9/11 Truth a Hit at Harvard Square Oktoberfest

Wow, thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on my last blog post. I'm writing now to report back from today's 9/11 Truth work in Harvard Square. Today the square was packed for the annual Oktoberfest street fair so literally thousands of ppeople walked by my display. Now, you all know how it is by now--people stop and read. I had my usual posterboard full of info and free buttons (RT recently acquired a real button making machine and has been cranking out various truthy buttons!) I know I always say this but I feel I have to because I know how important morale is for our movement--we are winning over people in droves. I also frequently point out the diversity of the folks who stop to learn about the issue--you can add middle-aged republican women to the list. In addition to holding up my (now two-sided) sign on a pole I also played the last three talks(the second CD) of the 5th anniversary speeches including Donna Marsh and William Rodriguez. These are important voices and people are just now hearing them through the mass media noise machine. They are learning the truth. They are not becoming quivering masses of jelly as a result, they are responding with serious concern and yes, gratitude for the work we truthers have been doing on our own dimes. When ten times more poeple thank you than the number that call you names, you know you're reaching people. DVDs continue to be handed out--when I run out I suggest people check out 9/11 mysteries on Google video. They write down the name, they write down my website. They seem to mean it when they say thay are going to look into it. They have, like all of us at one point, had enough of the lies, the excuses, the distractions. How could anyone have believed that people would stand by and accept this farce, when we know full well what's at stake, what the criminals are capable of? It amazes me how many people don't even have to be told about building 7 anymore. Are you listening Mr. Silverstein? Are you listening Mr. Cheney? Mr. Rumsfeld? Can you appreciate what you have brought down on yourselves? It is more than the buildings you brought down on hundreds of our finest and bravest citizens. You think that their comrades who are now dying from the toxic stew you cooked up are going to use their dying breaths for anything other than bringing you to justice? Did you really think you were above the law? I know the answer--the questions are rhetorical. You do not create reality--you pollute it with lies. You do not rule America, you offend her. You will not get away with what you've done because you have awoken something real--a movement like those of history that actually accomplished things. You may not be cowering in fear, but we see you beginning to sweat. Because we know that you know we know of your guilt. We know you've been watching us, and trying to neutralize our efforts. We know you know you can't possibly stop us now, and we know that when you try to pull the next trick out of your hats that responsible and patriotic people of good conscience will have you in cuffs at the first sign of a false flag. I no longer worry about what might happen--I look forward to it. The tables, not just the worm, have turned. We are watching you and we are enacting our own program of "total information awareness". Remember always, my evil friends--you created us and our movement with your shameless criminality. But you do not control us, because no one controls a real popular uprising whose only weapon is the truth. You can fight us, but you will lose. That is a promise we made when we became truthers, a promise to the victims of your cruel hoax. They will not have died in vain unless we fail. And we will not fail. You will be brought to justice. That is a promise to your victims, and it is a promise to you. Your shame will be known to the ages..jpg

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Nice work, RT. Really.

I give this post a 9. I would give it a 10 if it included at least on paragraph break. :)

Yep, sorry about the paragraphs!

They were there but then I switched to rich text to insert the graphic and poof they were gone and I was too tired to fix them.

The point I want to get across is that we can't just be on the internet--we have to be constantly out with the people and being visible, reaching those who odon't already make a habit of finding alternative information online.

We're not only teaching out there, we're learning about what and how different people think about the issues, which makes us better at reaching people both in person and online. Without that direct contact I think it would be impossible to get a true sense of the progress we're making (and the progress we're not!) I've learned more than I can say just by talking to people in a place like Harvard Square that draws thousands of tourists from around the world. Without this input directly from the people we're trying to reach I don't think I would be half as effecvtive a truther as I am today--and let's face it, I could be a better truther still now and accepting that means never being satisfied with one approach or strategy.

Someone else posted something around here about no one visiting their new site and forum. I have never seen a reason to reinvent the wheel in that sense--existing forums are fine, namely this one here. I did make my own site because I want people to be able to see at a glance what my own take on the many issues surrounding 9/11 are. There is a lot of info I feel people have to know, like the OK City bombs in the Murrah building, for example, which I don't see discussed often enough. I also decided I wouldn't have any ads or products for sale on my site, because I don't think it looks good to be seen (however unfairly) as out to make a buck on the issue of 9/11. I'm lucky to have enough money (i't doesn't actually take that much, I earn less than 50K a year) to be self-funded, and I don't hold it against people who use ads to offset their costs, especially when paying for much higher bandwidth than I need on my site. But then I also think that in many senses small is beautiful--no need to replicate the centralized mass media consolidation in our movement. A diversity of views is crucial, as is editorial independence.

Anyway, I hope people are encouraged by my sharing these accounts of regular truth actions to go into the streets themselves. It may seem daunting, especially when working alone, but you never know what works until you try, and maybe fail, but then try again with the lessons you glean.

The rewards are there in the form of knowing you're reaching people directly, and making sure the movement is as well represented as you want it to be. That's real power, and we should be wielding it!


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Excellent work & very encouraging!

Excellent work & very encouraging! Please continue in your fine efforts!

good job man, glad to hear

good job man, glad to hear it.