Sergeant Chavez Fired

Apparently, Lauro Chavez has been fired today by his employer, Domin-8 Enterprise Solutions, just days after his allegations about 9/11 were made public.

Developing . . .

This is like "building his

This is like "building his story" to me, sorry. I'm going to remain sceptical about this individual. Why would they fire him otherwise? Doesn’t make sense, seems VERY fake!

DBLS, i totally understand

DBLS, i totally understand your skepticism, but you should really try to hold back with the "hes a fake" stuff just in case he really is completely legit. he was in another thread below, followed by some others in the military, and they all seemed pretty discouraged to be reading comments like that. that could be part of the ploy, but it could also be legit. again, not saying you are wrong, you may very well be right, but we should give support while it still unfolds.

It all fits very tight...

It all fits very tight, I do agree. The plausible nature is well suited to pulling heart strings. Disinformation MUST be accompanied by threads of truth.

So now that we are ALL up to speed on this coin-flip before the material is in.... why not offer our ears and screen space to let the man lead us where he "says" we should look. He'll either point out the goods, or faithfully point away from where many others will be bound to look. Don't you agree?

What have we got to lose? Liberty, freedom, truth, humanity.....? Those are already on the butchers block.

Let the man spin a yarn (we'll figure it out, right?) or maybe he's got something vital to add.

(Btw, Sgt. Chaves... welcome to the abattoir. If you don't like drill-presses... I've got some CAD/CAM/CNC work that needs tending to.)

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

I say it doesn't matter, as

I say it doesn't matter, as long as we don't get any new clues of 9/11 truth. The war games are confirmed by other sources, the stand-down is a virtual certainty unless these F-15s were trying to save gas by flying extra slow. I've said it before, we need real hard stuff, hard new evidence. Like the guy that briefed Cheney in the bunker about 50-20-10miles out Flight77. Can't HE be a whistleblower please? What powers are upon him not to say anything? Maybe he could at least come forward and tell us why he's being silenced.

I know where your coming

I know where your coming from man, the thing is it's like when a country’s at war, and the people get emotional and rally behind flags even if that's the wrong thing to do, and the wars actually a fraud. It might be a stupid analogy, but it's like there's no way I'm going to support this guy because he's "saying the right things" or making people feel guilty by "lost his job" or saying he "loves us" in some weird quote here;

I don't get that, no way am I going to cheerlead for this.

There is no need to cheerlead...

However, our civility (or lack thereof) is on display. We here, especially 911Blogger, have our pants already down, showing our goods. I can not care about this government sticking its probes up my a**, may they choke on the truth in my waste material alone.

The fight we are in, is to shame them with truth, so that humility and sound governance may have some chance at serving we the people some day.

We can not be intimidated by the prospect of simply talking with a change agent.... we would become hopelessly paralyzed otherwise, and NEVER would that create an inviting environment for genuine folk to step forward.

Hope you're not completely 'spooked', Sgt Chaves. My eyes and ears are open to whatever you wish to say.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Different people

deal with stress in different ways. This man's emotional statements may seem melodramatic to some, but this just may be the way he is dealing with what he has been and/or is going through. He is obviously an emotional person and I can relate to that and sympathize with it. I know zero about the military so I will leave it to others to determine the validity of his statements.

"We live on a priceless blue

"We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice."


This is the response I've

This is the response I've gotten from someone who has been in the Army for a long time. I don't know what to think about this guy Chavez.

If you know what you are reading, this guy has zero credibility. Lets start off with the following:

"his honorable discharge documents showing the military installations he was located inside"

This does in fact show that he was assigned to CENTCOM and was at McDill. What the 214 does not show is that he has an Honorable dischare. To show that he has an honorable discharge, you would have to see DD Form 214 Copy 4. Copy 4 includes blocks 23-30. These indicate the reason for discharge, type discharge and the RE codes.

"one of the five American regional unified commands consisting of Marines, Navy and air force officers."

Are there any Army officers in the unified commands? the propaganda states that commanding officer was GEN Franks. Well, Franks was a soldier.

"His commanding officer was Four Star General Tommy Franks.'

No, his commanding officer was some CPT. Franks was the CINC CENTCOM.

"Chavez worked only with systems classified as top secret or higher."

There are only 3 cats of classified, Confidential. Secret, and Top Secret. There are no classifications higher than Top Secret. There are compartments, but no higher classification than TS.

