South Park - World Of Warcraft [Full Episode]

I know this isn’t 9/11 related, but if anyone is feeling pissed @ South Park (although I personally think the 911 truth episode wasn’t that bad) or haven’t seen it before, check this episode out for an example of sheer comic genius and why spending too much time on the Internet is so lame LOL;

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While many in here have their panties in a bundle about the 9/11 episode, and it certain wasn't the least bit fair to our movement, it seems that every time SP bites at any group, those specific people have to go through thier three weeks of bloviation, and then get back to laughing at SP because its so funny.

In some ways the 9/11 episode is merely a symbol of how much the movement has pushed itself into the mainstream consciousness. And so many people went to as a result, that we should be careful that we aren't complaining about a blessing in disguise. As they say, all press is good press.

The WOW episode is totally classic, and perfectly on point. These guys have a pretty good eye on the popular consciousness, and happen to be towing a line right down the middle, while usually managing to make a pretty good point about moderation. That seems to be the principle theme of the SP. They certainly aren't fascists as some in here would have you believe.

Jon Gold posted a pretty fair estimation of the episode to the main thread. It may cause people to be curious, and that may not have been outside the awareness of the writers. The leftwing gate has been erected right at the edge of the incompetence theory. Their attitude about 9/11 isn't that much different than many of our prominent left-wing gatekeepers.

But at present, so much of the public does not view the present Administration as incompetent. Polls indicate that people think the government is intentionally misleading them about many critical issues. So in that context, the SP episode may serve more to encourage curiosity, than it serves to reinforce the incompetence theory. 650,000! Rendition! Torture! Counter-intelligence! Constitutional desecration! Election fraud! Foley?... Its just too much for the public to avoid or dismiss. We have great leverage at this moment to draw people away from 'incompetence' and lead them to 'complicity.'

SP is certainly not standing in our way.

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this episode is an instant classic...

My favorite line was when stan's dad said "I've never been able to say this before, but I love you son."

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I watched this episode on Youtube...and I have to say if you are an online gamer (I AM GUILTY.... Call of Duty 2) It is as funny as it gets. Thanks for the post. It makes you think. These games kick ass, but they are not real life.


P.S. I have found myself many times playing all night long on COD 2