Where's the plane in NY??

Has anyone seen any pictures or videos of Lidle's plane anywhere? Pieces of it? Anyway, here's an interesting article in the Harvard Crimson on the subject:

Plane Crashes into Soph’s Building

Plane piloted by Yankee pitcher hits one floor above student’s condo

Published On Thursday, October 12, 2006 2:55 AM


When I was watching CNN on

When I was watching CNN on Wednesday afternoon at one point they went to Jackie Schechner, one of their "Internet reporters" and she showed a picture of what they claimed was part of one of the wings. It was submitted to them through "ireport" and Schechner repeated several times that it was an exclusive. Haven't seen it since and I can't find it on the CNN website.

nico is banned from 911

nico is banned from 911 blogger? why? has any explanation been given? nico is banned yet dem bruce lee's foul-mouthed disinfo is the norm? you guys suck and i advise you guys to now block my IP because i am going to fill every thread with comments about your collective 1/2 truth lameness!

what the eff is this?:

I'm just sick of the no plane/holocaust denying crowd.

you equate no-planes with holocaust deniers?
truly you guys do suck. - james ha.