"Chavez was in the Secure Compartmented Information Facility, the secure bunker at the base of CENTCOM HQ which is populated by high ranking military intelligence personnel"

I worked in SCIFs for all but 3 years for the last 22. They have never been in bunkers, and they were not populated by high ranking MI personnel, unless you concider PVT, PFC, SPC, SGT, SSG, SFC, MSG, CPT, MAJ, and LTC as high raningking personnel.

"is a facility that requires a top secret gamma clearance"

No such thing as a gamma clearance.

"access to the base was restricted to top secret personnel only."

Not possible. Somebody has to control the gate, someone has to make sure that the power flows, the SPs (its an Air Force base, so no MPs, but SPs), ect. How about the family members living on the base? Are you telling me that the 1 year old child of a SGT has a TS? NOT.

"Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels asking the Lieutenant Colonel in charge of the air force 'why isn't NORAD scrambling jets? and he said 'we received an order to stand down''. And that just perplexed everybody.""

How can a command that does not control any aircraft receive a STAND DOWN order? CENTCOM only controls forces in the CENTCOM AOR, not in CONUS.

"Mr Chavez did not know the Lieutenant Colonel and so does not know his name"

The guy worked in the SCIF, and doesn't know someone that works in the SCIF? Yea, right.

Now lets look at the 214. Block 12.c states he was in the Army for 6 years, 10 months and 14 days. Now lets look at block 13. he has one Army Good Conduct Medal. Wait a second, you get a AGCM for 3 years of service. They are automatic. That is unless you do something big time wrong. He should have 2 AGCM and only has one. Block 14. It states that he went to the Special Forces Qualification Course. The well known Q Course. If we look at blocks 11 and 13 it does not show a SF MOS or the SF Tab. That tells me he made it to the end of the training, but was not selected for Special Forces. THAT tells me he was turned down for for SF due to a problem with his head. The finishing touch is in block 18. the very last comment that means anything, "SIGNED DECLINATION FOR CONTINUED SERVICE, DA FORM 4991-R", that genlemen is known as a BAR TO REENLISTMENT.

So, no your man has no credibility.


Then this was posted next.................

You just got suckered, Discharge under Chapter 13 is NOT a discharge

Not having an Afghan Service Ribbon listed on my 214 – NOTE: I don’t have a Combat action Badge either.
- Reason for this, is that upon my return from Afghanistan , I opted for a chapter 13 discharge. Which is an early release from service for higher education. It states that a person with an acceptance letter from an accredited university can be released from active duty up to 6 months prior than the original ETS (End Term of Service). So, I gave up the medals for an early release from the service. I’m entitled to them, and if I wanted them, all I have to do is send a letter to the Army Personnel office to update my 214 and send me the medals. Honestly I don’t care – it’s just a piece of plastic.

thank you

thank you for this post. methodic deconstruction is the only method that should be used at this point. This is "giving this guy a chance." You gave him a chance to present a credible person, then you go about questioning what he presented vigorously. Thanks for these realistic posts.

Why should we belive ANON (you)?


First Grove and then this

First Grove and then this quack... I'm really glad people are spotting these fakes so quickly. Wonder how Rove reacted when his little ploy didn't work.

Yes, this is just a little too easy.

What is this, episodic television? Come on people, we all want to believe that this is real, yet there are some HUGE red flags. CAUTION

chavez be gone

oh no, chavez got fired from his job on the same day he got fired from the 911 truth movement.


You need to add another link on this web site with separate sections titled: Fired, On-leave, Gagged, or Murdered, then list the names and their credentials!


It looks like his discharge papers are forged.

Check out this thread.


Yea, posts #21 and #30 really begin to make this document very suspicious.

EDIT: I meant posts #23 and

EDIT: I meant posts #23 and #30

NOT #21

The reports of a forgery due

The reports of a forgery due to letter looking the same can be ruled absured. As that is how criminal letters are linked in documents to the smae printer or typewriter. If they have the same chareristics chances are from the same printer/typewriter.

he was a fake ... serves him

he was a fake ... serves him right


I say we all calm down, people. Take it easy. Now, let's give him the benefit of the doubt, OK? But it should not be just a blank check. I can't wait to see if the guy will set down his story in a sworn affidavit. It is still difficult issue, because he can't remember who said it, but even that's plausible, in my view. Let someone demand that he put it in an affidavit, so he's on the record. Then, his credibiilty would have to be tested in court, not by us, because exposing yourself to prosecution for perjury should be good enough for us until the day in court comes.

