It's simply amazing...

On september 13th i decided to finally wake up and open my eyes, and investigate what is really going on with the whole 9/11 thing. So in my reasearch i decided that it would be in the best interest of the people if i started a truther site. This truther site is . I then created a forum right after i bought the domain name, and got hosting for it from It's simply amazing, the feedback i've recieved on the site was great, the number of visitors started to rise dramatically as if all of the sudden it was the next best thing to sliced bread. members started to join the fourm, and actively post, things were GREAT! I knew we were onto something good for the people.

Here we are almost 1 month later from the conception of this site, and things aren't as good as they started to be. Noone hardly joins the forum no more, and the people that already joined dont even actively post, infact most of the posting is done by ME. This is sad, how do people expect to get the word out, how do they expect to be heard if they fail to be active. All i ask is that people join the forum and the site, and post information, news, questions, answers, ect.

People, noone is going to do it for you. If you want to be heard, you have to be active, and get off your rear and do something about it. Simply by joining a forum and NOT posting, your not going to be heard, and thus you are doing NOTHING for the truth movement. I have already done a great deal when i first started. I have contacted a load of important people, political and not. Like NY state senator Hillary Clinton, and requested a interview with her, and was called back and i need to send in a formal request. I've contacted real estate mogul Donald trump, as he is a huge supporter of the rebuild of the twin towers II project. I've contacted the guys over at Loose Change, and spoke with them. I've contacted various local news media outlets demanding to be heard. The problem is i am ONLY 1 PERSON, and we NEEED MORE people to join our forums and be active in general for the truth movement. So PLEASE join and make a stand, voice your opinions, facts, evidence ect. Get off your butts and do something about it.

Thank You,

911 fatigue

today 16 hits:

What do you expect?

  • 3000 New Yorkers dismembered
  • big pay day for victims, buch-junta, corps, military
  • anniversaries come and gone
  • truthers have seen it all
  • 911blogger has become bloat-ware and lame (no good flame wars anymore)
  • Even Mainstream Media got some mileage out of 9/11


Because the ongoing torturing of Iraqis does not count in our Americanized Minds.

Worse... it is a self-fulfilling prophesy!!

BECAUSE nothing seems to tickle us emotionally any more, and BECAUSE we have resigned to the Bush junta .. we are too LAME to do something new.

The NEW thing would be to occupy the courts, for example.

But instead, we CORRECTLY expect the BIG ONE to happen some time soon, 'by itself'.

The Financial melt-down, i.e. the coming US DOLLAR CRASH (its only fair!) ... the coming Iran war... the next bio-attack (Cheney is a keen player!)...

the consequences will follow..


We KNOW that we are accessories to crimes, we pay taxes to the USA and give money (value) to corporate tyrannies. We make no effort to drive electric cars, we do not donate AS MUCH money to worthy causes as we needlessly, out of convenience, give to private-for-profit anti-social entities.

BECAUSE we know we are doing wrong we will not like ANY consequences, we assume that WHATEVER the consequences they are all bad... so we resign to "fate".

See ...

In a normal SOCIALIST society this time of idleness would be filled with ARTISTS doing wonderful innovative stuff THAT WOULD INSPIRE EVERYONE.

to see what I mean.

Since this will be another cry in the wilderness.. you will think I am a crazy woman ... Why not at least do something for our blood pressure.. like some jolly good insults.

The importance of a strategic approach

One of the big reasons that no one is coming to your forum is that they are coming here, and you don't appear to offer a unique angle that would draw people's attention. What kind of conversations do you want to happen at your forum that are different than those we find here?

TruthMove has a forum, and we have also found it challenging to get people to participate. At present its more of a bulletin board than anything. We do get a bunch of views to our posts, even though people may not respond. We know that as we find more people to participate in our actions and organization, that the forum will be a resource for those involved.

Now, I hope you are ready for a bit of criticism, because I have some concerns with your approach.

There are many 9/11 websites. Some are better than other, some are more responsible than others, some are more slick than others. The best possible site may not yet have been created, but there are many good sites that make the case or allow for discussion. What unique angle do you have to offer? Why would people come to your site, let alone support you?

Also, reputability, and prior experience do play a roll in how people will judge your project and intentions. Personally, your story stretches my imagination. You had a realization on the 13th, then made a site, and a couple weeks later you are wondering why no one will participate?

TruthMove was the result of years of research and conceptualization in reference to direct experience in the NYC movement. We are Max and Jules. Who are you, and why are you in such a hurry? Anonymity doesn't play well in a movement prone to infiltration. And you can expect many in the movement to be as skeptical as I.

