from the "pile!"
And meso. is known to be caused by nothing other.

I don't put anything past these perps. No crazy story is too strange.
No re-writing of the laws of physics and nature too outlandish.

I have spoken to David Miller extensively. He is someone who worked on
the "pile" and is very sick with many illnesses concurrently. He now
wears an oxygen tube in his nose and carries a small oxygen tank.

He attends many of the 9/11 Sunday meetings and began his interest
with us last Spring. He viewed the Loose Change video online, and
that was how he, with some research, found out about our meetings.

He wanted help and thought maybe we could help him find out about his
illnesses. He was desperate for answers. His doctors would
not tell him anything. They denied his condition had anything to do
with the World Trade Center debris work. And many, almost all, of the
men who worked along side him were also ill. His medical coverage was
even being cut. He could not work his regular job.

I watched him over time and he seemed to be shockingly englightened,
piece by information piece, by the research information. When he first
arrived he didn't appear necessarily to believe any of it. But was
just desperate for answers or support. And had an open, realistic, mind.

He absorbed all the elements of the alternative story, little by
little. And sometimes with big shocking jumps. He had a paradigm
shift. He also became sicker, but now has started to stabilize - so
he told me today. At least he is feeling fairly well.

He said in his speech at the Community Church of Sept 9th, "I am
finished. I have two metastasizing tumors, one in each lung." and
"Most of us [his buddies and him] will be gone soon. We are already
dead. Give us vengance."

I will re-check with him. My memory is this: (I checked my memory of
things he's said to me before, and have ended up being
correct - but I didn't take notes. So I'll re-check the following
later with him, just to be sure.)

He has Mesothelioma - which is known to be caused by asbestos, and
asbestos only - (my father died of that, and so I learned about it.)

He said his doctors had labeled this illness (and others he suffers
from) as "of unknown origin." And as a result he couldn't collect for

He said the excuse used in the case of the mesothelioma: ~"It couldn't
be mesothelioma caused from the World Trade Center dust, because the
lead time for developing it is much longer [than the lead time
experienced by David.]" Therefore the origin is unknown!

(I remember RE: my Dad's cancer: we were told the lead time is 30
- 40 years.) I also remember, from my Dad's case, that no one else
gets the disease, beside people with history of extremely heavy
exposure to asbestos AND a lead time ending up scores of years. It's
very rare, even then.

(Though my risk for eventually getting simple
lung cancer went up just from being in a house where Dad's clothes
were washed. That's why my family was able to be part of a lawsuit and
get money for the meso. The asbestos company couldn't get away with
saying there was some other cause than asbestos - since no one else
gets mesothelioma, besides those so exposed. That, is heavily documented.)

(Maybe nowadays the corporations would have some way to get around
it? As recently in the case involving Thimersol in vaccines?)

Officialdom will probably also claim, a la NIST logic, ~"The dust from
World Trade was just ordinary building material - not too toxic for a
construction and demolition dump site, so to argue backwards here -
these diseases could not be caused by the debris. The diseases are
of unknown cause. Can't be determined. Coincidences, you know. No
casuality here.

Prediction: they will use the freakiness of the diseases to reinforce
their crazy claim.

And then shift the story as the occasion demands.

So why did David get mesotheleoma so quickly? It's unheard of.

I don't mean to be an "unanswered question!" I think we all here
suspect an answer. And yes, it has to do with unconventional

(David replied today, when I asked him if he had ever thought of
unconventional, exotic weaponry? "The only kind of unconventional
weapon I know of is a Samurai sword." :)

Other points mentioned today: He and other of the victims are
attempting to get Christy Whitman indicted. As of now, there will be
Congressional Hearings, according to David. He said that there is too
much evidence out there, and too many people suffering, for it to be
completely covered up. The government will end up, in his opinion,
paying compensation and medical coverage. (But I will point out, only
after fighting tooth and nail, dragged screaming, the whole way. As is
their custom, when it comes to helping anyone, (if it's not a photo op).)

I asked him about the recent annoucement by the Federal government
(last week?) according to which none of the illnesses of the Trade
Center first responders/workers were caused by poisons there. He
believes the Feds' stance came not because of the 40K or so 1st
respondercases, but because of the potential lawsuits from locals. "We
[the responders] are just the canaries in the mines. Many more people
are eventually going to be sick and die from this."

David was so uninformed about environmental issues and what kinds of
materials he was exposed to, as a result of being on the "pile,"
that he had to ask me when we first met: "I have mercury poisoning.
How do you get something like that?" He had no idea there was mercury
in the fluorescent light ballasts. When I told him that he looked at
me as though he'd been punched. He was sick about it, not just physically.