Simple as that..

Thank you, James.

good point

good point

More details plz, how

More details plz, how exactly does this guy end up fired from working for a private company because of publically expressed view or opinion. That's like firing someone for being a part of a religous organization you don't believe in or for holding different political or social view or views on abortion. Like firing someone for being gay. It's toally arbitrary. This is really just insane. I'm sure they have some excuse for it and I don't know anything about mr Chavez maybe he's a fuck up at work? Probably not though, we'd have to let him speak as to why he was fired and if it has anything to do with his statments on 9/11.
If it does, well that's just too far to stifle dissent.

"Maybe he's a fuck up at

"Maybe he's a fuck up at work?"

^ Hahahaha, made me laugh man.

I think he's real, but it

I think he's real, but it seems a little careless. Associating his work information with the letter probably wasn't the best idea. He doesn't really seem to have any inside information either. Weird comments by Tommy Franks, an awareness of the chain of command for NORAD, and a quick glance to a top secret document describing a wargame similiar to 9/11. It seems that he's inflating his role and his desire for attention got him fired.

Dem, I just sent you an email

Got it dude!

Got it dude!

Class action lawsuit?

Can we initiate a discussion based on organizing a lawsuit aimed at an entity such as NIST that would show definitive contradiction between scientific fact and one or more of their findings?

This would bring a debate into a court of law where experts would be forced to testify/debate against other experts. Thus non-cooperation in a voluntary debate would would not be an option for the targeted parties.

This is a real world approach and would be a severe testing ground for the propagators on the troubling nonsense we are all faced with.

I think it would be important to identify limited arguments such as components of the so-called "pancake" collapse explanation that harm the study of structural building technology.

I think a narrow focus is important in such an endeavour.

Any ideas or comments on this suggestion would be appreciated.

Does Anybody...

Know of a way to contact Mr. Chavez?

Mr. Chavez... if you can, please email me at


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Hiding behind our computers?

Planning to write a book? Gonna make some money of this mess?

Can we initiate a discussion based on organizing a lawsuit aimed at an entity such as NIST that would show definitive contradiction between scientific fact and one or more of their findings?

This would bring a debate into a court of law where experts would be forced to testify/debate against other experts. Thus non-cooperation in a voluntary debate would would not be an option for the targeted parties.

This is a real world approach and would be a severe testing ground for the propagators on the troubling nonsense we are all faced with.

I think it would be important to identify limited arguments such as components of the so-called "pancake" collapse explanation that harm the study of structural building technology.

I think a narrow focus is important in such an endeavour.

Any ideas or comments on this suggestion would be appreciated.

Great idea, but...

The lawsuits are going nowhere. You're right, all you need is one civil suit to survive an initial motion to dismiss/summary. Then, at least you could get discovery. I think the legal system is almost more fixed than anything else. Look at the Hilton, Mariani, Saudi cases. Nothing has happened as far as I know.

If the lawsuit context

is scientific and not specific to classified information and polarizing overt 9/11 truth topics there could be a different outcome. The Scholars should address this.

Anybody know a 'TRUTH' Employeer?

While we are debating the 'legal' hurdles we all face today, doesn't anybody know a... "9/11 Truth!!" -Employeer?

I mean, if there is no place in this society for patriots like our friend Kevin Barrett to find great paying work, we are in one hell of a mess.

I would jump ship, all of you. Get out! Run!!!

Make your End-times arrangements, and crack a bottle of champaigne on the bow. These AMERICANS are crrrrrrazy!!! GRRRRRRR.

Don't be total schmucks! Pick up the phone and say it:

"I'll pay no bills to those companies who are firing whistleblowers, or truthseekers! Furthermore, Mr. CEO; you know they are lying, you fuc*-ing scum bag!..."

yes Jon, check the thread

yes Jon, check the thread below, im sorry im not sure which one it is for sure, but he left his e-mail address down there.

try this.

Best Regards in this dark time

Lauro Chavez (for my friends who would like to stay in touch)

More FTW backhands.

Some good points in here, but then of course, some backhand slaps.