I also have concerns with this, "So in my reasearch i decided that it would be in the best interest of the people if i started a truther site." I don't agree. If you were famous, then your participation in the movement might warrant a page unto itself. But why does the movement need yet another website from someone who says they know little about it?

And are you really saying that you produced all those products for your store in under a month? If you really pulled all of this together in three weeks, I would certainly be impressed with your ingenuity.

And finally, "Exploit the truth"? Ya lost me. The 9/11 truth movement is not about exploiting anything other than promotional opportunities. If you had put this site up a year and a half ago, it might have fit in, but the movement has progressed since then, and participants are more internally skeptical than they had been.

This could all be a misunderstanding, but that falls on your shoulders. If I've got it all wrong, think about how your presentation may have lead me to be so skeptical.

O.K., so I've been enough of a critic for the day. Assuming your intentions are positive, I urge you to spend more time reading some books, learning about the movement, and participating in some way, before you start your own project and expect a great deal of participation. Or figure out what your unique contribution could be. Hopefully not a focus on obscure 9/11 research that most of us dismiss.

Just being honest. I certainly wish you luck, and applaud your courage in questioning the official account. I know how that this can feel overwhelming, and make you feel like you need to respond immediately. But there's already a whole lot going on to check our first.

International Truth Movement

Yes, i really did make all

Yes, i really did make all of the art work and do teh whole site, store and forum in less then 3 weeks. I spent alld ay and night, with mostly no or little sleep while doing this. I'm not out for anything for myself, as a matter of fact i pay for it all, and dont expect any money return at all, and if anything did generate money, it would ALL go to real foundations that accept donations for the cause.

I've done my research, and as a matter of fact have questioned it from day one, but thought i'd be looked at like a retard so to speak if i said anything about it.

As a proud and loud citizen of NY(60 miles from Ground Zero) i felt that i should try and do everything i can to find the truth. Many issues follow what im saying.

The major issue is that yes, there is an overage of truth sites and movement groups. Also most people are concerned with iraq and torturing of the iraqis, menahwile we still have yet to figure out what really happened with 9/11. Also in those 3 weeks i've made a handful of video's trying to express how important it is to stand up and find the truth.

Exploit The truth is derived from Exploiting a Vulnerable system as far as computers go, as that is what i do for a living. Exploit the truth means to Find The Truth and present it, to take action with it.

But enough of this now.

Knowledge is power, and words are our weapons!

Flight 93 Comparison

I would like to know why knowbody has posted or looked at comparing the recent crash of Brizil's GOL flight in the jungle that is though to have noze dived into the ground at 500km/h. They found bodies, wreckage, and many other pieces that were not visible after Flight 93 crashed. Why is that? Maybe airplanes don't turn to dust when they nose dive into the ground as we were let to believe?

i left a comment on this

i left a comment on this blog earlier today and i don't see it now - did you remove it? if so why? all i said was i will be happy to sign up at your forum and discuss wtc2 'collapsing' in 10 seconds -
so i went to your but i see no forum to sign up for. your link of blog says there is no blog.

Hello james, no i didnt

Hello jhames, no i didnt delete it, it must be an error on's part. Sorry, and yes there is a link to the forum on the site, the direct link to the forum is However i havent found a good blogging script to use yet, as i want it to be secure. I am still searching.. Feel free to join though, if you havent already. Thanks again

Knowledge is power, and words are our weapons!

Perhaps there are too many 9/11 sites to visit regularly?

I'm sure most people do not have enough spare time to visit the hundreds of 9/11 sites out there on a regular basis. Perhaps it's time for some consolidation, so that all this talent isn't spread so thinly, scattered all over the web. Some webmasters may need to close their sites & become regular contributors on other people's boards.

For example, my time is limited so I use it to visit 911blogger & Prison Planet, because they are extremely active & usually have the most current information that I want to see, all in one location. That's all I really have time for. I can't participate on a dozen sites.

And there are tons of other sites competing for our time...

Don't forget all the big sites like HuffPo, DailyKos,, Smirking Chimp, Truthout, etc. also competing for everyone's time. (They cover little or no 9/11 truths on these sites, and may even be gatekeepers.)

It seems like there is a "divide & conquer" problem with 9/11 truth.

what a very good point:

what a very good point: participating.
i have learned more by discussing events with others than i have by reading other's discussions of events - does this make any sense? - anyway, i am a so-called no-planer but i am also quite versed on the wtc so-called collapses and would welcome the opportunity to join in any discussions regarding these phenomena - so i was pleased to see that might have a forum pertaining to the wtc collapses but going to the site i don't see any forum - what's up with that?

oh for gods sake i am truly

oh for gods sake i am truly a moron - there your forum was the whole time - off screen to the right - all i had to do was go sidewise to the right -