Pulse 5 911 ~ 5 Years of The War and Terror

5 year anniversary video for the terrorist acts of 911
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Video coverage of the 5th anniversary of the 911 terrorist attacks. Featuring Alex Jones, Immortal Technique, Mumia Abu Jamal, Korey Rowe and Random Americans.

5 years ago I went from totally apathetic average Amer'can to guerilla video activist in a matter of weeks .. because of 911. After 5 years of struggling to expose the repression inherit in the system and gain underground media expose for the various causes that have sprung up since 9.11.01 .. I'm amazed at how stubborn people can be when it comes to defending their opinions.. especially when they have no facts to back those opinions. If I thought I'd still need to be doing this 5 years later.. I'm not sure I would have begun.

What is the American Way of life anyway. They tell us that's why we're killing people all over the world... to preserve the American Way of Life... What is that? Wasting Resources and exploiting others for fun and profit? Raping and pillaging the earth and it's peoples so that we can consume more of everything? These values don't seem to be worth preserving to me. I think the citizens of the United States have fallen' victim to our own hype. And I think we're about to get our ass handed to us by the rest of the world because of it. ... and I'm sorry that I, and many others, have failed to stop this crazy thing.

What have I learned in the last 5 years?
That 911 was an inside job. That our Democracy Isn't. That Bush has still not won an election. That Bush's Daddy was likely involved with Kennedy's Assassination. That Bush's grandpa was convicted of funding the Nazi's after we went to war with them. That the Democratic Party no more represents US than the Republicans do. That the best the Democratic Party has to offer is still a party line shill. That our food, police and legislature have become militarized and unhealthy. That our Health Services Industry does not want people to get well. That our corporate owned media outlets have been systematically brainwashing US on behave of their global elitest buddies in the CFR, S-n-B etc. That the IRS is collecting money for a foriegn owned bank called the Federal Reserve. That the United States is clearly one of the biggest terrorist organization in the world and .. historically, since it's inception, always has been. I've learned that everything I learned about history in high school was bullshit and that our education system seems to have been further compromised since then. I've learned that nothing the government tells US should be believed and in most cases you should assume the opposite of their statements would be correct. This skill has come in handy in learning how to read legislation.. like "the happy forest bill", the clean skies initiative", "the patriot act", "no child left behind" and many others...

Our governmnet simultaneously strips US of our Freedom while claiming to Give Our Freedom to others at gun point. We are hypocrites, liars, rapists, thieves and murderers. I still hope that Joe Six Pack will someday rise from the couch and say enough, I also hope that if Joe doesn't that he alone feels the brunt of the coming repression. That he alone sits in FEMA's concentration camps getting forced vaccinations. That he alone rots in jail without charges while his family wonders what happened to him. I dream of thousands of Joe six packs getting pepper sprayed & beaten because they want decent wages and healthcare while those of US who've labored to wake Joe up, patiently bask on a beach somewhere waiting for the initial terror storm to pass.

When I published The Divide I decided that anything short of 10,000 views in September should be seen as failure and a good indication that I'm wasting my time and should maybe try a fluffier, more full of shit approach. .. well, The Divide has been viewed 8,245 times.

I don't know if I can follow through with fluffy BS ... but the times they are a changin'.

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Thanks for posting this.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Great job. Cool to see

Great job.

Cool to see Immortal on the bullhorn next to Alex Jones. Radical left and paleoconservative -- who says we can't find common ground?


This is REALLY good. Thanks for making it.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Am I hearing this correctly?


Powerful work

thanks 4 it

Immortal Technique is the

Immortal Technique is the f*cking man.

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I love that sign!