By Jenna Orkin

September 27th 2006, 2:13PM [PST] - This morning, September 25, the FTW blog received a comment that the video "9/11: Confronting the Evidence"* was on RAI, a major Italian television network, during prime time on Saturday night.** The show included an extensive interview lasting about ten minutes with Mike Ruppert. This report seems accurate since visits from Italy to, which was also featured on the tape, have skyrocketed.

Not only are "things moving under the carpet" as Mike is fond of saying, the walls of the edifice are cracking and those things are scurrying all over the place. The frantic moves on the part of the Bush administration to shore up the only levees that matter to them are as transparent to FTW readers as a case of, "Methinks they doth protest too much." Of course, as we all know, FTW readers are not the mainstream.

But the United States is La-la land; the rest of the world is getting it. Even New York City, which is known for its snooty attitude to the rest of the country, preferring to think of itself as "a small island off the coast of Europe," still believes itself to be the liberal bastion it was thirty years ago, its hometown paper, the venerable Times, a beacon of forward thinking. The gavel-pounding of old school liberals like Paul Krugman on the Op-Ed page fosters this image while in the pages that count - the News - there is a blackout on some key truths. Those of us who've worked on the environmental disaster of 9/11 from day one know this only too well. But that is subject for another story.

Left-leaning editorial pages are an ingenious ingredient in a right-wing mix, like the sweet tunes of the Pied Piper, leading the reader to lethal conclusions. Just as the mainstream media have not considered the war games on 9/11 (or even, for that matter, whatever happened to the anthrax investigation) to be news that's fit to print, they have taken years to acknowledge Peak Oil and then, only with a limited hang-out. How useful is it to tell everyone we have an oil crisis when in your next breath you tell them we can fix it with ethanol, hybrids and that good ol' American can-do spirit? And how useful is it when the information you withhold - the economic and social implications of that crisis - is the most critical?

Those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it. One of the most strenuous arguments heard to the idea that the Bush administration perpetrated 9/11 is, "There would have had to be thousands of people keeping the secret."

This argument is based on several false assumptions, the first being that you would need thousands of people all knowing the big picture. But people, especially in government bureaucracies, have specific jobs. Only those at the top of the pyramid know the whole picture or even why they're doing what they're being asked to do.

The second false assumption is that carrying off such a scheme is impossible. But as pointed out by Canadian journalist Barrie Zwicker, "by the time the world learned of the existence of the Manhattan Project because of the horrific news from Hiroshima, the project employed 43,000 people at 37 facilities in 19 states and Canada...Another example would be the stealth bomber, until it was decided to unveil it. Also, in the Second World War, the Germans did not learn for several years that the British had invented radar and were using it."1

The reasons for disbelief in Bush involvement in 9/11 are not rational but emotional. Invariably, the people who argue most forcefully against the idea are those who have not read Crossing the Rubicon. One hears nonsensical arguments such as, "What about the hijackers?" as though Mike and other researchers were suggesting that Dick Cheney was piloting all four of the crashed planes.

But Europe and the rest of the world are not so invested in believing that the United States is honorable. Also they have reason to know better, many of them coming from the perspective of one who's been under our boot.

Unfortunately, being far away, they are also more easily misled about logistical matters, for instance by hoaxes such as those perpetrated by Thierry Meyssan soon after the attacks, that no plane hit the Pentagon. The Neo-Cons have been able to use this also as a weapon in their favor, for some Washington natives who witnessed a plane flying into the Pentagon thereafter wrote off all U.S. conspiracy allegations as crackpot.

Much discussion has taken place among 9/11 writers about certain well-intentioned websites and researchers who have been misled by hoaxes. Does their reputation suffer forever from guilt by association with an idea which was later shown to be false? Or is the spread of dissent in general a good thing because it makes people question the fundamental story as put forth by the Bush administration?

But enough of hoaxes. While the various missile and nuke theories are used to intrigue a number of people ("It looks like a porn site," my son observed - with disdain, I hasten to add - about one such website) the fact remains that the war games prompt crucial questions and present unassailable evidence of Bush administration involvement in the attacks. The war games are the Rosetta stone of 9/11. And every day the world is hearing more about them and every day more people are listening.

what would an FTW article be

what would an FTW article be without some unneeded jealous type backhanded slaps? FTW is great but the ego remains the same.


911 Mysteries Part 1 DVD


This is the best 9-11 dvd so far,(not to take away
from all the other great ones CONFRONTING THE EVIDENCE, LOOSE CHANGE 1 AND
2,PAINFUL DECEPTIONS, DAVID RAY GRIFFINS and the many others..thank you)

Anybody who watches "911 Mysteries Part 1"
Will know that pre-arranged explosives throughout the
WTC is what brought them down and that equals


I recomend everybody to get this DVD and start
burning them,then hand them out like candy as if it was
Holloween Night.

Watch this:

Do you trust the Bush administration to tell you the truth... about anything?
How about what they say regarding 9-11?

I invite you to watch this movie... right here on your computer. It's not short, so if you're at

work, forward it home to see later. The link plays what is simply the very best, most cogent

presentation so far produced of the alternative account of what happened on 9-11. I think it will

rock your world.

Even if you think you already know what really happened, give this a look... it is complex but

you can follow it. If you have an engineer or metallurgist handy, get him/her in on it too...

they no longer get a pass to debunk this account of what happened to the World Trade Complex.

Every technical explanation is provided, the official explanations are gutted.

The video explains how the two towers and WTC 7 really fell, and it also tells you some of the

reasons why.

You decide if you believe the 'official' story, or if you should consider what a very large and

growing group of intelligent, educated Americans are learning, as they help the truth burrows

it's way up to the sun.

Watch this:

911 mysteries is a decent

911 mysteries is a decent had some mis-info in it...for example the "thermite cut column" behind the fire-fighters....that was probably done by a torch as there are other photos of workers cutting beams and the result was virtually identical to the picture in firemen were at the site for many days after 9-11 so just because they are caught on camera doesn't mean it was actually 9-11. Another mis-leading nugget was the "two small pockets fires" call....we don't know was was above that floor...could have been pretty nasty up above.....
Having said is a decent film and hopefully more work will be done along these lines. It seems WTC7, a plane hitting the Pentagon, and lack of air defense should be the focus however. All the government has to do, if they care about a significant part of the population thinking that the enemy is withing, is explain the circumstances behind those 3 anomalies and the 911 truth movement would go away. BUT they don't, won't, and can't.

Here is a NEW Follow Up Q & A with Lauro Chavez

This is second-hand (not my interview), but from someone I know and trust. Judge for yourself the adequacy of Lauro Chavez's answers.

1. Why does his DD-214 list no foreign service, despite his claim to an 8 month tour in Afghanistan?

Answer: I got out 3 weeks after my return home from Afghanistan. I got out of the army using the Chapter 6-13 (early drop for higher education) which I misquoted as a chapter 13 – my fault. By doing this, I pretty much waved my service ribbons and awards. I did not care about that stuff at the time, I just wanted to get out.

2. Why does his DD-214 omit many ribbons that he should have automatically (not merit based requiring his commander to submit them) based on his service, including 1 NDSM, an NCO Professional Development ribbon, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and a NATO medal?

Answer: Again, same thing – by ducking out early, I gave up this stuff.

3. Why does his DD-214 list a 14 week Special Forces Q course, despite the fact that the course is considerably longer, and makes no mention of SFAS or Airborne training, both prerequisites, and does not list a Special Forces MOS?

Answer: This was done when I originally joined the Army. I went to basic training and then to the qualification course. It has since changed, but at the time, after the qual course, you then picked either air borne or air assault. I got hurt in the 2nd week of AB school. However, because the SFQC was "official" training, they had to list it on my 214.

4. Why, even though he claims expertise with explosives does he claim that thermite, an incendiary, is an explosive and a component of C-4?

Answer: I have to watch what I type I guess. I've used C4 in its Claymore Mine form. It does leave a funny smell behind. I was ranting in my letter and I never claimed to be an expert. Sorry.

5. Why does he suggest that Afghan soldiers could not have flown the hijacked planes, despite the fact that nobody has ever claimed they did?

Answer: This is just ridiculous, but I said that because Osama was in Afghanistan, and people were led to believe the TaliBan was from there. Look, I was just saying that the Afgans I saw looked like scrawny little guys with very little intelligence. So, I didn't believe they could fly planes.

6. Why does he claim to have spoken with a "good buddy" Lieutenent General, who was a former commander of the Army Corp of Engineers at CENTCOM in 2001, when the only 3 star assigned to CENTCOM at that time was Lieutenent General Michael P. DeLong, a Marine?

Answer: Wow, that was the deputy commanders name, DeLong. He was a pretty cool guy, looked like a bulldog ;o). Again, my good friend was a liaison there attached, therefore he probably would not be on any formal roster listing. This is detail I never went into because I did not think it mattered.

6. Why does he claim he flew in an uparmored C5 into Kabul on September 25th (or September 26th his story changes) 2001, when Kabul was securely in Taliban hands until it was liberated by the Northern Alliance on November 13th, 2001?

Answer: Again, I said I Deployed to Afghanistan. I did not mean that to be interpreted that I was going straight there. We hung out in Germany, Turkey, and Kazakhstan prior to coming into Kabul. And the Northern Alliance was aided by Special Ops – I know because I provided the secure comms back to the base for them.

7. Why does he claim to have pulled "roving guard" on an oil pipeline in 2001-2002, despite the fact that this pipeline is still in the planning stages 5 years later?

Answer: I did guard pieces of the pipeline: I never said it was completed, but if you believe its not there, then buy a plane ticket.

8. Why does he repeatedly claim that he received a Chapter 13 separation discharge to enter school, when a Chapter 13 is a discharge for "unsatisfactory performance"?

Answer: I cleared this up earlier. This was due to my aging mind ;o)

9. What type of shoulder fired weapon causes could cause the type of damage seen at the Pentagon, as he mentioned in a radio interview this morning?

Answer: if you read, about the shoulder fired bunker buster you'll see the just recently "in public" stated it was fitted for infantry troops. It's a shoulder fired rocket, much like the AT4 – fire and forget. ….look it up.

10. Why does he repeatedly claim that Dick Cheney was appointed head of NORAD in 2001, when the commander of NORAD at that time was actually Air Force General Ralph Eberhart?

Answer: We were given a new Chain of Command chart like an org chart, showing the change…it was probably not made public till later.

Let me know what else you have for me


I want to believe this guy

I listened to L.J. on the Alex Jones radio program the other night and Chavez sounded legit.

Let's show the guy some respect. If you're going to interrogate him, fine. Leave the bully tactics to Bush and Co.

Geez, we need every lead we can get.

Can we start analyzing some of what he put forward instead of analyzing him?

1) Were the training exercises on 9/11 Top Secret?
2) If so, was that, in fact, a deviation from the norm?
3) What were the odds that an actual hit on the WTC could occur at the exact same time that a training exercise mimicking it were planned? Trillion to one?
4) What was the name of the commander from the Army Corps of Engineers who told Chavez the collapse looked like a controlled demolition?
5) Who in the Pentagon did Chavez talk to who said there was no plane?

Also, not in Chavez's letter, but does he have any knowledge of covert funds, such as part of the missing $2.3 trillion from the Pentagon budget, being used to develop the BIG LIE of 9/11??



I agree. this guy was never

I agree. this guy was never seeking the publicity, he has done his best to answer everyones questions, and.... he seems like a normal everyday tech guy. he is even on myspace (WITH FRIENDS!) heh. I actually put more credibility behind this guy because he seems to know very little about the whole 9/11 truth movement and almost 100% in the dark about many of the facts of 9/11. to me, he seems to be, just now, becoming more aware of just how much information is out there. i think his story jived with what we know so well today, because... quite simply, his story was and is legit.

I think this is great, the

I think this is great, the mestizo hordes Cheney and Bush are ethnically cleansing America with are now slandering them, regurgitating PC "Cheney did 9/11/ordered a stand down" lies pushed by jew front groups, while giving up "Top Secret" information, hahahaha.

Send this liar to Guantanamo.

and david duke is still a

and david duke is still a steaming pile of shit.

Anon deserve no respect.

I think it's pretty sad that we let a few anonymous posters trash this guy's reputation with scurrilous and unsubstantiated accusations and needless nitpicking about his initial letter to the editor. As far as I'm concerned, if you don't have the nerve to put your name on the posts then they should be ignored.


big deal, you posted your

big deal, you posted your first name, patriotard.

this big deal

When we can verify Matt, but not you... patriotard.

911blogger should make it

911blogger should make it atleast tedious for the disinfo (am/pro doesn't matter) people.  Anonymous people should not be allowed to post comments.  Register and login...

I saw it coming

The original letter to the paper listed his job title and company at the signature. If you write a letter to a newspaper with something like that, they're going to assume you're speaking for the company. When I was in grad school, we had a wingnut repuglican in the department who wrote a letter to the town paper about how the FBI's raid in Waco was part of a United Nations conspiracy to destroy the Christian Faith. It probably would have been OK, relatively, if he hadn't written the letter on Physics department letterhead, and signed his named with the Department of Physics afterwards. For pretending to represent the department and bringing ridicule on it, his asssistantship was immediately cancelled.

top secret gamma

Thank you GW for posting clarifications. I would like to add, in support of LC, that I have learned the following online. There IS such a thing as "top secret gamma" clearance as can be determined by looking at the document on the following webpage

Other documentation on the web cites top secret gamma classification ("top secret gamma" army search on google)

To Alphonz, who expresses concern over LC's DD 214, but did not see that a request for a DD 215
had been made to fill in missing information, I like to say - You are the person who brought this story to our attention in the first place. You, more than anyone else, have a responsibility to get the facts straight
before launching an attack. The information on the 215 was right on the 214 for you to see. I found it, and I am not military. How is it you missed that, sir?

To the point how could LC not recall the name of the officer who said there was a stand down. Because,
as he himself has stated, there were 2,500 people at the base and he didn't know everyones name.

In another thread, some fool stated that the "Declination of Service DA - Form 4991-R" tells us all we need to know about LC, as though this was to his discredit somehow. Well, I checked that out as well,
and just as I had thought, surprise, surprise, again LC's story checks out. Apparently, one must initiate
action of obtaining an SRR (Service Remaining Requirement) to avoid a 4991-R. LC left the army early, so likely did not qualify for the SRR, or did not want to delay getting out of the service in order to qualify for the SRR. Individuals may CHOOSE to waver the SRR and this IN NO WAY is a discredit to their service record.

To those who wonder why LC lost his job today - it's because people on this very website got the name of the company LC worked for from a post and sent harassing letters packed with lies to his employer.
This is not a vetting process or a validation process, it's a vicious smear campaign. There's a HUGE
difference between stating "let's get this guy's info verified before we use it in our movement" and personally attacking and even sending letters out which cost him his job. This website now has the dubious distinction of being the website that attacked the first military whistleblower on the stand down order to come forward and made it less likely that others in the military would follow suit. Some has posted that his info is not important. Not important? It's personal testimony of the stand down order. It's very important. Congratulations neocon subversives. Valerie

top secret

you can never talk about top secret stuff!!!

it is against the law


First Jones and now

First Jones and now Chavez.

That has been a very good year for the truth, indeed. =D

fired for being the bottom 6 sigma

CENTCOM worker comments on NORAD activities? CENTCOM has not a thing to do with NORAD. He is not capable of comment on the actions of NORAD on 9/11. He was watching TV on 9/11 at work with his CENTCOM buddies, not even connected! Check out how CENTCOM works.

I suspect he got fired not due to his views, but due to the fact you have to be dumb to have his views. Dumb people are first to go, except for the boss!

Fired, cause of stupidity!

believes 9/11 CT junk cause of stupidity!

simple logic, like Fetzer, this guy is tin foil clown looking for hat

thank heaven for dumb people, they are keeping my job warm

Chavez is Hero

anyone who has the guts to come into the spotlight in a way that he did deserves support...

You're too smart to even use

You're too smart to even use periods and capitalization. Even proper sentence structure is too stupid for your genius ass. I salute you, sir.

what does that have to do

what does that have to do with anything? shut up.


So does proper sentence structure save you from being a 9/11 CT dolt?

This poor guy has nothing to add to 9/11. Offering his opinions as evidence is not very wise. Someone dumb enough to go on Alex Jones, is too dumb to hold a job.

Next time any of us clowns go on Alex Jones, use a stage name, use a new email, do not tell people where you work, you job is your business not the worlds.

Before you say an aircraft did not hit the Pentagon, talk to someone who cousin is now dead, and get a life!

9/11 CT people are disrespectful of my cousin, try to find a life, she would appreciate it.

really? so you think Dan

really? so you think Dan Ellsberg and Pat Buchanan are too dumb to hold a job? clown.


Well, the shills are out this morning I see. Is Chavez for real? We'll have to see. Does that change one iota the fact that 911 is a lie perpretrated by crimminals in our own government and others? No.

They're traitors and they'll be tried, convicted and executed for their crimes against humanity. As it should be.

Shill on, whores.